I don't get older.. I just get more Focused.
People say I'm showing my age today... Hey, I'm PROUD to be Old School.. Era of the Gs.... http://t.co/MYxhXWhYQC
Back when I hit the stage with this Early Cell Phone... MFs lost their minds.. They had never seen one. Lol. http://t.co/papzo9n96M
Did you ever have a Beeper or a Two way pager??
Anybody remember Kodak and getting your pics developed???
Any of ya'll remember Record Stores???....
Wow! Look how young @iamrashidajones was.. Cool pic. https://t.co/Y589hQqOIz
Take a break… Catch up on the FinalLevel Podcasts.. http://t.co/PhLeR0xCsb Advanced Game. http://t.co/fVYwgrFozL
Sports Illustrated interview. https://t.co/crwZlfc82h
Dec 24th https://t.co/kxMKauPEro
Daily Game: Master operating under EXTREME pressure and disappointment.
NOBODY MOVE!!!! It’s ‘SVU' Night.
These Ghost shows on TV are soooooo fake.
Once again @Mariska jacked my shades... http://t.co/44LhhC3DzS
RT @justdanablair: When @FINALLEVEL is in the building, you must stop everything. .....even a much needed stop in the… https://t.co/ILUEcv0…
My point. https://t.co/j5dHcHO6G5
Even on SVU which is fake... We usually spend half the show trying to put some suspect in jail who's innocent....
It's sad that many people believe you have to break the law to end up in jail.... SMH.
If you say so... https://t.co/VGuCNDUDEm
Our prisons lock up too many people + ruin lives. We can’t afford that. Join me + demand #JusticeReformNOW #cut50: http://t.co/Z1vmqkdI5z