@Springer378 @kagsypryce @StrettyEndGary my pleasure! !
@Springer378 @kagsypryce @StrettyEndGary much love!!!
Monday night we flip the script... #NCISLA at 10/9C on #CBS https://t.co/54Jo4Q3eYF
@LEllerbe ha ha.. why not? Get it.. lol
@Nicklaus84 he put that work in.
@RachelonTV you'll be just fine 😀... and yes.. she's amazing. .🔥💯
@RachelonTV super something ha
@britmehmedovic oh 4 sho!!!!🙌👌
spikelsb Season 2.. are you ready?! https://t.co/4PlnZ69fKH
spikelsb Season 2.. https://t.co/4PlnZ6qR9h
@SamHannaDevoted let me rip it up for cuz in the back. Let me dip it get a buz in ya hat
@SamHannaDevoted I can slice 'em with these bars so they fear me...
@SamHannaDevoted when I'm sliding in the martin... they hear me.. "Aston Martin. "
@lilNecie @SamHannaDevoted Bit silly.
@SamHannaDevoted they call me Big Ellie... "Bit silly" Big money.. Big really. ..
Boom!!! You ready? https://t.co/wCt6Jt8kIY
Love the Yankees. . #ClassicHiphop https://t.co/0PIEWtq1mk
Tonight on @jimmykimmellive ... #NCISLA #hiphop #thursdaynightfun https://t.co/ehMtOs04mP
What's up? Lol https://t.co/oTEVk4elp2
RT @JimmyKimmelLive: Backstage at #Kimmel. NEW show tonight with @LLCoolJ #NCISLA. 11:35|10:35c #ABC http://t.co/Jc8j6RULGD