Buenos Dias
"I saw the sun going up, on a toosday"
@TheCultureSeed peace to the God!
.@TheCultureSeed kind of like if it was a news broadcast. Like imagine a newscaster and not a rapper. Like not as if I'm actually tweeting
Breaking news: US GOV leaks information that the WU tang clan still isn't anything to fuck with @pharoahemonch http://t.co/RukJXyUbjJ
.@Power106LA: .@WuTangClan with @TalibKweli, @pharoahemonch, Ras Kass, The Forum - This Friday! Get tix at: http://t.co/RukJXyUbjJ
RT @Power106LA: .@WuTangClan with @TalibKweli, @pharoahemonch, Ras Kass, Casey Veggies & more - The Forum - This Friday! Get tix at: http:/…
If your mama named you D'Brickashaw you better be good at getting drugs into the country, masonry work or block defensive linemen.
@pharoahemonch & @JeanGreasy this Saturday. Austin Texas! Weird City Hip Hop Festival! http://t.co/rdXVV4lTA1
H20 by @ApolloBrown & .@RasKass ft. @PharoaheMonch & @TheRealRakaa Iriscience http://t.co/B8TqN3MfUM
.@MaalHimself @MickeyFactz @pharoahemonch and @coocoocal414 rockin with us BuzZ!:MKE @A3C @MKEtoA3C http://t.co/Z4uL1W9pm6
.@JeanGreasy and @pharoahemonch this Saturday. What about y'all? http://t.co/n2W97zW4Vd
.@9thWonderMusic: .@pharoahemonch Broken Again #VISUAL from PTSD - https://t.co/uBZh6Berop #warmedia #INDIE500
RT @9thWonderMusic: .@pharoahemonch Broken Again #VISUAL from PTSD - https://t.co/xb3W3lSNb3 #warmedia #INDIE500
RT @PenThief8: @pharoahemonch @Princepo "THE EQUINOX" HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on the release of an INSANE CONCEPT LP #hiphopjunkies
RT @DKTHGK: I'll rap outside and then I'll be chilling with @JeanGreasy and @pharoahemonch this Saturday. What about y'all? http://t.co/BZv…
One day the people are going to clap! B4 PTSD there was W.A.R. http://t.co/z3wHQ9MEi4
.@coast2coastmag Mixtapes Vol. 269 Hosted By @pharoahemonch check out Sometimes by @gravySLIM prod @DaDreak http://t.co/NxkULGhfj4/s/AL-I
Gym grow laws are in effect! #mamasaidknockyouOUT
Pharoahe Monch

One half of Organized Konfusion, known for his complex lyrics, delivery and internal and multisyllabic rhyme schemes, successful solo emcee.