#Flavor Flav. Tony Orlando Eddie Money Classic picture folks http://t.co/R8USu03sfT
Flavor Flav and Adam sandler the great at Adams party in LA http://t.co/ZyC8oR1VLr
@ddreamer38 #around the world and goin again,,,, Thankx for chekin me though,,,
@Pqlyur1 @Rebeksy ok,, Well start explaining then,,, Watcha waitin for,? Flav
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RT @ddreamer38: @FlavorFlav merry christmas 🌲🌲🌲🎉🎉🎉🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
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RT @HorseshoeSI: On Dec. 27, we'll have a special appearance by @FlavorFlav at ENVY. Come down to Deck 2! VIP booths: 812.969.6175 http://t…
Southern INDIANA!! Louisville!!! Come on out and hang wit me F-L-A-V. Dec 27!! http://t.co/CMMeqv846V
Congradulationz Kobe Bryant for passing michael Jordan's record in scoring,,,, Flavor Flav
RT @wademartinSP: Supporting my new friend Jacob! @rollingwithjz @1scf - Great work today with the tournament! http://t.co/b8hTXFZ4eo
RT @wademartinSP: .@FlavorFlav should have is own TV show and I need to start caring about what I wear on camera! This is funny: https://t…
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Safe trip back home to England from New York Prince William and Kate Thankx for visiting America ,,,,, We still can't breath !! FLAVOR FLAV
#i still KANT BREATH,,!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone in ferguson that came out to listen to my MESSAGE of peace and unity...& Thankx for all the love yall gave me FLAV
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RT @USAjobs2014: @R_Dubya_STL @FlavorFlav @Weatherbird @PDPJ @CSMitch11 thanks for speaking out and joining the protestors
RT @Sa51910050: @milldeuxmill @FlavorFlav Its one of the most important records ever made. Period. And yes, I'm white.
RT @Paul_Franklin: .@WhosThatBrotha: @FlavorFlav Salaam bro thank you for embracing Pants Up! Don't Loot! #Ferguson Pants Up! Don't Loot!
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