I'm glad we didn't have to beg for viewers.... You MFs showed up!!! Thanks again! http://t.co/63f9hhLXp6
Starting it back up this month.. It's hard because now I have Zero free time. SVU, TalkShow, New BC album ect. https://t.co/6iubYdJqX4
Thanks for ALL the love! Our show is already breaking records on the 1st and 2nd day.... Join into the conversation @iceandcocotalk
Preach! https://t.co/CAPjmN9pEG
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OBAMA is Fly.... Fuck the Haters. @POTUS Barack Obama turns 54 today. http://t.co/5T1towvCzN
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Had to stop at Burger King before the flight back to NJ.. Virgin is my favorite airline... but the food sucks.. TOO fancy. Just sayin.
Daily Game: People don't pay to see normal... Via Mike Tyson
If you tell me something is impossible or has never been done before.... NOW you've got my attention.
TODAY!!!! August 4th https://t.co/lgMk2lA6CU
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TOMORROW! https://t.co/lgMk2lA6CU
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