Tonight I'll be at yoshi's in Oakland CA spitting that raw Hip Hop #hiphop #oakland
Tonight! At Malone's Bar & Grill, Temple Of Hip-Hop's DJ PredatorPrime, will be DJing Live! 604 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana CA. Spread the word! RT
LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/FPuOu2RnzU http://t.co/v7HWxgLHt0
Its gonna be blazin tonight!!!! The Rialto Theatre 318 E Congress St. Tucson, AZ 85701 http://t.co/a1Zn1U1gPX
If your tuned in to KPFK 90.7 http://t.co/HJEYDVyOLu Use hashtag #KPFKlive
ITS LIVE!!! http://t.co/HJEYDVyOLu Click the link and check it out
The Shrine is gonna be blazin Chicago. Where you at?
Tonight is gonna be blazin Spread the news @RhymeFestLA @935KDAY #legend #hiphop http://t.co/oDBE7D4vF9
Tomorrow we get live!!!! #hiphop #legendary #LA http://t.co/jVhLTYRUmZ
RT @RhymeFestLA: http://t.co/cLssIx74ZX
Tune in too @935KDAY to win tickets to Rhymefestla November 29th
Yoo Rhyme Fest let's get it poppin!!!!!! 7pm Sat November 29 4315 Melrose ave, Los Angeles California 90029 http://t.co/OCzKbeIoCb
The girlies is FREEE-EEE........ #finishit
Hit 100k real Hip Hop is on my page 👊👆
Durango Colorado you ready http://t.co/9xreJIhWhj Performing new songs classic songs its gonna be blazin!!!! Retweet this spread the word
You don't half to be just a janitor no one told you about..... #finishit
You you can't can't be be......
Get ready http://t.co/BvStOuE3HY
Hiphop kemp 2014 was a blast #realhiphop
My daughter took this photo of me at Newyork restaurant Show support like her Facebook page she is a photographer http://t.co/1mfy9E8xam