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RT @TheRealDane1: No Dought!! Was Good Nite for a shoot,, Great Work...Niice!! @kidmiddi @ultraman7000
RT @KidMiddi: @TheRealDane1 Great #videoshoot lastnight wit @UltraMan7000 & @KidMiddi http://t.co/cc6ZcaWHON
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RT @gitbeats: Kool Keith, Git & Hubbs 7/20/14 on @RapIsOuttaCntrl with @ItsDJEclipse @UltraMan7000 @ItsHubbs http://t.co/UEIsWvOcvQ http://…
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@BizMarkie its the Biz!!
#mackcrushmonday @cheismack http://t.co/0qXEqzmiU1
RT @FLEECEBOONDOCKS: If she has her booking info on her page she's selling PUSSY
RT @Choke_No_Joke: The Last Days of the ROC. Entire 29 Episodes. DIrected by Choke No Joke Produced by Arthur Alston http://t.co/OITFFa7G…
This would be a helluva album cover. Caption this shit http://t.co/8IZ0hVFJbm
@LarenzTate good seeing u murda that role LT #GunHillBET
RT @PankToes: I wish I had someone to taste my juices instead of just wasting them on my sheets😪
@Krissssaaayyyyy @PankToes nectar lol
RT @KidMiddi: #KidMiddi ClazzClown - ''Talk nazty'' Feat Kool Keith [OFFIC…: http://t.co/h46prGLVxp
@PankToes freaky tales https://t.co/CZ8gIQny74
#asstoundingsundays Moaning! http://t.co/oVF6Q3DEVJ
RT @Russ91198: @UltraMan7000 "Earth people, New York to California. Earth people I was born on Jupiter." That's all my Dad says. He's Ur BI…
Kool Keith

Legendary emcee and founding member of the Ultramagnetic MC's, as well as a successful solo artist under many different aliases including Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom and Black Elvis.