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If there are people among peaceful protestors attempting to cause violence, remove THEM and let people exercise their RIGHT to protest..
The Bill of Rights clearly states we have the right to assemble and the right to protest. This is not up to individual interpretation.
The wrong message is being sent to the people of this nation. The message being: we are tired of you, we aren't wrong, shut up and sit down.
This is going to escalate.
Watching the news. People are angry, it's sad that instead of being met with compassion and understanding, protesters are met with #force.
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Economics are what the powers that be listen too. Not right or wrong, justice is an illusion. We have power, we are just unorganized.
But that won't happen. You mad, but you can't go without that bag you wanted, or those Jordan's or that gadget you seen on TV? #MikeBrown
If 100% of us that are upset about the #FergusonDecision didn't spend any $ except food for the holiday season, that would be a REAL protest
My thoughts on #furgeson? It's horrible, but I'm not shocked. Wanna do something REAL? Don't spend your $ for week, Don't loot, it's dumb.
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