Ice who?? https://t.co/IxahvBsRID
I just felt like sticking this song in your head.. You’ll be singing if for at least 24hrs.. Lol https://t.co/J3jr0mAe1Z
Listen.. https://t.co/7pkoIiFzfM
Do not miss this one! https://t.co/sj9tXxRD3o
KOOL KEITH @UltraMan7000 is on Fallon Tonight!!! This will be Special!! https://t.co/gtSdSnxlzv
I believe in ‘Honor'…… Look that word up. It’s not used much any more.
Personally…. I don’t pray.. I manifest my own destiny. That’s just me.
Coco just put up the Christmas tree.... Happy Holidays to everyone. https://t.co/HshHOAaHT1
No….. The 2nd battle. Be well prepared. Fallout 4 https://t.co/PBbwEgDn8A
The battle at the Fort/Castle was brutal... #Fallout 4
Verdict: ‘Media Take Out’ started the lie.. @OfficiallyIce wrote the list… NOT Ice T Case solved.
In REAL NEWS! The New FLTG Podcast is up! #43 https://t.co/rqC9YDal22
Just a demonstration of how EASY it is to start Drama with lies.. The TRUTH will be told.. lol I got Fallout 4 to play today…
As you see they got people mad… https://t.co/OkYMKCalTO
Todays timeline is some detective shit… Twitter comes to the rescue! They tryin to shit on my name.. lol
The plot thickens….! https://t.co/OYNKt9k5eM
ANOTHER Clue!!!! https://t.co/yt32Lw7Lvk
Oh shit… Somebody knows the culprit… A Twitter lead... https://t.co/Itltq2XbfK
i think it started on ‘Media Take a https://t.co/MbrA4yQl51’ …
I talk ENOUGH real shit… You ain’t gotta straight up lie on a nigga.. Lol