@FrankCimino yo frank,,, My dude,!!!!!! Live you family,, F F C. FLAVOR FLAV CIMINO,!!! Freeport Illinois ,!!!!
@amyreyess yo Amy,,, Nice meeting you in Freeport Illinois ,, Come n chek out my chicken tomorrow Ok? Flavor Flav
RT @GregJ013: Looking forward to @BottleRockNapa . May 29. #PUBLIC-ENEMY . . And don't miss @FlavorFlav doing his Chef thing on the Culinar…
The thrill is really gone now R.I.P. Blues lking BB king,,, We're gonna really miss you man,,, Tough act to follow... FLAVOR FLAV
Death penalty for the Boston marathon bomber
@UltraMan7000 yo Kool Keith !!!! Holla at me Gee,,, I just now found this,,,
RT @Gigi_Robin: @FlavorFlav yeaaaaaah booooiii. He was certainly the trail blazer for all hype men.
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Congradulationz Bill Withers on your induction into the Rock N Roll hall of fame Lean on THAT !Gracious award Bill,! http://t.co/lP2KPR44BK
I'll be appearing at Soboba casino on April 26 2015 , Car give away., Win a Maserati given away by me Flavor Flav April 26 at Soboba casino
Good seeing you to KG from naughty by nature,,, my man fa life,,!!! Glad you guyes are bak DOIN it together with Vinny,, I'm still a big fan
I had a ball Hangin out and building wit my man Treach from naughty by nature The God IS full of wisedome,, Streight up history.. FLAV
Rest in peace Jhonny kemp May God bless your family with strength to deal with these moments FLAV
I can't believe about my homie Jhonny kemp, He was one of my inspiration's to this music game,,, original hit makers Umma miss him. FLAV
@mtelles :::: hey Megan Telles,,!!! Thank you so much for the love yo,, the footage is hot,!!! Your the best,,, Flavor-Flav
I see I got 76.8K Lookin for more to make it 77.0000000000K by the end of today.. Can I GIT it?,,, FLAVOR FLAV
Peace n love to all my peepz Yall know who you are, and I appreaceate & love all of my followers to the fullest please Keep following---Flav
Right now I'm at the dentist office image dental getting an updated smile by Dr. Amy Tongrsiri... Yeeeahh booyyee,!! http://t.co/GTYeoxVuUV
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