RT @Hipstrumentals: Kool Keith - The Green Ray (Instrumental) (Prod. By @LOrangeMusic) https://t.co/vFeOEwq5Bk via @UltraMan7000
RT @eezusjeezus: @MelloMusicGroup @UltraMan7000 this is the greatest thing ever, I can't wait.
RT @MelloMusicGroup: Kool Keith is going to be on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show w/ The Roots on Thanksgiving! https://t.co/ZgLzgZPL42
Rehearsal time
RT @STICRBG: UH OH THE YOUTH IS ON IT! ITS A WRAP!!! BE INSPIRED! https://t.co/M1rGWTjkZJ https://t.co/8uGUhdJkaa
@coolcalmnerd thurs nite
RT @summerchastant: Found this classic at my local record shop @UltraMan7000 circa 1997 🙌 https://t.co/xNGG8i6qUw
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RT @UnknownPersonsX: Top 5: @TheRealGZA @Nas @blackthought @UltraMan7000 and @BrotherMob
@AmyCinnamonArt thurs nite
RT @AWOLONE: An illustration I did for @ultraman7000 appearance on @jimmyfallon this Thanksgiving! https://t.co/xzrtk9VXLj
RT @dannylohner: FUK YEAH! RT @UltraMan7000: Is this Jimmy Fallon mixed w Black Elvis? Watch @FallonTonight this thursday Nov 26th https:/…
@bigdaddykane dm
RT @LOrangeMusic: Excited to share that my partner @ultraman7000 will be appearing on the Tonight Show this Thursday.… https://t.co/jB1Tz1Z…
Is this Jimmy Fallon mixed with Black Elvis? Watch @fallontonight this thursday Nov 26th https://t.co/5ElgALeH0D
Check me out on @fallontonight this thurs thanksgiving nite sittin in with @theroots and guest… https://t.co/cIr3qJWFMX
RT @jwduris: Kool Keith (@UltraMan7000) on @jimmyfallon tonight. Your move @StephenAtHome #DocOcHasNovocain #YpperClassPenmanship https://t…
RT @DJ_LEGION_ONE: .@FallonTonight @KellyRipa @Adele @UltraMan7000 I'm ❤️ing you right now did you say ->>> (@UltraMan7000) sits in! #Fallo…
RT @maria_fallon1: @FallonTonight @KellyRipa @Adele @UltraMan7000 Good morning to the show !!!! love you!!!
Kool Keith

Legendary emcee and founding member of the Ultramagnetic MC's, as well as a successful solo artist under many different aliases including Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom and Black Elvis.