@bigjohn260 next year
If yall not following my homie CPO Boss Hogg @VinceEdwards9 yall need to do that
RT @VinceEdwards9: CPO Boss Hogg - Your Body Is Hot!!! (2014) (NEW!)…: http://t.co/PnLwlr7J2R Your Body is Hot!! Your Body is Hot!! Link ht…
RT @ladybug1968: @mcrencpt # Ren, you are absolutely right about that.
We need a hip hop hall of fame. http://t.co/VUY4ln5ArR
Forget it
I said movies about hip hop not movies wit artist in them , that don't make it a hip hop movie.
RT @DJBurnOutB: @mcrencpt how about top 3 soundtracks? 1. Juice. 2. Who's the Man. 3. Judgement Night or Colors
RT @KayDee215: 1. I Got The Hook Up 2. House Party 4 3. Brown Sugar RT @mcrencpt: Top three hip hop movies 1. Krush groove 2. Beat street 3…
RT @KwameGray: @mcrencpt That Album you titled Kizz my Black Azz off the chain
Top three hip hop movies 1. Krush groove 2. Beat street 3. Wild style
If you don't got that go get it on iTunes. #dailypromotions #rebelmusic http://t.co/f3EhOV1ZHR
RT @WESTCOASTDOC: @marlins75 @mcrencpt @drdre @icecube @DJYELLAOFNWA There is no replacing Eazy.
RT @Iam360WISE: MC REN @mcrencpt Final Frontier - http://t.co/MFez2oOqYf #nowplaying #360WiseJamz #HipHop
RT @JessHasNoFilter: .@mcrencpt I was on a date the other day with a square and he tried to impress me by rapping Straight Out of Compton :…
RT @CaptainShorif: “@mcrencpt: What's your top 10 mcs of all time?” Kool G Pun Kane Big L Eminem Nas Raekwon Biggie Rakim Kurput
It's too hard for me to pick 10 when its so many tight ones
RT @seanmckt: @mcrencpt o.c , big l , guru, gza, vinnie Paz , ice cube ,Rakim, nas, red man ,
RT @BlazemUp_DMG: @mcrencpt Kurupt Ice Cube Bushwick Bill Biggie DJ Quik Eminem Nas MC Ren The Game.... that's all I got...
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