RT @guerrillaflow: Así se vivió la visita de @xzibit en Bogotá-Colombia @hiphopalparque https://t.co/LQvLWHTj6w
RT @chuckcreekmur: When a box of kittens playing gets more RTs/Likes than Jordan Davis & Tamir Rice is when we become lost.
RT @chuckcreekmur: When delusion became reality is when we lost.
RT @chuckcreekmur: There are some people that make it there mission to drag you down. And when I say you, I mean me.
RT @chuckcreekmur: With so much evil and corruption, living and making it in this world can be completely overwhelming and discouraging.
RT @NottzRaw: Some of your favorite Mc's are fuckin' suckaz!!!!!
Weedsgiving: Here's How To Incorporate Weed Into Every Dish On Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table https://t.co/hElNXVe8YJ via @BroBible
RT @Nogainzmagee: This and the first one will always be better than any madden https://t.co/eGDrryEk9s
And you DO know this. No need to thank me. You are a rose in a bed of weeds. Never let them choke you out. #push. https://t.co/K8PtfJe4rx
Oh wait! BO$$ was dope as fuck too! "I don't really wanna feeeeel...." Google her. Boss:Deeper. Hit me back when you get this bar.
I LOVE Rapsody! She is one of our brightest. She can do it. Correction with @9thwonder she's GOING to succeed. https://t.co/xvClQh92sC
@Logic301 nah man, thank you for standing out in world of clones. The hiphop community needs more of this. 💯. https://t.co/n5McZJ5V8f
Can't take nothing away from that woman. She made it, big, in a game more cut throat than murder. And she spit. https://t.co/pj2YEr1MIc
I love missy, but it said MC's. I consider her more of a R&B artist than a straight forward MC, if that makes sense. https://t.co/JlVnR5DjpO
Couldn't have happened for a more genuine deserving dude. Congrats young Jedi. #Support. https://t.co/9M2MdrQWU5
Lady Of Rage. MC Lyte. Rah Digga. Lil Kim, Nikki M. https://t.co/j51oMieWy1
Go for it! https://t.co/UWivaGJpGX
RT @RevoltTV: "We're just here to keep on pushing music forward" - Skrillex #CollaborationOfTheYear https://t.co/HpU8zAZZ5p #AMAs https://t…
RT @LiveMixtapes: [FEATURED MIXTAPE] @Xzibit, @B_Real & @IamDemrick (Serial Killers) - The Murder Show : #GetItLIVE! https://t.co/gcRtaOHgA…
RT @ThePrototypesUK: @xzibit Cube gave me the Pistol told me to kill at will. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

West Coast rapper, actor, and television host, began his music career as a member of the Likwit Crew which included King Tee, Defari, and Tha Alkaholiks.