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"@Rob_Radio: @positivek1 Radio Show Interview?" @darealGregNice @dagreatminds sure let's do it our album drops in sept.
@L8sknAsianThug @CPayneShow @positivek1 @darealGregNice @dagreatminds we will be doing all interviewing the second week of aug , let's go!
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@coolkev117 @positivek1 Big ups to Dj cool kev thanks for remembering and thanks for keeping hip hop alive!!
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Signing off till the till the "GREAT MINDS" Album Release feat.@positivek1 and @darealGregNice , pls follow @dagreatminds #greatminds #fire
@positivek1 @FINALLEVEL Me and the big homie Ice berg after tearing the shadow down , great show! #tbt #pimpsdontcry http://t.co/nGDKJWIbnY
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RT @Jmelvin_kst: People need to stop giving credit to lil Wayne for coining the phrase "drop it like its hot" Positive K used it in '92
RT @darealGregNice: @Easy_Mo_Bee mo bizzle u killed the track on the new album ! What it look like
RT @Easy_Mo_Bee: @darealGregNice You know it N.I. And I'm lovin' all the other joints I heard too. #GreatMinds #GregNice #PosK
On 4 2nd st. (The deuce) way back Positive k, Milk & Giz and King of chill! #tbt #wemaderecords http://t.co/EPwi8fWjcy
I performed with Bobby Womack at Aretha Franklins bday party , I had a ball hanging out with him R.I.P big brother http://t.co/7m6XXSY8Uc