Gamer Flashback! > RT @Micromonics: @randomfox @Not_So_Dead Seriously, ICE-T @FINALLEVEL is awesome. He was in Gears http://t.co/63slUIqNn1
Over 350 THOUSAND views in 5 days!!! -> Institutionalized (Official Music Video): http://t.co/Jt5jIob97x
It's SVU Night!
Daily Game: TRUTH.. Is an unpopular subject.
Filming SVU today.. After we all survived the 'End Of The World' Snowstorm. Not. http://t.co/IdtB4Hqy0B
Does somebody REALLY give a F about Tiger Wood's tooth!!?? The NEWS is BS.
"They'll tell ya... Ice is that dude. Legend is, he eats Haters for food!"🎶
Daily Game: MFs will hate you for NOTHING... You might as well give em a reason.
Snow? Heated driveway at the new crib... You gotta admit that's kinda fly. Lol http://t.co/j4Sz6CUrcc
it’s snowing is NYC/NJ and MFs are freakin the F out!! lol
RT @DouglasCentury: On his first album cover @FINALLEVEL -"That's MY girl wearing MY chain sitting in MY car. Maybe I was naive - I didn't …
RT @SanetCroucamp: RECKLESS by @FINALLEVEL was the 1st rap song #Eminem heard. Btw, Ice T is a gracious, kind, laid back… http://t.co/0LbY…
RT @StepOnMagTO: What happens when @FINALLEVEL can't play Xbox? Same thing as @OFFICIALSTIG wanting a Pepsi http://t.co/upevRfHZgb http://…
Over 300 THOUSAND views in 3 days!!! -> Institutionalized (Official Music Video): http://t.co/Valqu2jqUs
Thanks to EVERYONE who called into the Podcast tonight! RESPECT.
RT @FatherChilton: Really appreciate @FINALLEVEL & @cocosworld taking my call. #girlontheroof guess where I was when they picked up??? http…
RT @glenefriedman: Just got picked up by Ice-T @FINALLEVEL to do his podcast, gonna be DOPE #truth http://t.co/VIf6RszXgj
Get ready to call into the FL Podcast.. With guest COCO. Call in number soon!
THIS!> @hiphopgods: ABSOLUTE MUST-LISTEN. Podcast with @ImroxanneShante http://t.co/yHDeCL31vb @MrChuckD @HHC_hiphop http://t.co/LxQtqfnGdV”