@marlins75 don't think so
Express yourself video shoot. #NWA http://t.co/qniqrw4T9s
RT @harryallen: On D.O.C.'s "The Grand Finale" (1989), @mcrencpt said his lyrics were so hard "I make the punk muthafuckas buckle up for sa…
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#burnradioburn single comin soon. I declare WAR http://t.co/lI6DaMiDFU
RT @Gregor_Anderson: @mcrencpt #ifitaintruff has to be one of the greatest rap tracks of all time. Flow, beat its well underrated. #NWA
RT @chiemoney: #Exclusive @mcrencpt @icecube - Rebel Music (Remix) Official Audio 2014 produced by @EASKI http://t.co/E1f606ns5K #NerveD…
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Put God first and kick all haters aside
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Big up to those being original.
Fools been biting NWA since day one and ain't stopped yet. Clones in the thousands
If u ain't being original then why u tryin to do it? Clones take a back seat
@RJT3_74 chino XL is super dope
Step yall bars up
RT @pghsurvivor: “@boom945DFW: Fact : DJ Train, the Dj for JJ Fad, died rescuing people from a fire. #HipHopHero” @mcrencpt
Just posted a photo http://t.co/GPNEFn9cd5
RT @marcellenchmob: @mcrencpt that Ballad of a Menace track is on #GrandTheftAutoV congrats @VinceEdwards9