Everybody wants to start with the bread. NO! Get to the flour the yeast the butter that MAKES THE BREAD! get to the source the origin ROOT
What ALL OF YOU PRODUCTION COMPANIES should consider with your new found interest in Female Rhyme saying oriented content is it's ORIGIN!
Now here comes another angle lets make all the girls white. Lol listen you might find that white girl that TRULY fell in love with HIP HOP!
Let's do a Rap show on women, let's do a show on fighting ass women glasses thrown and weave on the floor with rappers girlfriends Wonderful
@Terrell718 it's an Angle to Pimp, why not, we're doing all kinds of so called Hip Hop or rap associated hot ass messes so why not this way?
Seems like it's a cheap general mission to pimp out female rappers right now meanwhile the plight of Women in Hip Hop frm dy 1 to now suffer
Yes, I stand corrected Disconnected Rapper!!! Thank you
Rap is a music derivative that was birthed from Hip Hop, and let's be clear there's more RAPPERS out here doing Hip Hop aDisservice #clarity
Technically the culture is NOT lost with seeing shows like this Seacrest white females of rap. A)it's called "Of Rap" that's not the culture
I truly don't care if a person is white or black if you not ALL ABOUT HIP HOP stop using the term stop lying you're an unconnected rapper
What I'd LOVE not to hear out of NO ONES MOUTH that truly isn't OF the culture, is the phrase HIP HOP. Be clear and keep it RAP centered!
shit why shouldn't Ryan Seacrest PIMP Some it by putting together The White Girls Of Rap? It's not like other folks haven't already
Culture vultures that lead hip hop culture to. "the Door Of No Return" so to speak ? Or the UNRELATED to hip hop folk that wanna capitalize
Hmmmmm who should I be more irritated with
All kinds of flags go up
Oh lawd, I feel myself having to tap out early on this one lol
Ryan Seacrest To Create White Female Rapper Show http://t.co/WLYyQyNiJv via @hiphopdx
@MetaSmith 5 percent nation
@BiggaBoss_Biggz @cthagod not ratings worthy when a playlist reflects most of the confused folks calling themselves Hip Hop artists lol
@SpiceTHorror many call themselves Hip Hop artists, no, they are Rap artists. Hip hop is the CULTURE that contains more than the music