It's the Weekend! Time to listen to the interview with my BEST friend in the world. Coco! http://t.co/oja3HYlZGy http://t.co/OHYsUTcsEN
LOL!!! -> "@OfficialKarissa: Have you accepted @FINALLEVEL as your Lord and Savior?”
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People always ask what I lecture about at colleges... http://t.co/EHPWUPaCWM
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WTF Is going on with my eyeballs!!?? What color is this Fn dress!!?? http://t.co/boJxWRnhm8
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YES! > @ForgottenProf: BODY COUNT - Institutionalized (Official Music Vi…: http://t.co/Valqu1KenO One of the greatest #Covers ever!"
THIS> @BeTheGame:You got me through my teenage years! Some dark times. Thank you for being you sir. #KindEveryTime #IceT #inspiration”
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Just arrived at the @BHCCBoston campus for today's lecture.. 'Advanced Game' http://t.co/IPDnQMPa0X http://t.co/nGbjGjxmLH
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WOW.Cop slaps the SHIT outta old white man! > RT @The305MVP: Cop Filmed Slapping Man Who Wanted To Use Restroom http://t.co/XHk0h7n3tf via
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