Wow DOPE! -> "@TheRapQuotes: Ayo your site-specific verse installed in exact location mentioned. ICE T! http://t.co/mYOESXpPXO”
RT @thakushman: Listened to Episode 8: Body Count is in the Building from Ice-T: Final Level @Stitcher @finallevel http://t.co/sV2DGhwLNG
Daily Game: Everyone loves to win... But your CHARACTER is based off your attitude when you lose or are disappointed.
Tribeca Film Festival. Just watched Tyson and Holyfield's film 'CHAMPS' Incredible! http://t.co/hxWipI7yYP
NOW-> "@quentinvennie: Fresh back from Cali and I meet the legendary Ice t It was an honor and a privilege! #Respect http://t.co/xtH27Rtw8B”
“@DJBurnOutB: @FINALLEVEL what do you bench?”/I'm iller than Chucky in Child's Play... I bench 300 on a bad day.
“@paulmike28: What are you Ice, around 240 on a good day?”/ 6ft tall 210 in the belt...or 215 with the M16.
FYI: If you're a 98 pound man.. You don't have ABs.. You're just skinny.
How about when you try and duck a song and it's on the other channel? WTF.
"I'm not a hater but I hate shit." I hate listening to normal FM radio.. The SAME Fn songs over and over. Thank God for satalite radio.
RT @MrChuckD: I felt like MtRushmore @artofrap @finallevel @raekwon MelleMell #ArtOfRap London UK 2012 http://t.co/iuEnlUOde0
Coco copped a new Rover.. His and Her Candy Apples. http://t.co/5CoquCgP4T
Throwback Thrusday: @Eminem Back stage on tour. http://t.co/Wmq9U3LBWi
Throwback Thursday: The homie Tupac http://t.co/NPeN3JK7ps
THIS "@OriginalNajeema: Ice told me to dump any dude that didn't wanna see The Art of Rap. I shoulda listened, saved myself some heartache.”
Throwback Thursday. TRESPASS @icecube http://t.co/Tt56l5Pyp5
Something a real player male or female, might wanna pick up-> http://t.co/ggAA1jyU1e
I wonder if anybody's watching SVU right now? http://t.co/8RtXiU6gEV
Watch SVU tonight. Represent! http://t.co/4vZqpz7eDy
RT @NMReign: Every time I finish up listening to the Ice-T @FINALLEVEL podcast I'm not only entertained, but motivated and inspired. #RealT…