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WOOOOO HOOOOOO! https://t.co/0OBvhAo7A3
WHOOOOA! https://t.co/QsftAzL4fW
Good morning
RT @godzT1ME: One of the best photos ive ever taken... This from several years back and way up top with the zoom it was raining http://t.co…
@lalo__v thank you bro!
@AdamAm50 God bless, thank you...
Good morning
Okay Jason Kidd!
July 11th San Bernardino http://t.co/k1y7mkw5Kf
@BKPMkulisek http://t.co/LvjPJkSZPj
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RT @theboombox: .@pharoahemonch shares memories of @MobbDeep's 'The Infamous' album on its 20th anniversary http://t.co/sFhfQmyWlA
@BriggsGE lol
Keep it, sell it, charity? http://t.co/dmixnbInpx
Keep it, sell it, charity? *dont crack on me either yes I had a pair of Starbury's! http://t.co/RD7FPMsLQR
Keep it, sell it, charity? http://t.co/vcTKP20XKG
Let's play keep it, sell it or give to charity! #springcleaning http://t.co/tttcstEuyP
Pharoahe Monch

One half of Organized Konfusion, known for his complex lyrics, delivery and internal and multisyllabic rhyme schemes, successful solo emcee.