RT @scratchtheblock: @UltraMan7000 & @OfficialKURIOUS offer us the supreme hip-hop cut Don't Know Why remixed by @davedar http://t.co/hlbk…
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RT @LouMinoti: @youreachedchris @OfficialKURIOUS @MFDOOM @MCSerch I produced a song for Kurious & "Glass Jar" @davedar one highlight of my …
RT @youreachedchris: my #official dream team @OfficialKURIOUS @MFDOOM and @MCSerch https://t.co/U3wi1By0xm
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RT @LouMinoti: @OfficialKURIOUS @youreachedchris oh in case you think I'm playin it's in the arsenal http://t.co/LhwRvPwA36
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RT @ewok360: @OfficialKURIOUS ayoking just wanted to say still appreciate the music you put out and cant wait to hear future candela! #ea…
RT @JRONIN: Backstage with #Kurious Jorge at the #StretchandBobbito show last night in Central Park. Another… https://t.co/GQsSigRBqw
RT @djpuertoroc: Me and my brother Kurious the other day at the stretch and bob show https://t.co/wQYPOB1OsB
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RT @nocheuno1: https://t.co/avCR9IZlkV ~~~ @OfficialKURIOUS @JLive @HomeboySandman... what you know about this?!?
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