Headed home to the sunshine... #snowinginNY https://t.co/z472Z0jDH6
Happy birthday Vecka!!
@Whosthatladyinc @RAPDELIGHTFAN @whosthatladyent amazing article. Painful but true.
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Always expect the unexpected on #NCISLA https://t.co/9YzEGClb8I
Let the games begin... #LipSyncBattle season premiere April 2nd at 10PM https://t.co/le61M0jdWO
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@AHathawayNews so much fun!!!
#LipSyncBattle Series Premiere April 2nd on Spike Tv. https://t.co/8xbkKZxoVK
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@kelly_clarkson @chrissyteigen @johnlegend @SpikeLSB come rock with us!!!!! #HaveSomeFun. :)
You ready ? Lol Lip Sync Battle - Series Premiere Thursday, April…: http://t.co/QeuwHTqQsJ
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RT @alexa_rachael: The fact that an @llcoolj song is stuck in my head concerns me. #mamasaidknockyouout
@TheRealNimoy sleep in eternal peace. You made my childhood better. #ThankYou
RT @TheRealNimoy: I will be sharing my poetry. Today's is, "You and I have Learned," which is in my book, These Words Are for You. LLAP htt…
Yo @chrissyteigen you think they're ready ? For #LipSyncBattle !!! Ha...@johnlegend
@spiketv #LipSyncBattle is happening this weekend in LA with @chrissyteigen and myself - Want tix?… https://t.co/Teaz0Bt1fJ
I’m hosting @SpikeLSB in LA with @chrissyteigen this weekend! Shout out to @jimmyfallon !! Get tix: http://t.co/H2DiTP8S1O