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@Lil_Kim24 lol dnt laff at me sis lol
Or is that 18( my math might be off ) Pac probably Rollin his eyes like "u STILL suck at math Mo"
Now THATS beautiful Closure!
So 16 yrs almost exactly after his passing, I found out that somehow beyond my recollection, Afeni Shakur received the Poem I wrote.
But a friend and fellow Culturalist historian visited Tupac Center For The Arts in Stone Mountain ATL recently,and there it was on display!
I don't remember who I handed the poem to in order to get it to Ms Afeni Shakur, & honestly I wasn't sure I did hand it to anyone.........
I packed my things and got a flight to LA to stay for some type of memorial ceremony but plans made it not possible to attend.
In 1996 , Fri 13th Sept,I wrote a Poem to the mother of a dear friend that passed away that day. It started " Dear Sweet Afeni"..........,
I received some Beautiful Closure today. Keep reading.........
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