RT @theginaloring: @JColeNC @pharoahemonch @TalibKweli @Bahamadia Check out your shout out in my @ForHarriet article. #ActivismInArt http:…
March 17th -> LEEDS Belgrave Music Hall. http://t.co/OZsZ3VgvQo
RT @Mitchel_BONS: #Concerts I wanna go @pharoahemonch J.Cole's and MobbDeep's 👀
RT @robmoo89: I've only gone and got @pharoahemonch tickets for next week. Kapow.
RT @JimFifield: @pharoahemonch @BOOGIEBLIND next friday, I'm ready.
April 15th I will be setting up my sleeping outside the Imax theatre at 1998 Broadway New York, NY 10023 -> https://t.co/NyqSiTsVuJ
King Albert II, Prince of Monaco Huh? Seems like an interesting ole chap. http://t.co/pewxCBn81h
RT. @PusHLTVorg: @pharoahemonch Still waiting for that Monaco stop... <- me toooo me toooo!
Euro tour 2015.... England, France, Ireland, with @BOOGIEBLIND ... You are not ready! http://t.co/pP5wp5XCh4
England, France with @boogieblind & LIVE BAND! @EzraCollective http://t.co/GCHtOvN52o
England, Ireland, France NEXT WEEK! Internal Affairs, Desire, W.A.R., PTSD, "BRING IT ON" http://t.co/pGLAkspmEG
RT @MZATheInfamous: @Jacqeline @Jeuceman Cannot wait is an UNDERSTATEMENT. @pharoahemonch @theoobleck March 12 #RePPiN4U in FULL EFFECT!!!
RT @John_Tyrer: got a ticket for @pharoahemonch next week in B'ham. 15 year old me's screaming with joy inside. 22 y/o me's just about hold…
RT. @robslashIamrobs: *I bow before I address thee* Lost in Translation is pure quality! <- thank you sir it's all pre released music!
.@NdamukongSuh Dear Sir, please consider playing next to @UDWJPP & the sack record + the joy of every NY rapper dropping your name. Lol
Wow! Eagles traded Lesean McCoy?
RT @warmedia: Download @PharoaheMonch's Lost In Translation http://t.co/ZobQLsw64G & http://t.co/g18x0S54Aj because it’s free love http://t…
@jwalkerthepoet that part is all books and movies ..
.@eonmeltz Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! What's good?
.@rheomatic they played old school national style... But wait! Interview time, How did you become a Royals fan?
Pharoahe Monch

One half of Organized Konfusion, known for his complex lyrics, delivery and internal and multisyllabic rhyme schemes, successful solo emcee.