Just touched down in Reno it's going down tonight blaaaaaaw a aaawwww shit http://t.co/5SwQIR2z4r
RT @BlackSilverado: @MattOBrienMusic @kurupt_gotti @TheRealSpice1 @drzodiaksicfuc Im assuming this was a co-promote retweet, #stillthanks h…
POLITICIN BOSSOLO & SPICE 1 (T.W.M.G) 2015: http://t.co/QNKglNtwaA
RT @DavidNelsonNews: 232-carat white diamond discovered at South African mine http://t.co/DmPWMHOQDg … http://t.co/7dTcmXn6nc
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RT @MadeManJama: The new IPhone 6 comes in 3 different colours white, black & invisible for broke niccas http://t.co/T1aPddvL4p
@Real_CellyCel @rappin_4tay @blegit72 @Tyga @E40 20th this month it ginger down mayng
RT @DoubleOhVII: Who else's goal is this? http://t.co/jpvkxJRDGi
RT @XXL: Today In Hip-Hop: JT The Bigga Figga Drops ‘Don’t Stop Til We Major’ http://t.co/jFCB40yyzP http://t.co/slgC4TNiMj
RT @UTBLIFESTYLE: I'm on this one tnite.. -Heffner! http://t.co/WjliNsgpTR
@UTBLIFESTYLE I was there that day on the set of i get around lol lol lol
RT @SoNaztee: I love this CD! @TheRealSpice1 is one of the greatest #WestCoast legends in the #HipHop #Rap game! http://t.co/svAM6JMT7H
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RT @ChantelSophiaxo: WHATS WRONG WITH HIM 😭😭😭😭😭😭 http://t.co/LvneJOKT1c
RT @NBAchats: Who was better in their respectable primes? RT for Kobe Bryant Fav for Allen Iverson http://t.co/tSZ3s0Hn4Q
RT @RaniaKhalek: A cop in Illinois was fired last month for shooting a dog to death. Think about that. http://t.co/qBVASyQpHt HT @TheChicag…
RT @rappin_4tay: EVEN @rickyrozay KNOWS MY BRUH @TheRealSpice1 https://t.co/Yw3vY9WCRi