Salute to @rapstationradio . For aLL the SuppOrt!!!! Thank you
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RT @ewok360: @doug_tolbert @OfficialKURIOUS @egotripland luv this joint, real playful with sick wordplay!!! #salute G!!!
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@ItsMystikal dope
@DemolitionMusic nice. dig that Nirvana. 1
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TRIPPY and PARANOMAL http://t.co/RFWbSVI5Tm via @YouTube
I get my OLD MAN on in vid because this is how i feel as i get older and still love making music http://t.co/tmKazSO6P0 via @YouTube
I fux with @egotripland http://t.co/uj7xWr9Ugd
@bigrush40 @YouTube
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