86 degrees in NYC.. Finally
It's time to end the BS. Let's work to END racism. http://t.co/q9ssqJLS1B
Chuuurch https://t.co/nb3NJ1ZaU4
Daily Game: Dumb Fucks want to argue with you just for the sake of having a conversation.. They just wanna talk ..... To ANYBODY. Lol
CLOWN ASS -> https://t.co/q5tELIOl5V
BANG! > BET: A Lot of People Aren’t Intelligent Enough to Comment on Social Issues’ -> http://t.co/krJiKXvpEy http://t.co/UBoXxltsOj”
I'm not crazy!!! You're the one that's crazy!!! > https://t.co/mup9GFpDTu
It’s Podcast Sun. Don’t miss the Final Level Podcast #34 with @Raekwon @WuTangClan Crazy!! http://t.co/Cool02ukLB http://t.co/NRwCpETRSX
Why you NEVER rent out the house you live in > See how badly this house was trashed after being rented on Airbnb http://t.co/B6qgX3zqE9
Fight Night > "@triggertreach: With a couple of My Hip Hop ForeFathers #Busy B & @FINALLEVEL http://t.co/0hUIc1aNz5”
The fight was cool… But what NOTES were Jamie Fox hitting in the National Anthem?? lol
DUMB FUCK > RT @sheilaunderwoo1: Guess all woman beaters have to stick together!! Coco better get in the kitchen, before ice t smacks a B!
Who do I think is gonna win the FIGHT???! > https://t.co/Hf8ITFjbC0 via
American Pharaoh Wins The Kentucky Derby
I actually love DUMB FUCKS.. Life would be so boring without them
LOL > RT @SportsCoach101: U know fuck all about boxing ... #unfollow stupid former try hard rappers/ Your 31 followers agree with you…
My PREDICTION > Ice-T Hilariously Predicts Mayweather / Pacquiao Fight http://t.co/gw5MYqnI9u
RT @tmhIauren:Whats your best advice?/ ONLY take advice from people you ADMIRE and truly RESPECT..
Oh Shit! It’s going down! > RT @MickBenzo: The First Billboard is up for The Art Of Rap Festival http://t.co/pY91vsGFAN
You wanna know how I REALLY feel about the COPS now???! > http://t.co/6ScbJ1iTKQ