Just to let Yall know I do go to school I'll let Yall know what for soon It's a surprise,, I'm known for reinventing myself ya know. FLAV
Goodmornin everybody ☀️from Flavor Flav,,,, Jus sayin wats up,,,,, All my followers..... I love you.....✌️peace..!!! Have a great day yo,!
R.I.P. Dr. Spock from Star Trek You've done a beutiful job here on earth my man,,, Godbless you and your family.. From a very big fan-FLAV
To everyone that's following me I just want to say that I appreaceate you all so much and I'll do my best to be the best representative....
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Rudy Giuliani can never be as historic as our president I'm proud to have a black president United States was just to slow on the Isis issue
Giuliani is out of sink I'm disapointed in him I think Obama loves America It's that Rudy Giuliani doesn't love our president of the U.S.
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All lives matter
The nations that are so called United should team up unite together and wipe them out..Watever it takes... Air strikes alone will not do it,
21 Egyptians heads kut off by Isis Enough is enough..why wait till Isis attacks your country for your country to get involved?
The bigger Isis grows the bigger the war against them will be How much more will we allow them to grow and kill and torcher To All nations
I wish that I was home in NY right now at the Allstar weekend,,, Vegas ain't so bad though Weather is a lot better here Sorry bout that NY
@MarianneSylvia @RickyDaVista Thank you Marianne Sylva comming from you,,, Wooooow,!!! Your not bad yourself,,, Flav
Solute to our troops out there,,,
I hope U.S. Pulls out our 300 + troops in Iraq's air base before Isis gets a chance for more hostage power,,,
I'm just sayin wats up ta tha werld I know,,, Krazy spellin right,?!! Only Flav... Love you all yo,!!! Oh and by the way ,, Wut up world,?
Let's all pray for Bobbi Christina She's strong and she's a fighter she's trying yall She's trying, Please pull through for us Bobbi Flav
Yo !
Ryndaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Miss you to Rynda ,!!!! Hope all is well girl !!!! Luv Ya,!!!
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