RT @Focus3Dots: One of the greatest to do it @bjthechicagokid ... #TeamStrong #Teamwork  http://t.co/GYc8OYFMuI
RT @thEoLdSouLHFP: Hear this randomly last night! They were playing all the new West Coast artists. Thank you @xzibit and @935KDAY #2LA ht…
RT @MuzendaNL: Serial Killers - @xzibit, @B_Real and @IamDEMRICK on September 23th in Melkweg Amsterdam http://t.co/MkHquw3hGO
RT @l6mashXVI: 18 more hours 'til #SerialKillers in Tallinn, Estonia @xzibit @B_Real @IamDEMRICK #can #not #wait
RT @jdlock79: @xzibit Looking forward to supporting you in Dublin! #LockStockAndTwoSmokingSounds
RT @Pussatron: @B_Real @xzibit @IamDEMRICK Glad to have you guys here in Estonia !
RT @Giftzwerg76: @xzibit Listening to the Speed of Life album again. "By the time you come of age, they prob'ly blast on sight". Damn... Th…
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RT @FINALLEVEL: I never thought it was OK to LIE in my Raps or Interviews… Times have changed.
Last night was amazing, packed crowd even tho it was POURING rain! Still didn't stop a thot from throwing her bra ... http://t.co/UOTjRahrbL
Leaving #Budapest, thanks for a great show. Now off to the next. Stay tuned. @theserialkillers @juliog @breal ... http://t.co/Qj5eVfwijl
As I travel around the world, I receive pics from back home of my family. This one made me want to hop the plane ... http://t.co/Cnk5703GTI
Got this dude! #SleepCam #TourLife @iamdemrick #Hammered @theserialkillers @enas @breal @bignutellapb ... http://t.co/7tVI1EH8sr
RT @ScHoolBoyQ: Princeton university today!!!!!!! Come tHru
Just ripped it down in #Prague @theserialkillers @breal @iamdemrick @juliog @openbarradio @bonitatequila ... http://t.co/BLJBMTIFNM
RT @JulioG1580KDAY: #1580 ..... Prague,Czech Republic was Crazy 2Nite .....Welcome to The Murder Show .... @b_real @xzibit… http://t.co/ozE…
RT @iitsAD: [Video] @iitsAD - Wide Open feat @PaulWallBaby http://t.co/PfiMSOmLvl RT! Directed by @echosworld
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RT @JayyCuttz: This new Xzibit radio show on Kday ill af tho. #BringinTheWestCoastBack

West Coast rapper, actor, and television host, began his music career as a member of the Likwit Crew which included King Tee, Defari, and Tha Alkaholiks.