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...sometimes you just don't want to. ..yah mean? ?
Schoolly D - King of New York [Explicit] http://t.co/auqxAJomvO
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Damn yo I've been neglecting my "Schoolly D Fan Page"..my bad yo it won't happen again ...
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How to Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC http://t.co/93r3pG9ARi
Schoolly D http://t.co/XfwOlZoKWc
Ah shit! That's right. A.O.T.Y. at ya soon. ASS OF THE YEAR! You got one? Really? Lemme see it!
RT @kidisqual: Here is a clip of @SchoollyD and KIQ at work on our upcoming single, "A.O.T.Y".. http://t.co/exgxiAmH
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Schoolly D

Pioneering emcee from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his early lyrics reflected urban realism, violence, and sexual bravado, making him one of the first gangsta rappers.