SVU Behind the scenes: WTF? http://t.co/OymPPdp1la
Sneakers are cool.... Until you get into the car game. LEVELS
RT @238BEATS: VLAD TV Exclusive! Ice-T: "A Lot of Black People Are Mind F*****" (@FINALLEVEL): Ice-T spoke with Vl... http://t.co/AumSk3Vio…
Daily Game: 98% of all problems have to do with money..
I wonder who’s watching SVU?
Twitter is like talking into a black hole of people as BORED as yourself.
Jokes people just jokes. I'm cool with Pharell. Jokes!
I guess Batman's done too.. Lol http://t.co/EC0rxgoH9p
I hate answering the phone... It's RARELY good news.
FYI: The reason you don’t hear about people getting robbed for their jewelry any more…. Is cause ALL the jewelry’s fake.
Daily Game: The only way you’ll get better is….. Stop lying to yourself.
RT @christadubill: Smile ICE!! Hahaha RT @FINALLEVEL: TONIGHT! Back to back SVUs. All new next week! SVU fans represent tonight!” http://t.…
TONIGHT! Back to back SVUs. All new next week! SVU fans represent tonight!
NEWS FLASH!! Cops raid internet/ Twitter Troll's house and confiscate weapons.. http://t.co/4KFsOxX36h
Daily Game: http://t.co/dP0sMcAdQb
FYI: Before you try and diss me STOP... Think about it. I'm a professional at this. "Sucka talk shit I'm a feed you piss.." #FLTG
“@MissClardy:Why ice? You're already an uncle Tom. Disgrace!!!”/ Please go Eat a Dick Bitch... Please!
Proof that black people love watermelon! Lol #SVU http://t.co/9A1Ihyicd1
RT @TabuCoding: @FINALLEVEL Anyone following you should catch up on the podcast a.s.a.p! It's a basic #FLTG rule.
RT @pocketcasts: The featured podcast for this week comes with a language warning, but it was too ‘dope’ not to feature: http://t.co/GdtCKZ…