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RT @iluvfreakyshit: Ladies keep your pussy shaved/waxed that gives him motivation to devour your shit 😏😋😈👅💦.
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RT @silva0072: @kaotic2380 @UltraMan7000 I love Kool Keith but space was a common topic in early hiphop. Newcleus, Bambaataa, even Blondie …
RT @kaotic2380: Before Kool Keith no rapper was wearing a straight jacket in a video or rapping about outer space until him so really their…
RT @djHANIBAL: I'm DJing the Kool Keith show this Sunday at Jazzbones in Tacoma!! Come party with us! #koolkeith… https://t.co/dqTNByGiHd
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Where My Buffalo NY peeps at? https://t.co/raPJejAfJx
YO Buffalo NY http://t.co/OJA0JCDfw5
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Where ya at Tacoma?!!! @JAZZBONESTACOMA @dannopresents http://t.co/SrlxWByAmG
RT @SlumpLakeCity: 2 legends together @MFDOOM @UltraMan7000 Doper Skiller on viktor vaughn II
Kool Keith

Legendary emcee and founding member of the Ultramagnetic MC's, as well as a successful solo artist under many different aliases including Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom and Black Elvis.