Help me Ronda, help help me Ronda! #UFC
THIS! https://t.co/FgzE3DYrJa
My older brother just told me I used to kick & scream when my aunt with the mustache used to pick me up when I was a baby! 😂😂😂😂😂
Good morning
Wow ...... Wilmer!
@studiobykelly thank you
RT @warmedia: LISTEN: Emergency Procedure by @ghostfacekillah Ft. @pharoahemonch http://t.co/szwLOIjQLY
Fly Cespedes here right now ... Start him tonight against the Nationals... Immediately!!!!!!
Cespedes!!! 👍🏾
Salute @djdnice for the photography on the WAR Lp. My first indie record.. #WeAreRenegades #Warmedia http://t.co/lcujjBbyDJ
MOOD! #Repost @blkbookgallery with repostapp. ・・・ #mightierthan https://t.co/V5FP7LPCGU
@JeanGreasy @satori06 membership has its privileges.. http://t.co/ITaj7wQlSW
@JeanGreasy @satori06 If I would've known Felicia Wright helped you with your verse on assassins I would've took it off the album ..
(O.o) ? rap is out of control
Peace https://t.co/2GpmdBG1ss
RT @DuckDownMusic: "Blow ya back out wit da verb" #DUCKDOWN20 http://t.co/FmxkRgDgP6 http://t.co/lVDooN3Pg5
RT @jesuisallex: It's a @PharoaheMonch #ThrowbackThrusday Pharoahe Monch - "Still Standing" feat. Jill Scott (Music Video) https://t.co/5cA…
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wow! NO trade? I feel bad for Wilmer Flores ... only the Mets... smh
Pharoahe Monch

One half of Organized Konfusion, known for his complex lyrics, delivery and internal and multisyllabic rhyme schemes, successful solo emcee.