Me and djyellaofnwa chillin at skate land on the straight outta compton movie set http://t.co/2XmjWsODOg
#westcoastwednesdays me and E takin a break from a photo shoot. http://t.co/IsFdZoU6bI
#westcoastwednesdays http://t.co/fGbcr3zYlI
RT @LincolnLegend34: Still rocking that @mcrencpt Rebel Music. #RealHipHop
RT @isaiah_00: @mcrencpt I always post about u guys
Only five shirts left, then no more printed up. http://t.co/475NQYVS4E
RT @jzonedonttweet: Favorite rap EP ever: @mcrencpt Kizz My Black Azz. Only 6 songs and it's some of the hardest shit ever made.
Get at me http://t.co/76sQXKNRX5
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RT @desertrose0000: MC Ren & Ice Cube - Rebel Music (Remix) Official Audio 2014: http://t.co/YjT5OGtotO #WESTCOASTBOMB @MCRENCPT @EASKI @IC…
RT @tiny_t1310: Just listened to Rebel music by @mcrencpt !!! I gotta say im feelin' tha villain ;) If y'all haven't listened to it already…
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The game so wack now , if u say somebody wack and they are they call u a hater. Wack rappers are sensitive