RT @BrandonBlayloc2: Ran into Ice T at work a couple days ago @FINALLEVEL one of the coolest dudes you'll meet http://t.co/ThoiF2xZQF
SVU Guest STAR! @ChadLColeman Can you say 'Walking Dead' http://t.co/sQNIXWDoFn
Super Guest STAR @MeaganGood on SVU. http://t.co/EYyVBWzh8l
Feelin very Presidential.. http://t.co/cm6g2Izpl1
Daily Game > "@Diane164: This sounds like straight @FINALLEVEL truth right here! #Inspiration #FLTG http://t.co/NUF7pQKH00”
RT @drdeathmont: I will never understand why BODY COUNT are not the biggest band on the planet. Seems kind of wrong. @ErnieBC @FINALLEVEL
RT @MrChuckD: RT @hiphopgods: Ice T & Body Count reign supreme at #1 on RAPstation Top 50 Talk Shit Get Shot http://t.co/3FsG2eAIU2 @FINALL…
Oh shit! @CuteSpartacus and King Maximus just said when they get to 50K followers..They’re gonna start goin IN on MFs http://t.co/fPIhTCzBgF
YES >RT @TheJoeLynch: BODY COUNT, MUTHAFUCKAS. Can we send them around to thin the Troll herd? https://t.co/JE5ANHvU5C #TalkShitGetShot
Daily Game: FAME, Doesn’t change you. It AMPLIFIES who you TRULY are. Cool becomes REALLY cool… Asses become TOTAL ass holes.
I kinda look the same.. Ya think? > RT @mjhrobat: You've come. A long way baby! Love my T! #HappyMonday #handsomeman http://t.co/I2NvXqJtDe
POW!> "@DuffMcKagan: Tell you what; Bodycount slayed it last night. BC has always been the f#ckin real deal. Watch and learn young lions.”
RT @fotomanLA: @FINALLEVEL ICE-T I waited 23 years to see Body Count. No better place than here in LA. Nice meeting you bro! THANK YOU!
RT @BuhbeccaBinks: You know who dat is. Ice motherfuckin' T. @FINALLEVEL #IceT #BodyCount #JewelsCatchOne #CopKiller… http://t.co/iuj0vFsyoa
RT @ShitEatingGrin: Body Count just murdered LA!! @finallevel is a beast on stage. Thank you for a night I'll never forget #CopKiller
RT @Anth3aG: Ice slamed the house down. We were all mooovin @FINALLEVEL #manslaughter #bitchinthepit http://t.co/9iuRs4ZIVC
Last night! BANG! > "@JorgeHinojosaLA: BodyCount and @FINALLEVEL live in LA right now. http://t.co/4FY7SE2Au1”
It's going down TONIGHT in LA! Do not miss this!! http://t.co/VQHyUW2T7K
Wheels down in LA. 'Home Of The Bodybag' "Anyone can get it.."
FYI: Tweeting at 30 Thousand feet..