@MrChuckD @foofighters @haleyandus SO MUCH about this pic is priceless to me,I dnt know where to start!! #CoolShot #Awesomeness
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@djkaos23 AWESOME chatting with you .
@djkaos23 Agreed👍
@djkaos23 but that's a whole OTHER topic lol
@djkaos23 not exactly her route, but in theory I second that notion. None of these folks out created their own lanes minus a few standouts
@djkaos23 all good, ready for those twats too.
@djkaos23 yeah, I'm sure others do. I'm sure folks who don't find reading & comprehension fundamental will totally jack up what I'm sayin
@djkaos23 didn't quite Ian out though. So THIS is it. Smh, just let the girl rock out and stop Tryna pin labels on it.
@djkaos23 and that's is quite possible too, media has always been THIRSTY for a SWF (so to speak)rap success remember Kreyashawn 😳
@djkaos23 when the angry mob went for the young lady's throat Previous to this , I wanted no parts I thought it was dumb.
@djkaos23 AGREED!!! I've always had that take on it " Let Iggy Eat" THIS was the ONLY thing that ever left me like HUH?
@djkaos23 absolutely hands down accolades for taking an idea further than it went upon its inception. Not so much " CHANGE" in my opinion
@djkaos23 though it had been done already,re approaching this idea with today's Internet and digital avenues attribute new levels of success
@djkaos23 some ideas are groundbreaking such as Easy's vision with Tarrie. Sometimes the works just isn't ready for it yet.