Great morning in chitown!!
RT @eazy_dean: @mcrencpt @UltraMan7000 ... Wow... So many classics.
@ImFigure shit is crazy!
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@ImFigure checkin
RT @ImFigure: Just fired you some heat to the email @UltraMan7000
RT @diegoschokehold: “@ImFigure: Just fired you some heat to the email @UltraMan7000” please! Dear sir. Do share 👌
RT @shazam_bangles: I told Shark he should rhyme w/@UltraMan7000 last night. Made perfect sense. Peace to all party people in attendance! h…
RT @DickFurari: @UltraMan7000 Dude you've stepped in a big pile of #babes
Fort Wayne Indiana Friday nite @ Covergirls Gentlemen Club. I want squirt juice all over the stage http://t.co/7vwmvqmKCM
So much love in chicago. Nuttin but a party
Up Next http://t.co/Eekatva4H3
@YO_NO_SE on my way
What yall know bout this here? http://t.co/GcuojrmQNy
Late nite record shoppin @LoganArcade http://t.co/DBk3RLhGRt
@LoganArcade have pornos playin on the big screens
RT @LORDSICCS: @UltraMan7000 Yo, come to San Diego
RT @HypelocalChi: Kool Keith aka @UltraMan7000 at @LoganArcade tonight for a halfsantachristmashalfarcade party http://t.co/nkxZIc4h8K http…
bout to board to chitown. Lets have a big party @LoganArcade
RT @PROSPECT_1: http://t.co/kzppFAPQey. @UltraMan7000
Kool Keith

Legendary emcee and founding member of the Ultramagnetic MC's, as well as a successful solo artist under many different aliases including Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom and Black Elvis.