This is actually very funny to me>RT @LinksRobbie:In honour of the one and only Coco May I present my Christmas fairy http://t.co/3NRywJCLGf
My new FAVORITE rapper -> http://t.co/sOuq36gnN3
Fuck with me and I will take your internet LIFE! 'Cyber Gangsterism'
Hackers are the new 'MEGA GANGSTERS' This is just the beginning.. Shit's bout to get crazy.
Daily Game: A LIE travels around the world 3 times.... Before the TRUTH even gets a chance to put its pants on.
"My banks bigger but so are my fears... Past records prove players live limited years..." Ice T 'PAIN'
FYI: At this moment.. Social media is the number ONE tool of law enforcement. Don't be stupid.
DId I not WARN these young players about doing videos and incriminating THEMSELVES on social media?? SMH #Shmurda Wow...
TBT @icecube ‘TRESSPASS’ http://t.co/DDhs9uKdow
RT @EazyEOfNWA: @FINALLEVEL ice t is the pioneer of gangsta rap before there was a eazy e or nwa much respect To ICE T
RT @RHYMEGOD187: check it out OG @FINALLEVEL https://t.co/UBYPl8UtIC
Gamer News: I've been playin the Borderlands Pre- Seguel.. A game for GUN addicts.
RT @mcrencpt: #westcoastwednesdays @FINALLEVEL and Eazy . Don't get no tighter than this . http://t.co/Q5oeWjTaJx
DO NOT MISS> Ep24 - Cosby, Cops & Guns w/ Mobb Deep http://t.co/ghojoUyEpw: Havoc almost threw the Shook Ones beat away?! wow
RT @Jd4101: @FINALLEVEL still holds up! http://t.co/BKTcnnSOYd
RT @markgamblin: @FINALLEVEL @markholtham2012 Back in the day!! http://t.co/Oi4NWsoYZa
Crazy FLOATING 'RR' on a custom wheel... Kinda shit that 'I' think is cool. Car Geek. http://t.co/qcMjar0ix0
Car shit: Copped some new XMAS shoes for the Ghost... http://t.co/VTycxMxTTn
RT @nbcsvu: From suits to scowls. Check out @Finallevel through 14 years with #SVU. http://t.co/Kuffpr8Fg0
RT @1chesterfield: Meeting the beautiful @cocosworld and the o.g @FINALLEVEL this weekend @StirlingRoom was very awesome http://t.co/jjhyHM…