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I can't wait to see you Queen!!!!! @DaRealPepa
And knowing of artist such as Ramellzee , crews like RSC and artists like a Soul Sonic Force prior to moving to the US , made meeting HUGE!
Depending on what you got involved in & your reasons for doing so, with Hip Hop for me it was a culture driven train of expression I sought
Meeting @CrazyLegsRSC for me was soooo instrumental in my knowing I truly found myself in the heart of Hip Hop Culture, like meeting Bambata
@CrazyLegsRSC I'm getting all mushy I'm so proud of you Legs, you've always been my go to guy to keep me culturally grounded #HipHopCulture
Crazy Legs, Jimmy D Discuss Rock Steady Crew On Eve Of Its 37-Year Anniversary http://t.co/95y34a5NAU via @hiphopdx
RT @CrazyLegsRSC: @DaRealMonieLove Check it. https://t.co/3udMoKntA9
God forgive me!
Confession: when I first saw the Anaconda cover I thought " are those medicine balls" & " I wonder how much one weighs" #dontjudgeme
@KissMyKAPOW that's a weird twisted stance for folks to take I think. It's just cool to like who you like and leave the rest to their own
@KissMyKAPOW wow popular to hate her, that's a rather interesting turn if events I'm not sure that could even be, S'rsly u think so?!
I wasn't offended by the pic I'm more offended by the pigeon holes men then try to force women into "if they want to be successesful"
Ok fair enough some pretty reasonable responses I thank u fir sharing your honest feelings. My 1st thought also it looks like an old image
Let's be honest on my TL folks let's have a real honest NN slanderous conversation real talk what were your thoughts seein the cover art
Cos she raised a valid point tweeting a pic of a swimsuit super model in same position just less ass. So is the size? Or the squat? What ?
I love to ask a sensible group men and women exactly what is it that repulsed them when looking at this Anaconda cover
@pastliferec oh shut it up! ShuttinUp
ALL WOMENS levels and choices of artistic expression deserves equal neutrality to floursish. The sexpots the BGirls the tomboys the Angels