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I liked a @YouTube video from @positivek1 http://t.co/4EDMPGZbnk Positive k "I Got A Man" 1994 coke commercial
Positive k "I Got A Man" 1994 coke commercial: http://t.co/4EDMPGZbnk via @YouTube
@everythingbklyn @hiphopgods @XXL my 1994 coke commercial what a blessing this a lot of great things came from this!! http://t.co/Kv1xfj7gv8
RT @RhythmicImages: @Teddytedd @positivek1 @DJHURRICANE2 @Bronxdayatl #BronxDayATL #RhythmicImagesPhotography http://t.co/7nWcYrlYFN
@hiphopgods @GoldenEraHipHop @therealsmoothb @darealGregNice Positive k Nice And Smooth rockin atlanta bronx day ! http://t.co/CbqbDRmynR
#tbt @positivek1 & @TajGeorge from SWV backstage great memories s/o to Coco & Lelee #swvthemgirlscansang #Positivek http://t.co/NqKxh4gWU2
This is when I first signed with first priority music just a youngin trying to come up,what a great period in music! http://t.co/Cisnkl6y5l
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RT @mclyte: #tbt Positive K "I'm not having it" #FPM https://t.co/PvllBe0ajV
RT @Ziplok_: Just had a great talk with @positivek1 everyone follow Positive K we will be hitting the studio at Bozak Music with @BozakMus…
After party in atlanta Positive K ,Big Daddy Kane, Daryl Chill Mitchell And Drew Gmd Carter , it felt… https://t.co/qI7cTMQyP3
@everythingbklyn @hiphopgods @HipHopGoldenAge @GoldenEraHipHop Pos k , kane , Darryl "chill mitchel , Gmd great night http://t.co/uteo0IUayl
@PeteRock @iamgrandpuba @hiphopgods @GoldenEraHipHop These were the days! #hiphopflyers http://t.co/QkzrUz8ARM
RT @hiphopgods: Cassette Gems: 1987-1997 @FINALLEVEL @naughtybynature @PeteRock @positivek1 @beastieboys @BroJXClan http://t.co/uzLlHbHmMa
RT @HakimGreen: #MadIzm2015 feat @triggertreach @Doitalldu @KEITHMURRAYRAP @MintyBurns @DymeADuzin http://t.co/eoHx3zkrPQ @positivek1 @Mike…
RT @hitzdigitalfilm: Everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for!#prayer#blessed#t.v.#film#music#artist#r&b#hi…
RT @RadioENRG: @DeeJay_Yemster #NowPlaying @positivek1 - I got a man on the 24-hr #ENRGCBB15 in aid of @ParkinsonsUK
@everythingbklyn @hiphopgods Ladies get your official "I Got A Man " t-shirt at http://t.co/3ufx4PfdHw http://t.co/HpDefT2dQu