That wasn't even a low bridge, that was more like a hi bridge. #Curry
Hurray Netflix!
My peeps just put me up on this Doc Ellis documentary, He's not even a baseball fan but was amazed how amazing a human Roberto Clemente was
Yes I still watch Teen Titans.
I watched Lebron switch to reserve energy power last night in the fourth quarter. Lol http://t.co/AbQJjxuoPU
Lebron doesn't need steroid testing .. I just want him to walk thru an X-ray machine before each game. #robotics
I think Melo could win a chip. He just needs a beast of a floor general. He had his best seasons w/ Chauncey and Kidd and Kidd never scored
Lebron is a cyborg.
I stopped comparing players 2 Lebron after he took the Cavs to the finals the 1rst time, I can't remember 3 other players in that team.
*Shaq 😁
You confused me when you just threw Shump in that trade like he was Edmund Sherod.
At least we knew Shump prides himself on playing defense. I just see good 1 on 1 perimeter defense as something you can't teach.
The Shump / JR trade for a bag of balls is questionable. If you didn't get the exact result that you wanted. I think they wanted a #1 pick.
No coach has ever won coaching the triangle except Phil. And he did it with Jordan, Pippen, Shack & Kobe.
@OliviaNalen and its heartfelt ...
Good morning
37 points 18 rebs 13 asts ,,, and he might get coach of the year. #LebronJames lol
Lebron calls a time out to have himself examine his leg and draw up a play for Lebron.
Alright Teague! .... Now curse and throw up a gang sign!
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