Oh shit.... http://t.co/R1dZHv62tr
Listen you'll see em.. sometimes I'll be em.. Cop Critics and Punks never ever wanna see me in POWER 🎶 https://t.co/GFgn4OQb1Y
Listen to how I feel about Today's Music > http://t.co/zwZaxll0zy "You've been sold a Fantasy!!!"
Oh shit... I guess I missed a moment in musical history last night...... VMAs http://t.co/RTdaM8tVmr
I may be Crazy.... but I'm not stupid.
You know I wrote THAT.. https://t.co/lVZZ8zyx3p
Fuck no... https://t.co/Rj5JsvLO8V
"Ice did you watch the VMA's last night....?" No.
"The only difference between me and a Madman is that I am not Mad..." Via ~Salvador Dali~
I think Max is a little fed up.. Lol https://t.co/NFZkZVdWjg
Some people come on Twitter just to talk shit and argue with strangers all day.. That's what they do... Every day.
Daily Game: Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake... via Napoleon Bonaparte
At Coco's in store in Savanna Georgia.. @Jpegolden did some FanArt of yours truly..! http://t.co/XE33lEApQr
Pulse of the Rhyme... https://t.co/J372R3rxBp
Don't sleep on this Boss Game. https://t.co/ABxfSnUyXj
Trump is picking a fight with the Hedge Funders now... This should be good! Lol.
Classic Pitch: "I have an idea to make you some money Ice..." No, you have an idea by using ME.. You can make YOURSELF some money. Lol
When someone wants to work with me in business.. It's to help Themselves... Not me.
Bonus Game: When you are at Peace... You are the most vulnerable.... Stay alert.
Daily Game: If you don't have an Enemy.... Get one. They keep you on your toes.