Happybirthday Michael Jackson Everybody I want y'all to Check out my single Michael Jackson on iTunes and YouTube http://t.co/lxEyYpqh8y
@EQUIPTO thank you equipto If it wasn't for people like you then there wouldn't be people like me,!! FLAV
I hear that it's Michael Jackson's birthday Chek out my single Micheal Jackson on iTunes and YouTube That's FloRida http://t.co/1p8E0dedFM
Flavor Flav and Biaggo Walsh,,,& brother Nico Bishop Gorman running back Ran the seasons first touchdown 47-0 B G. http://t.co/NaCS6omzKj
RT @VABoy75: @FlavorFlav @MrChuckD Game changers in Hip Hop. When the verses had messages. #classiccreativity#realhiphop
What...y'all ain't know!!?? Me and @MrChuckD #PE http://t.co/mCAm9nna0z
@FlavorFlav my son Quanahman http://t.co/zBkbjs3LrE
Yo y'all Um at my favorite joes Crabshack on sunset and greenvalley in Lasvegas , I got Omar Samhan and Katy wit me.. http://t.co/8ejeL7MQDc
Me and Flo inside of his print shop at his studio complex Da nigga owns his own wharehouse y'all.. Flo's doin it big http://t.co/2Z6UbL3bkw
Flavor Flav/FloRida & Two live Crew at video shoot in ft laurerdale http://t.co/fs2L1qbFWN
This is me.. Flavor Flav in FloRida's office with my feet up on his desk., Don't try this at home folks.. Only Flav http://t.co/5Kfrg0BmfO
@rynda Yo Ryndaaaaaaaa,,,!!!!! I miss you..,!!! Love you Rynda,,,
RT @rynda: #tbt Last summer with @PublicEnemyFTP @MrChuckD @FlavorFlav @DjLORDofficial @realprofgriff @jamesbombs1w @pop1960 http://t.co/S…
Flavor Flav//Tracey Morgan Hip hop honors NYC Baby,!!!! My manTracey will be bak in no time at all y'all .....FLAV http://t.co/WUiLIweGGu
To everybody that's retweeting the picture of me and Tracy Morgan let's all pray for my man,!!! http://t.co/pjnAAMharG
To my man Tracey Morgan I'm overseas in London on my way to Manchester I heard .. Speedy recovery Gee Love you man.!! http://t.co/F5tlgBRlGY
Some cool artwork right here... http://t.co/8ILM5DBVzy
I just heard about my man west Johnson and it's bugging me the fuk out,!!! That was my man,!!!! R.I.P. West,,, umma miss you man FLAVORFLAV
Flavor Flav

The world's greatest hype man, original group member of Public Enemy, wildly popular television personality, also proficient in 15 different instruments.