Hey folks,,,, I just sent out my first hashtag
@Blunted_#Sultan um good Gee,,, thanx for asking and I hope all is well with you to,, FLAV
RT @Blunted_Sultan: @FlavorFlav Hi Flav. How are you? :)
To everyone in Washington State landslide Sorry for your losses,,,,, Godbless you all from me,, FLAV
I do miss living in VanNuys though,,, FLAV
Watching HLN heard about the earthquake in Los Angeles sorry to hear that,, everybody in LA should move to were I am in Lasvegas It's safer
RT @RonTerrell: THIS wins the internet. RT @FlavorFlav: Look y'all ,,,, um wit Regis Philbin right here in NY City,,10:00am. 3-26-14 http:…
RT @milkymy1st: "@VH1: .@FlavorFlav is throwing pies!!! YEAH BOI!! #VH1Buzz http://t.co/fTkUbIDgZM" Lmao
RT @thelittlegay: “@NickLachey: The pie boy got us good today. It was an honor getting pie'd by you @flavorflav! #vh1buzz http://t.co/NHgFT…
Thank you Debbie LL cool j Lover👍. Flav
@FlavorFlav Look y'all ,,,, um wit Regis Philbin right here in NY City,,10:00am. 3-26-14 http://t.co/JB5AHVqxfL
Flavor Flav and Regis Philbin in NY City 3-26-14 at 10:00am,,, Regis is thee man,!!!!! Um Wit Regis Y'all,,!!!!!
Hey y'all ,, I'll be on good day New York thismorning at 9:15am,ckek me out,!! Promoting the show at the Iridiam in Manhattan.. Flavortronz
RT @Shiestmillini: SHIEST MILLINI-OUIJA BOARD[TALKIN TO BIG PUN]Offi…: http://t.co/jNme62fZHJ
RT @Shiestmillini: Have you heard ‘Gothams Most Wanted-Shiestmillini,Mystro Ai and Lowster’ by GothamGang on #SoundCloud? https://t.co/3gRr…
Hoodlookin Shawngoldy FLAVOR FLAV
You could never win a race without going as fast as you could,,,, FLAVOR FLAV
Flavor Flav and the Flavortronz will be playing at the Iridiam in Manhattan on April 2nd 2014,,, two shows 8:30pm and 10:30pm be there!-FLAV
Flavor Flav

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