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folks wit real solutions 2 real problems stay silent cuz masses r oversensitive.They say it aint worth the headache #itaint
stealing publishing from an artist is truly foul, it's stealing from his children, although it's been done to me, i would never do it
Hey kids always make soul music, rap game is fake. No, super fake. :)
@HoodyMoe salute!
@dmorg91 wish you the best in your transition to LB, your style of play is an inspiration. #solid #nononsense #Salute
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@TitansAmie you look fantastic in that Titan dark blue!!! It's a new season, we're back!!! #titanup
@2NDCHUNGKING dam skippy
At DeLa show with the 1 and only Kool DJ Red Alert!!! #classic http://t.co/FUI5AeXTOc
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