Dinner in 'Little Italy' NYC.. We're regulars.
FYI: Don’t FIGHT or THREATEN people on the internet.. Thats Stupid…. and EVIDENCE.
My WU Brother @Ugodofwutang http://t.co/z0LFfvdlJS ‘Stay In Your Lane'
Bonus Game: Stay in your lane.
RT @BLOODMANOR: Big thanks to @FINALLEVEL @cocosworld and @FOXTV for coming through Blood Manor tonight!! #bloodmanor #fox http://t.co/NNhw…
Daily Game -> RT @HipHopDrive: Song Of The Day: Lethal Weapon (Ice T) http://t.co/woeX3ewBWQ
WOW Lol > "@dead_r0utine: I just wanna meet the great lord and savior @FINALLEVEL so bad it's rather ridiculous.”
Gamer News: I've been playing 'The Evil Within' DOPE! Reminds me of the first Resident Evil.. The game that got me INTO video games.
A body in motion tends to say in motion.. Gotta keep it MOOOVIN.
I love the Gym.... I hate the Gym.
Daily Game: The only thing you got coming in life for FREE is pain… You gotta work for Happiness.
Your week’s Biggest MISTAKE. Not listening to the FinalLevel Podcast with my homie @chrisrock http://t.co/2GPxb0q3Iu http://t.co/q1jBhKk1EI
LISTEN > @RasKass: http://t.co/qJdeDgPHHa Album of the Year is here! }BLASPHEMY ON SALE NOW!! http://t.co/FAZahA7qw8
RT @mattstocksdj: @ChrisLaneConley As the wise man @FINALLEVEL once told me, "Life man - you don't guide it, you ride it."
RT @BrandonBlayloc2: Ran into Ice T at work a couple days ago @FINALLEVEL one of the coolest dudes you'll meet http://t.co/ThoiF2xZQF
SVU Guest STAR! @ChadLColeman Can you say 'Walking Dead' http://t.co/sQNIXWDoFn
Super Guest STAR @MeaganGood on SVU. http://t.co/EYyVBWzh8l
Feelin very Presidential.. http://t.co/cm6g2Izpl1
Daily Game > "@Diane164: This sounds like straight @FINALLEVEL truth right here! #Inspiration #FLTG http://t.co/NUF7pQKH00”
RT @drdeathmont: I will never understand why BODY COUNT are not the biggest band on the planet. Seems kind of wrong. @ErnieBC @FINALLEVEL