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This -> REKS Official Video for Garvey ft. NORE & Saigon produced by Hazardis Soundz #EYESWATCHINGGOD available now http://t.co/ntl9bVnuB9…
RT @NateTwomey: First #illustration with ink on papyrus inspired by a lyric from @pharoahemonch 'all seeing eye ocular exam' http://t.co/un…
RT @ChrisFarrell_22: .@pharoahemonch quotes Lost In Space on his new album. So you know it's good. #DangerWillRobinson #Time2
RT @dsignramy: "generation of men courting women with a text..." The Cycle @pharoahemonch @IAmEricRoberson #TheBox
RT @TommyG_NJ: So I spent the clyinder on my revolver...💥🔫 @pharoahemonch #LosingMyMind is on replay daily💯 feat dEnAun Porter🔥 http://t.co…
Still Standing http://t.co/xNHPdtFivv
RT @DDCwithmygirl: @IAmEricRoberson @pharoahemonch The Cycle....whooooweee. Dope track. Both your albums look to be my standouts for '14. T…
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Joburg you know we living in the jungle! http://t.co/G3aHEY2Rzu
Cape Toooooooowwwwwn! *Ice cube voice http://t.co/OxwVTQhuO4
RT @BHeaterWP: I just had a chance to listen all the way through @pharoahemonch's PTSD. Definitely worth buying. Full of consciousness.
Pop locking at the stop light in queens! http://t.co/Ynrf82gqeI
RT @SportsComedyRap: Best HipHop tracks EVER 9+ mins? @TheRealKoolGRap A Thugs LoveStory https://t.co/veptoxvfh0 & @pharoahemonch Trilogy h…
RT @Diggiti: @pharoahemonch #PTSD So Hip Hop it's giving me chills . I thought that special sound was lost forever
Cape Town you know we living in the Jungle! http://t.co/Z7VZZUjTFR
Cape Town you know we living in the Jungle! http://t.co/H2W2Qt1SEv
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Pharoahe Monch

One half of Organized Konfusion, known for his complex lyrics, delivery and internal and multisyllabic rhyme schemes, successful solo emcee.