@EditorEdge @coachjfranklin My cousin shep garner #33 is point guard for Penn St I came to see him play so I think my choice is verry wise
#everybody the place to be is on Jan 22nd jam master Jay birthday party,,,,, R I P Jay,!! I miss you so much my man, http://t.co/XvK06IHQRe
#Flavor Flav- I just found out about ESPN's Stuart Scott passing away I am devastated and I send out my condolences to the Scott family Flav
#HappyNewYear to everybody all around the world may 2015 be better than any year that you ever lived in your life,!!!! FLAVOR FLAV PE#1
Flavor Flav at joes Crabshak on rainbow & 215 right here in Lasvegas ,,, come and get some crabs everybody ..... It's on me Flav.....
RT @Branzil_: @FlavorFlav #GoodThangz is Coming in 2015 + http://t.co/hcvEW5jR1F
#Everyday that you can wake up and not have a tag on your toe is a verry great thing....Flavor Flav
Merrychristmas everybody With all my love Flavor Flav
I love all I hate none,,,
So don't get me twisted
@mrjd1909 I never said it was ok for those officers to be killed I just said why i think that kid shot them all lives matter not just theirs
@mrjd1909 I don't think it's right for anyone to get killed all lives matter
RT @totenton: Młodzi i Gniewni dosłownie. @PublicEnemyFTP "@HipHopGoldenAge: @FlavorFlav & @MrChuckD , NY, 1987 http://t.co/xQHcAG21Ju"
@MymomsPuddnPop thank you Mary Jordan Ellis your right I love you bak forever,,,,FLAV
Whoever Jean O Rourk is Bitch looks like a racist Fuk yoo lady... Git a man... Or a dilldo....
All this protesting that we are doing is not getting us justice and it's not bringing the dead back,, It's just getting us locked up & mad
Flavor Flav

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