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This is why we LOVE Bull Dogs!!!! > https://t.co/KnyMCrqPry”
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People that don't do shit.. CAN NOT relate to busy people...
“@AZBurnRubber: @FINALLEVEL or life for that matter” / Very true.
If you can't deal with extreme DISAPPOINTMENT.. Stay out of the entertainment bizz.
When I tell people I have zero FREE time.. They don't understand.. FREE time is time you're NOT paying me for.
Thanks to ALL The SVU fans who watched last night.. Good ratings! You’re trying to get us a season #17!!!
"The love is fake.. But the hate is real..." via @jimjonescapo
Classic Throw Back Thursday TBT: Melle Mell @bigdaddykane recording 'Back on the Block' we won a Grammy. http://t.co/roJUgbd7VQ
Daily Game: "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”
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THIS! > RT @Bill_Frost: Drove throught the desert for 10 hours listening to @FINALLEVEL Podcast and attained higher consciousness. #Church
Bill Cosby!!?? http://t.co/EytnVXd6cx
I know I promote alotta stuff.. That's only because I'm a Serial Hustler.. I'm always doing alotta stuff.. "Track The Movement"
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