RT @NBAchats: Who was better in their respectable primes? RT for Kobe Bryant Fav for Allen Iverson http://t.co/tSZ3s0Hn4Q
RT @RaniaKhalek: A cop in Illinois was fired last month for shooting a dog to death. Think about that. http://t.co/qBVASyQpHt HT @TheChicag…
RT @rappin_4tay: EVEN @rickyrozay KNOWS MY BRUH @TheRealSpice1 https://t.co/Yw3vY9WCRi
RT @cemakca7: @TheRealSpice1 It's 2014 and I keep bumpin 'jealous got me strapped' You and Pac still killing it man! Much respect and love …
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RT @washingtonpost: A missing life-size Obama statue was found on park bench with a six-pack http://t.co/7PEAKl092h http://t.co/d5drjqpggb
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RT @DankPorter: Amerikkka's nightmare #classic @TheRealSpice1 they don't make em like this no more http://t.co/AL3m1AOZdT
RT @tyler_lathan: @TheRealSpice1 @chances. Spice when you gone do a albumb wit easkee and ant banks agin
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RT @409Smoke: Is hip hop dead ? Nah it's mislead - @LILBTHEBASEDGOD
RT @SUCKEDOFF: When the cops let you live another day http://t.co/cVgseILz1i
RT @pd_shutterspeed: anonymous group lays 60 plus yards of roses at #MichaelBrown #Ferguson memorial; community lights candles in memoriam …
RT @TMZ: Robin Williams cremated, ashes scattered at sea http://t.co/BtmWbELCH4 http://t.co/xkWca4cOdO
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#DenverColo what's up its your boy spice1 We gone party with you tomorrow @Chances Downtown for the official Ladys night (Ladys Drink Fre
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