Big up to all the hip hop icons, past and current
Chillin in the hip hop enthusiast hoodie by @rv_clothing and SnapBack . Ready for the rain http://t.co/R7XRzCONF6
Burn Radio burn remix feat Chuck D comin soon. Now what?
Only wit a few greats. After that I'm done
Thinking bout doin no more collabs wit nobody.
I'm not doin Collabs right now BUT when I do if you don't have some REAL money don't hit me up I ain't gettin up!!!
The word legend is used to much for wack rappers!!!!
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RT @buyri1: During the war in bosnia only music i heard was 2pac & NWA @mcrencpt and i am glad i grow up with it :)
The Goin Way Back Show Stream (MC Ren)check me out http://t.co/hFbwzNjywP
Run DMC made me love hip hop. I hope I made somebody love hip hop.
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Don't walk around today mad, give praise to God and be happy!!!!
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RT @dirtysalow: shut em down radio on live 11pm to 1am 3478501177 http://t.co/IPBXTgAbtL … played burn radio burn by @mcrencpt @reddtharson…