#TBT - Vibe Magazine - March 1994 http://t.co/gFRwq8lE8l
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RT @iTunesMovies: Thanks @icecube for joining us today. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMovies Finished principal photography two weeks ago. Editing now. Out 9/14/15. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMovies Craig finally kicking Debo's ass. Everybody likes when the bully gets it. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMovies When I'm doing music, I won't act. And When I'm acting, no music. I give each art form 100% of my attention. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMusic "Fuck Tha Police" is the song I'm most proud of. Took a lot of balls to drop that one in 1989. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMusic Jonah is a super hip hop fan on set. He wants to know all the old stories from back in the day. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMusic Had to stop working on EVERYTHANGS CORRUPT to finish the NWA movie. Look for music early next year. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMusic @iTunesMovies George Clinton and Boosty are blessing me with the funk in 1994 at my BOP GUN video shoot. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMovies I don't take no shit and neither does Capt. Dickson. And we are both very handsome. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMovies It was extra fun doing 22JS with the guys. Knowing what to expect made it very smooth. #IceCubeChat http://t.co/CdoksrYwb2
.@iTunesMovies Figure out new and improved insults for Jonah and Channing. It's not hard. #IceCubeChat
.@iTunesMovies The scripts was dope but improv is part of the magic. 35% improv. 65% scripted. #IceCubeChat
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