@Mz_Esq agreed!!!!!
BPD as they watch news coverage " donut anyone? officer B just put on a fresh pot of coffee"!
BPD on some " the longer we go without giving any answers to the actual incident, the more destruction the animals cause themselves.
Meanwhile Baltimore Law Enforcment and judicial system sitting back like YUP let the animals tear up where THEY live.
I can't watch listen to or read anything more about the rioting it's all confusion and frustration and DISTRACTION . #Prayers!
@Mz_Esq I hear you but yes check your calendar. Cases of black male deaths at hands of law are INCREASINGLY closer! Damn near back to back!!
head detached from spinal cord? How does that happen minus vigorous violence perpetrated on the detainee? where are the HUMAN RIGHTS?
Answers please BPD.
I'm less concerned with WHAT Gray was taken into custody for, more so with why he didn't get medical attention,why he wound up DEAD!
RT @KolaBoof: @DaRealMonieLove BLACK WOMEN are being killed by cops in alarming rates too. Not just BM. We gotta mention. http://t.co/6Vtzm…
Any city USA?
Prayers go out for Baltimore YES, but trust and believe prayers go out to every city that contains black men, cos it's just an incident away
I'm beginning to see so much desensitized youth as young black men continue to die in this or similar manor and the cases get closer
Or, why THIS TIME?!!!!!!!
Like I said, more than anything else I'm HIGHLY interested in the FACTS. Another young man is DEAD! at the hands of law enforcement. WHY?
RT @nashisking: @DaRealMonieLove the media is trying their best to make us forget to ask
RT @lionessQB: @DaRealMonieLove I didnt see the media label the police that broke Freddie Grays spinal cord & dragged him handcuffed & scr…
The question ( for me at least) is WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUNG GRAY?????
@AyanaAkaSmiley things get lost in translation much times. I'm expressing how I feel in regards to folks sidetracked frm "what happened "?
@AyanaAkaSmiley dear sister, perhaps parts of my thread was missed as you don't follow me. NONE of what you're Elliot me NOT to do was done!