TONIGHT in Toronto! @MUZIKPOOLBAR: Coco and I will be hosting The Official Paradise Opening at #MuzikPoolBar. http://t.co/owrPMnO53Z
I honestly wouldn't want anybody else's fans.. I truly love MINE. They are some BAD MFs!
20 min till show time... ADRENALINE is pumping full power! Athletes know ALL about this rush. Your body feels no pain and starts to tingle.
TORONTO!! Prepare for IMPACT TODAY!! -> @FullMetalRock: Body Count @MayhemFest2014 #marathonpit @FINALLEVEL http://t.co/AecL02Cgq9”
When I'm some place I've never been.. I love doing Tourist stuff... Why not? I'm a tourist.. I don't live there.
At 500 Thousand followers I'm gonna give away 1 Million Dollars to a lucky follower......... Yea, right. Biggest Lie of the Year.
SUPER ThrowBack! > "@bigdaddykane: @FINALLEVEL and @bigdaddykane http://t.co/2XlF3tscuB >>Lightskin & Darkskin pimpin' in effect!”
RT @MUZIKPOOLBAR: @FINALLEVEL will be hosting The Official Paradise Opening tomorrow at #MuzikPoolBar. You don't want to miss it! http://t.…
BONUS GAME: I'd rather be tired.. Than BROKE.
If I can do it.... Anybody can do it. There's nothing special about me. Except maybe my extreme fear of ever being flat broke again....
Daily Game: If you only think about material gain. It won't happen. Concentrate on being the BEST you can be.. The fly stuff will just come
You GOTTA admit this is fly... TORONTO. http://t.co/EYUHkxJweU
RT @EveryStew94: “@WhatTheFFacts: Ice-T has a metal band. http://t.co/2UI5QTroU4” and they fucking rule! @FINALLEVEL BC!
RT @dawncflv: @FINALLEVEL Heavy D played a security guard in Tower Heist. Does that count?
RT @vigilbros: @FINALLEVEL I swear I seen Chino XL play a detective on Cinemax
RT @Rayg0821: @FINALLEVEL Nas (Ticker)
RT @FollowEWpriv: @FINALLEVEL Tyrese was a Security Guard in Waist Deep .. stretching this trivia..
RT @spidermann: @FINALLEVEL Mos Def (in The Woodsman)
RT @TheJoshEldridge: @FINALLEVEL Diddy in the Hawaii 5-0 remake lol.