@BustaRhymes Salute Bussa Buss!!
@HipHopsFacts @IAMQUEENLATIFAH @Outkast @naughtybynature false.
"LL Cool J Feat Raekwon & Murda Mook. ...." via @pogoplug http://t.co/Tsqhsld0BY #G2 #Hard
I love it when they sleep on me.
RT @deathintwosteps: charlie sheen just dropped the mic on all y'all http://t.co/VUHaquwipr
@Ladyspinsters @FIRESTARTADJ @ClaudineJoseph what up!
I bear witness. They bearly escaped. They fought to the death with their bear hands. It's hard to… http://t.co/hWAZXnKaDJ
I'm truly Blessed. #grateful2god
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@iHeartRadio fo sho.. much love. .
@MinaSayWhat @ScHoolBoyQ @iHeartRadio you need that GOAT2 tshirt on tomorrow. . Much love!
Turned my social over to this company to 'STREAMLINE' THINGS and they unfollowed fans. Even family members. Fired them today. #idiots.
@WaveGangMedia Salute Fam.
Ask somebody who heard the whole joint....
The streets have spoken. http://t.co/EbA8DY87PC
@MinaSayWhat @Power99Philly let's do it ms....
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