RT @HipHopGoldenAge: MC Lyte @mclyte ft. Positive K @positivek1 - "I'm Not Havin' It" 1989 http://t.co/Aya6pBgSEX #hiphop
@positivek1 & @mclyte Performing "I'm Not Havin It" @ club world @hiphopgods @GoldenEraHipHop @HipHopGoldenAge #tbt http://t.co/Sj9TIGqsq8
RT @Marchitect: @positivek1 whatever u need bro just let me know my man.
@Marchitect @positivek1 mybrother appreciate that love, gonna need your help Great minds drop very soon.
RT @Marchitect: @positivek1 1993 was a special year and you inspired me so much. You're still the coolest! Skills is still one of the best …
RT @ShawnKnightShow: DID YOU KNOW: On is date January 23, 1993, @positivek1 "I've Got A Man" topped the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. h…
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@hiphopgods @GoldenEraHipHop #tbt Way back on the set of my "Night Shift" video, now that was a great day!! #pimpin http://t.co/xJialggiCh
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@bigdaddykane @mclyte @GoldenEraHipHop @hiphopgods Dmc ,Sir Ibu, Positive k, Mc lyte,Dj K rock, Big Daddy Kane, wow!! http://t.co/IZPIyZEU0u
@RealDougEFresh @positivek1 backstage after one of my shows, great night! @GoldenEraHipHop @hiphopgods http://t.co/blG1vKnjXd
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@everythingbklyn I think its one of the best clothing lines out here, they got mad flavors!! http://t.co/B03TZB5XvK
In L.A. hanging out out with @therealrussellp the biggest comedian in the game, never get tired meeting good people! http://t.co/HCqpvQx6Qi
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Skills to pay da Bills was released 22 years ago today @hiphopgods @GoldenEraHipHop @HipHopWeekly @TMZ @HHC_hiphop http://t.co/a2TMExpelX
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