I see I got 76.8K Lookin for more to make it 77.0000000000K by the end of today.. Can I GIT it?,,, FLAVOR FLAV
Peace n love to all my peepz Yall know who you are, and I appreaceate & love all of my followers to the fullest please Keep following---Flav
Right now I'm at the dentist office image dental getting an updated smile by Dr. Amy Tongrsiri... Yeeeahh booyyee,!! http://t.co/GTYeoxVuUV
To everyone that's sending me birthday wishes thank you I love you all and God bless have a great day today everyone Flav
Today is my birthday I am 56!!! God is good and he let me see another year and another dayto all my followers I love you all dearly,, FLAV
We need to do better things to solv the problems Not create them,,,
That cop shooting was not just a message but unessasary,,,,
Bad cops FUK it up for the good cops..... All the damn time ,!!!!
If ferguson goes copless It's like a woman going topless The community would never survive,,,still need cops yo,, Bad ones not wanted,!!!!
Enough of talking about ferguson now.. I just had to vent: I couldn't help it:: I hope all gets solved in ferguson :: God is good !!!
What's the problem in ferguson? Answer: No fukin Justice ,!!!!!
#Two police officers shot in ferguson-sniper still on the loose Police and community can't ever work together till things get solved. FLAV
RT @MzBlackCherri_: Had a GREAT DAY at #Selma yesterday. @ebenet @thejohnsalley @FlavorFlav @kirkfranklin http://t.co/qUymjiegFt
@LeBronJames my favorite player in the whole NBA. Can't wait to meet you oneday LeBron..Godbless You and your family Gee,!!! FLAVOR FLAV
RT @WatchAmandaTV: @FlavorFlav @mclyte @dougefresh performs @Selma50Jubilee #Selma50 #SelmaIsNow #concert reporting for @DallasBlackcom htt…
RT @DjLORDofficial: "Air FLAV!" Incredible shot of @TBonePE @ChuckD & @FlavorFlav in Glasgow 2014 (photo by @RicoRodriguez) #tourlife htt…
Congradulationz Steve Aoki on your award last night in Vegas at the palms,,He got his own star,,,,, Yeeeeaaaahhhh STEVE !!!!!!
RT @mtelles: Congrats @steveaoki 👏 @OKTVUSA @escapadejade @FlavorFlav @Palms @BrendenTheatres http://t.co/rh1mayglp7
I'm looking forward to making drinks at every party I go to,,,, The best part is that im licensed
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