Honestly finding much artistic refuge and authenticity within many of the festivals put on around the world. Perhaps that's where it's at!
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Well have fun and Party up in the city that nuked one of its own residential neighborhoods and swept it under the carpet #MOVE85
Wonder how many folks in Philly "Got it" when PE during their set called it " A slap in the face of all Philadelphians." #MadeInAmerica
Good for Philly then , I think, maybe not where it REALLY counts but whatever.
I personally prefer to recap my FAV @PublicEnemyFTP moment from last years line up: calling out Gov. Corbett to stop shortchanging schools
Folks in Philadelphia are very upset at the talk of moving the Made In America concert series to perhaps LA.
Artivism: combined words Artist & Activist .The use of ones artistic prowess to focus on raising social, environmental/technical awareness.
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The dude that pushes & or grips up his woman is the same dude that knocks her out! #RecognizingDomesticAbuse!
Dumbest thing I've heard; " I pushed mushed and shook her around, it's not like I actually hit her" THATS THE SAME GUY!! Dumb dummies!
Listening to folks talk & not commenting can be GOLDEN! Smh.
So over it!
@amaruonline @pebbles2day lol NICE!! Thank you.
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Nice. http://t.co/CAlWu2iA7u