RT @_xxBlOnDiExx_: Here are those AWESOME international artists again! How lucky are we!? #SpriteHipHop @JeanGrae @PharoaheMonch @Sprite ht…
Np Gears (Sing It Again) - Georgia Anne. Classic baptist gospel two step church march groove. Reminds me of my pops. GAM rabbit hole time.
"Look Ricky, I can control 100% of my brain" <- "Lucy you got some splainin to do"
Good morning
Duda right thing! Wooooooo #mets #21 woooooo! #moonshot
How do you get your PH Balance? phontigallo pharrell Pharcyde, Pharoahe. I feel like the energizer… http://t.co/Z5o33vgUla
RT @kingkata: @pharoahemonch oOOOH listen to way i slay your crew. Its afternoon in south africa, tru you hitting soweto 2nd August?
RT @Mweni_A_Chibwa: @pharoahemonch #PTSD best album this year so far thank you. Liked the football/soccer references. When are you touring …
good morning
Shit ain't funny, no lol.
Niggas in these street know I fly every where in my G5 baby, yall better recognize. #ClearPort #globalEntry http://t.co/yWsMWUn1rB
Roflmao, People are like damn Pharoahe you need a new manager, he couldn't get you in your own party for a discounted rate. LOL
Some of my tweets are just me poking fun and not at all the actual truth, even if I don't put lol at the end.
.@BrandonSpano Security was like "who's list are you on"? I was like "it's my album release party" they were like "that'll be $15"
.@reallovepunk Help! I'm so independent I purchased, reviewed & blogged about my own album & my mgr made me pay to get into my own show.
@reallovepunk thank you bro!
RT @reallovepunk: Yo!!!! @pharoahemonch "Broken Again" is one of the most beautiful (and sad) songs I've heard in a very long time, regardl…
https://t.co/EEIixFR2vI #DCLOVESDILLA #wemustbeinLOVE
2 things that give me immense joy and merriment, I like the xl better tho. LOL http://t.co/ReTT6zJSe1
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One half of Organized Konfusion, known for his complex lyrics, delivery and internal and multisyllabic rhyme schemes, successful solo emcee.