Dope sketch by @adampadilla of #muhammadali this cat can draw. I need to work on my art skills. http://t.co/PqSm01xoNm
@lilfuture9 it's comin
Haters need a life that's why they hate. They never did anything to talk of.
Big up to @5150Recordings for the tight gear. http://t.co/Uotw3vOiBy
Me and my 2 sons Ali and ahmad_alaa0 with basilhodge the cool brotha playing me in the NWA movie on… http://t.co/PVhJNh6jG0
RT @chiemoney: #Exclusive @mcrencpt @icecube - Rebel Music (Remix) Official Audio 2014 produced by @EASKI http://t.co/E1f606ns5K #Nerve…
Man the homie @EASKI just sent me the mix of Burn Radio Burn feat @reddtharsonist man it's too dope to describe. Instant classic
RT @Iam360WISE: @MCRencpt @Icecube @easki - Rebel Music REMIX ft: IceCube http://t.co/WpoECslsHW #nowplaying #360WiseJamz #HipHop
RT @TheTrueChrisAK: That's why, to quote @mcrencpt "fucc yo money fucc yo cars; niccas spit some hot bars"
RT @Iam360WISE: @MCRencpt - MC Ren - Right Up My Alley (Explict) http://t.co/WpoECslsHW #nowplaying #360WiseJamz #HipHop
RT @jennyfellinlove: @mcrencpt I just listen to ur rebel music with ice cube. Love it can't get it out of my head
Just posted a photo http://t.co/TM4HKFelzl
Art by @banksysuk . Peace to the brothers and sisters of Palestine. http://t.co/VAbzcEfbNO
MC Ren - Rebel Music (Remix)(feat. Ice Cube) by empiredistribution on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds https://t.co/hvaTGQtQLO
Time for me to listen to my song Rebel music!!!!!
NWA , Public Enemy and Run DMC are my top 3 groups
@DJScratch thanx bruh and u one of the tightest djs ever and happy was on the same bill wit yall back n the day.
RT @DJScratch: @mcrencpt Incredible album. But that "Right Up My Alley" from your solo EP is one of the hardest songs of all time.
N.W.A. - Efil4zaggin (1991) (FULL ALBUM) the tightest album ever http://t.co/mtUXlbnhFH