That's that ship...#onset #filming #ncisla http://t.co/cVIHZ8YIC9
To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all. But to believe in the unseen is both a triumph and a blessing Proctor
In the blink of an eye... #threehearts #ncisla tonight at 9pm http://t.co/RYjByj196J
@lilmrzko don't you miss those days baby?
Wake up lol http://t.co/CpvqztAaR2
@Denverstep that song is true.
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@Denverstep absolutely.
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@RHCPchad much love Chad!!!! You did your thing! !!
@Diegoandangie @ChiliPeppers @NCISLA_CBS made a song with them. It's on the Howard Stern soundtrack. It's called I make my own rules.
@ToddKrim @simoneismith @ClaudineJoseph @johnvarvatos much love Todd
@johnvarvatos @BILLBELLAMY @ChiliPeppers Amazing event John! !!!
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Pacqiao or Bradley ? #PacquiaoBradley2
@TommyNunziato I agree.
I quipped . Your not used to handling money. Meaning large bills. She was insulted. Wouldn't take credit card. Lol ha ha
Lady spoke limited english at GNC on Wilshire in LA. wouldn't accept 100 dollar bills. She thought they were counterfeit.
@its_ediii how can I help?