RT @MindTheEdge: Yo @xzibit! I heard @Mastacraft put a bounty out on your chain. Here is what we believe has happened. http://t.co/upcKLNAp…
Shouts to #LOYALTYIVLIFE car club in #Sydney...we did it big. Can't wait to come back. Tonight we are in Coffs Harbo http://t.co/lZIGD0f9wN
RT @trecapital: @xzibit Family Over Everything http://t.co/ez6ITUVfzv
@eemmedia and he called the cops on me..see how that worked out. I love Adelaide. See you guys next time. http://t.co/LQZ6KKQp9f
RT @DJInvisible313: Tonight Adelaide went Off!!! @xzibit @iamdemrick @djinvisible313 Killed it! #greatshow #xzibit… http://t.co/sSLrLduzEb
RT @trecapital: @xzibit Tears Of Joy #VANGUARD http://t.co/fboSVRYEC4
RT @Kooly97215: @xzibit Got Bars Tho' Ain't Nobody Fucking With A Legend
RT @dwizofoz: Heard @xzibit put a certain known janky promoter in Adelaide in his place in a big way tonight. Hahaha. 👊 😂
RT @UniofAdelaide: Shout-out to rapper @xzibit who's in #Adelaide and performing at @Adelaide_UniBar tonight! http://t.co/czkakORsSf ^AF
RT @maryrenouf: Ok, if you insist, I will play this little game with you that we both know you can’t win…
The Royal Couple on their #australiantour are in Adelaide as well. They are invited to the show tonight if they have http://t.co/w7BiZdASZq
The face I make when I see dumb shit on my TL. Alright, that's it, I'm going to bed. http://t.co/CgcFvY5O8q
RT @dbredbury: Since 1996 and still moving @xzibit http://t.co/PfqejXhhsS
RT @bonitatequila: How do you toast the beauty of spring? #BonitaTequila
RT @LegitPC: @ChadwickPrima @xzibit some underhanded shade right there.
"@jaimelmcintyre: @ChadwickPrima @xzibit I agree ....love his shit" thanks!!
RT @RMOODSNYC: @xzibit I was listening 2 a track yesterday by @JonConnorMusic & I must say it opened my eyes 2a whole new respect 4 u alway…
RT @ChadwickPrima: I'm going to say something and not apologize for it: @xzibit is my favorite rapper. There. I said it.
RT @MikeTyson: Cus told me a man that begs for mercy never gets it. That is why I was merciless in the ring.
"@grantjones86: @xzibit @slimwiz101_ not many artists keep it this real. #respect" #RealTalk. Thank you.

West Coast rapper, actor, and television host, began his music career as a member of the Likwit Crew which included King Tee, Defari, and Tha Alkaholiks.