Yo yall I'm at joes Crabshack sunset greenvalley,,,, Crabs is bangin booooyyyyyee
BMW Henderson is my spot Just bought a Beemer for $11,000 Eric hooked me up
Flavor Flav at joes Crabshack on sunset n greenvalley ,,,,,,, Yeeah gee,!!!!
RT @DJAdamVolker: Just DJ'ed @FlavorFlav attorney's house. Fun time!
RT @HipHopGoldenAge: Chuck D & Flavor Flav @PublicEnemyFTP http://t.co/rru6XZqLSj
Me and my son @gibbytru at chipotle in Vegas on tha strip havin lunch yall http://t.co/SrwutUAngh
Flavor Flav on Raven Simone I feel everyone is blowing this I'm not African American thing out of context,,, give Raven a cance to explain..
RT @okayplayer: .@SnoopDogg & @FlavorFlav Drop The Gridiron Anthem “Bishop Gorman Move Them Chains” http://t.co/vJsOY8Pi3G @BishopGormanFB
RT @nahright: .@SnoopDogg ft. @FlavorFlav – "Bishop Gorman Move Them Chains" http://t.co/pYKYO7lMEN http://t.co/rSTb5wzW2t
RT @okayplayer: .@SnoopDogg & @FlavorFlav Drop The Gridiron Anthem “Bishop Gorman Move Them Chains” http://t.co/vJsOY8Pi3G @BishopGormanFB
Flavor Flav n Dana White,!!!! At the bishop Gorman game Dana went to Gorman also... Now today Dana is theeeeee MAN!!! http://t.co/mq7NG6hzGR
At bishop Gorman game in Las Vegas wit my nigga Snoop Doggy Lion Gorman beat Bosco Now #1highschool in the nation http://t.co/XL7bTRqvqy
Hey y'all CHEK out my godson Rashad D Walker in Chicago Runnin back !!!!!! He's a beast on the field ! I'm So proud http://t.co/JdHWVj5UMm
Flavor Flav at joes crabshak on sunset and greenvalley in Las Vegas baby ,!!!! http://t.co/GD4eK5HGpP
Flavor Flav on Joan Rivers I remember doing the Joan Rivers show And I had a blast with Joan ,,,,, She will be greatly missed,,, Flavor Flav
@davewalsh_ I know it's Iraqis problem .. But...it became our problem when they cut the heads if of two Americans It's F#cked up,,!!!!
There is only 20.000 Isis fighters so far.. U.S.forces have millions of troops so... Wat the fuk is wrong US? Why isn't Isis defeated yet?
Hoodlookin main,,,,, You da one,,,,
Happybirthday Michael Jackson Everybody I want y'all to Check out my single Michael Jackson on iTunes and YouTube http://t.co/lxEyYpqh8y
@EQUIPTO thank you equipto If it wasn't for people like you then there wouldn't be people like me,!! FLAV
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