"Turn down for (WUR'SLAP)" <- *Onomatopoeia or what should actually happen every time some lame mother fucker says that shit!
"Milano, grazie mille, incredibile" http://t.co/h3JR6gVpge
Security, stability, comfort.
Wow! Milan, wow! 👀👀👀
RT @JackkSteele: Yay @pharoahemonch is going to be on @GhostfaceKillah new album, expectations are high
RT @itavlondon: Big up @pharoahemonch. Wicked concert at #BrixtonJamm last night. There was even a mosh pit and crowd surfing. It was mad. …
RT @Elai_Immortal: @EzraCollective were super tight as band for @pharoahemonch - most bands don't improve the swing or texture of producti…
RT @kguavara: Was an honour sharing the same stage as @pharoahemonch yesterday. Seen dude about 5times but this time, a murder was commited…
RT @Ma_Bhebhe: @pharoahemonch was fireeeeeeee last night! Some serious ish went down!!! I'm still going crazy bruh!
Tonight live in Milan http://t.co/VrNcXRJWo6
Milan Italy where you at? Let's go! http://t.co/KXpwSPCyV0
I get sensitive about my Choco Ballz in the morning. #Milan #tourliffe http://t.co/b9qm996d8j
I'm forced to watch the Giants game with a Cowboys fan this Sunday. That should be loads of merriment.
Just saw the Knicks are 3-10, that especially makes me happy to be in Milan, not to mention I heard its brick in New York.
RT @FienSupreme: What's the 13 represent on your signature @pharoahemonch ?
RT @LookAtMeNowRsTv: @pharoahemonch you tore the roof off Brixton tonight. How do you remember all those lyrics??? #Salute
RT @JokerStarr: @pharoahemonch good show brother. Respect
RT @Martillo42: @pharoahemonch You really are a bad MF. Felt sorry for the mic in Brixton tonight you KILLED it! When's the funeral? http:/…
RT @Leesharp95: @pharoahemonch Killed it tonight
Pharoahe Monch

One half of Organized Konfusion, known for his complex lyrics, delivery and internal and multisyllabic rhyme schemes, successful solo emcee.