A Master can teach the Art.. A Grand Master is the TEACHER of the Masters.. Last night with GRAND MASTER CAZ. http://t.co/aTlGv4HuFJ
RT @JohnnyBcomedy: @FINALLEVEL Watched The Art of Rap on Netflix this week, twice. Top Notch!
MFs hate me because YOU love me so much.... Ain't that a bitch.
I'll NEVER lie to you > @iamveryterry: Shouldve listened to Ice T podcast bro He warned ya about this http://t.co/xrQPVZ3PoA”
RT @LightninAdsy: @FINALLEVEL back in the day, my choice of tunes, shame I have nothing to play them on would love to find power on cd http…
RT @DrMarctagon: Gave @FINALLEVEL's podcast a chance today, Kool Keith and Mobb Deep eps. It's pretty good, not your typical interview podc…
LOL > @cocosworld: All hail to Mister Spartacus....... Follow @CuteSpartacus for cute overload! #HumanDogs http://t.co/wbwWV8FCIE”
Daily Game: EVERYONE makes mistakes and F up... The question is, do you LEARN from them or REPEAT.
BANG! > Institutionalized Video Link -> http://t.co/Valqu2jqUs
TBT: The MF Pound! @SnoopDogg @kurupt_gotti @DAZDILLINGER @Therealsoopafly back stage at the Apollo.. BANG! http://t.co/RgnJSjHbIo
TBT: Bangin with @SnoopDogg in Concert at the Apollo.. http://t.co/FUN8ep42bR
TBT: @DashDamon Hustlers. http://t.co/FN0shR3x46
TBT: Peace to the Gods.. ‘King Sun’ & Guru RIP… #ClassicMaterial http://t.co/mjw8MxgOe5
Throwback Thursday: ODB RIP #ClassicMaterial @WuTangClan http://t.co/sINGb7uHph
I’m not gonna tell you what the F you WANT to hear…! I’m gonna tell you what you NEED to hear.
Some people are Hustlers and hard workers... And some people are just Lazy bums.... It's just that simple.
OOOOG REN NWA -> @mcrencpt: #westcoastwednesdays #icet #djevile @FINALLEVEL https://t.co/kP8VXICE14”
Hear the TRUTH!!! From the REAL 'G Money' who the Movie 'New Jack City' was based on. http://t.co/oja3HYlZGy FL Podcast.
Off the jet... Back to the SVU set. Mooovin.
Just left Chicago... That city has ALWAYS shown me love.