RT @AJCalloway: Words can't express how blessed I feel after last night. It was and I'm not playing EPIC! #DougEFresh… http://t.co/i5zbrnPP…
Just be very clear what you're doing up here. I'm 44 my 'wonder years' passed but my TODAY job is to WAKE MINE UP & make sure they stay up!
Social network pages provide info that can keep kids out of whatever college they wanted to go to, or out if a job situation, tell em
So the ignorant pics posts language music listened to etc, tho innocent & not general individual characterization,is used to summarize kids
Make sure your kids know that their social pages are bibliography to the POWERS and the first go to place when depicting their character
Lol, that tickled me I had to Laff, it's true though.
I teach mine 2 use social media with clear knowledge of the freeway of false entitlement it gives the socially challenged & FEDS #Werd!
I promote to my kids not to necessarily take the easy check handout cos it usually includes sacrificial criteria detrimental to ones decent!
Well my parents never had TV or media babysit me so I raise mine how I was raised I just gotta block &interrupt the bull smack it's a battle
I slept til 3:30pm then set about to fix them what they requested. I'm so darn sleepy now lol but they're cool so I'm cool.
I didn't get home til 2am this morning and these kids had their Labor Day menu figured out .Turkey burgers Hot Dogs & Macaroni Salad.
Ahhhhh *relief sigh* the house is still, all children are asleep food packed away kitchen clean uniforms clean dry in closet ready 4 2moro
I truly need my vitamins with this clan. Me flying in & out of town for performances etc then back to start the school week lol
Admittedly I watched and even guested briefly season 2 NY when they came to Miami, but it went off the rails after that and I was COOL lol
@bamagurl_4life wow!
I'm sorry I just can't get what part of the direct connection you don't get . But I can't beat my head against a wall trying to get u 2 peep
@bamagurl_4life you have GOT to be kidding me Angie!!!!!!
@divatudenj this is public BLACK DECONSTRUCTION for national viewing. Entertaining & educational for Martial Law implementation #FACTS
@LESthaBest doesn't matter it's the ANIMALS commercials that help classify invisible cages resulting in lack of regard for young blk life
Black folk that produce this hog snot need not comment in regards to a mike Brown's shooting or any others their production isn't helping