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I'll be performing live at the #xgames Aspen on Jan. 28 tickets at on sale now. http://t.co/2hslFw92ON @XGames http://t.co/nzY0u0rQKW
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RT @MassAppeal: Watch @DAVE_EAST's music video for "Numb," off his new project, #HateMeNow | http://t.co/5YpAuSux2G http://t.co/3TNGfl5XfX
I love this art on the digital wall "The World is Yours The World is Mine" in Times Square, Oct 1-31… https://t.co/TAb2dNI8NB
Is This the End of the 2nd Reconstruction? - The Root http://t.co/KNNcNSNkKU
Hip-Hop’s Nas Joins Eric Holder as W.E.B. Du Bois Honoree http://t.co/nogxhiD0Jp
Dave East - Hate Me Now https://t.co/dhoz70GbKS get it now! https://t.co/oUyyVtLPmd
Just posted a photo https://t.co/yMK0XRMsnw
Dinner with the professors Marcyliena Morgan & Lawerence Bobo #harvard https://t.co/Cn35bAJO7i
Historic night for the rap game. At the Hutchins Center Honors for the W. E. B. Du Bois Medal… https://t.co/U6nfGws9AA
A Young Harvard @ Harvard University https://t.co/St84y2ueI5
#Repost @dave_east New Article In The @voicestreet Out Now #HMNTHISWEEK https://t.co/lNJD0BLytx
Boss https://t.co/Y7lS1uOhBP
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Congrats to my brotha @dude_br0 & my man Tristian Walker on making the top 100 Entrepreneurs list!… https://t.co/vgcRKw00Zo
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Bay Area Vibez September 26th and 27th. Get your tix now at https://t.co/EELcZXwZc0 http://t.co/hPZM5RLi7Z
Alive.... Haa.  No hangover. I took it easy. Bless up! #Hennessy #DomP https://t.co/11fXzSDVH8
Part 2 https://t.co/NIGLKICTm9