@MaLLy how CRAZY is that?!
@PCServices77 YUP!!!
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SONS OF ANARCHY tonight!!!!!
Ummmm I'm 44yrs old there's just some things I'm not saying
@FleurEast and that dear lil sis was the ENTIRE point & it showed. I watch it over & over and I'm rockin along lol
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I was already a fan of @Logic301 ,he just continues to confirm why he has a large & growing following. #GoodStuff
Good interview with @Logic301 guys! @cthagod
@FWyineMagazine @TheXFactor @FleurEast LOVE THIS!!! She's so awesome!
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Sadly those that are signed by the machine and projected as What's next dnt realize their "Pawn status" until after their use
@allyska lol soaking .
Some don't seem to make it to or thru that 5 yr effect. Let alone create a body of work to be celebrated 25 or 30 yrs later
Common sense would then kick in to the truly artistic minded/motivated versus the Money greedy,2 create CLASSIC hits to surpass that 5yr
Heard "Money 2 Blow" Drake/CashMoney on the radio today played as a 'Back n Tha Day Joint' . There you have prime example of the 5yr effect!