Chilling with @P100ism at "all records are made to be broken" vid shoot http://t.co/WhU6kQx6mg
Did joint with GDep just before he turned himself in, shit is raw. #AllRecordsAreMadeToBeBroken coming soon… 1
@jeffhalevy put your clothes on and shut your mouth fruit boy #lost
RT @DeLaSoulsDugout: This was the day my baby boy turned 17...I love you and I'm proud of you. http://t.co/EfjG2qZQ8e
RT @JRONIN: At Why Not Lounge with my uptown OG @jronin and #Kurious aka #kuriousgeorge. #uptownhit #walklikeaduck… http://t.co/LxhGfKmEDv
RT @realjlive: Catch me & Kurious on that new Homeboy Sandman album #Hallways coming soon. #Enough
RT @JayEnP_Music: @SOMHIERO with the homies tonight! Stoked with @SupremeUniter @davedar @_BenchmarkMusic @OfficialKURIOUS @RaydarEllis
Chilling with the peoples. #SoulsofMischief @HieroAPLUS @opiohierosom http://t.co/qBFMFZMD3f
Don't get caught in stereotypes, love don't work that way
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RT @darealGregNice: This Sunday August 24th http://t.co/ZmhuIQAJl1
folks wit real solutions 2 real problems stay silent cuz masses r oversensitive.They say it aint worth the headache #itaint
stealing publishing from an artist is truly foul, it's stealing from his children, although it's been done to me, i would never do it
Hey kids always make soul music, rap game is fake. No, super fake. :)
@HoodyMoe salute!
@dmorg91 wish you the best in your transition to LB, your style of play is an inspiration. #solid #nononsense #Salute
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@TitansAmie you look fantastic in that Titan dark blue!!! It's a new season, we're back!!! #titanup