RT @Fredro_Starr: @positivek1 yo wht up OG!!
@Fredro_Starr yo meet me up on lakewood ha ha!!!
RT @GoodTimesBNS: @positivek1 thank you my friend...and so are you!!! I remember car hopper video. (I'm smiling)
RT @BangItRadio: Real history right here & the 1st negro from the hood to tell a chic ok u got a man what he gotta do with me original hoo…
@DJ_Wiz will do wizadry!!
@DJ_Wiz @Easy_Mo_Bee I'm home brudah.
@Easy_Mo_Bee ahhh man that's great I'm excited!!
RT @Easy_Mo_Bee: A Great Look Into The Early Upstart Of Brooklyn/Queens Hip Hop DJ Culture #RonLawrence #Respect https://t.co/yF6adrLvlT
@Easy_Mo_Bee this is so dope well done!!
@hiphopgods @MellowManAce1 happy born day my brudah!!
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@NtunedShow @positivek1 me and @darealGregNice will be available for interviews , a few weeks ,we just finished our album the "Great minds"
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@MrChuckD @kingtla @FlavorFlav ,Go stetsa!!
RT @StretchandBob: @positivek1 seriously that time you spit on our show was memorable. You bodied it over Tribe's Jazz inst. "yup u know it…
@StretchandBob I remember that!!!!
RT @StretchandBob: @positivek1 @darealGregNice We have over 650 followers so clearly we are about to take over the game
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