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“@KalaUnique: Tight ass album http://t.co/6GqOLiicg4”/ Haha What's that gold thing under the record!?
Throw Back: @icecube In the booth. http://t.co/LsZQEMthTX
Bonus Game: The IDEA that you are the ONLY person going through a particular problem is what drives you crazy.. You’re never the ONLY person
Daily Game: You will take a loss or disappointment that will make you wanna give up. Understand EVERYONE is taking losses. Keep it moovin.
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Haha! RESPECT > RT @xzibit:Happy C Day homie!! @xzibit” man thank you triple OG. The Bentley ride to Vegas. Nuff said. #rasiedwithgame.
Happy C Day homie!! @xzibit
NOBODY can fuck with me on stage.. I proved that ALL summer. FLTG Moovin! http://t.co/nrAOvTaJCl
When suckaz get mad at me they call me OLD.. LOL When I was YOUR age I was 50 times flyer than you and I STILL am now.. lol
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Daily Game: Have INTEGRITY… Some of you may have never heard of that concept.
I love how rappers CLAIM they’re UNDERGROUND. You can be UG like @ImmortalTech with TONS of fans.. Or just WACK with no fans CLAMMING UG.
FLASHBACK -> RT @SarzRevolution: 2Pac - Last Wordz feat. Ice Cube & Ice T: http://t.co/e0rXj2NxOc via @YouTube O to the mutha f*%#in G
RT @yunbaiart: I learned from @FINALLEVEL podcast from one of his guests about only giving people one strike. That's it, just one strike.
THATS! some LOOT!_> Google makes so much money that it is now worth 3X more than every U.S. airline combined. http://t.co/Dqb61KJi7X