Me and duskopoppington talk G2. http://t.co/6COPp63k6E
Studio stays deep. . G2.. http://t.co/8ItAwgAWkc
Another crazy night in the studio. .G2 is so serious. ... http://t.co/IQZjqTqz32
G2. My new joint Feat @Mavado_Gully https://t.co/o2nOzxMP8Q
RT @RHCPchad: Studio lab rat @ChiliPeppers by day.@llcoolj by nite.
Change your thoughts and you change your world. #SoWassup?
@CityofNewarkNJ It was my pleasure!!!! Much love! !!
@Giants @TeamVic It was Real!!! Salute! !
@linzespieler @ClaudineJoseph it was truly pleasure.:)
The people that hate you the most pay the most attention to you.
Sometimes it's better to just walk away. .
http://t.co/pxIXJcnx8e makes my social media life easier. .
@barclayscenter Great event. Great venue!
I choose happiness.
@PeteRock @EOSoulBeats @unkut lol
G2 update #2. http://t.co/RVeCzSvTyP
A chosen few understand. I salute you.
100 hundred years from now. #AllClassics. GOAT. G2 on the way.
RT @NikkizHot20: Nikki Z's Hot 20 #Dancehall #Reggae #Soca (7/25-7/31) http://t.co/8dfKQWIC6s This week's #heatseeker "The Hustler " @Mavad…