@GhostfaceKillah-Reakwan,,,,,, Love Yall fa Eva ...... Good seein yall ni%#az man,,, WERD up ,!! Peace to tha godz ...., Flav.......
@GhostfaceKillah @Raekwon
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Sorry for the wrong spelling of Clevland That's the Siri folks not me,,,FLAVORFLAV Hope Yall kan feel the love I have for the state though,
I don't care wat anybody says but wen it comes down to cleavland?? IT STILL ROCKZ!! Love you cleavland Ohio Home of FRONT ROW baby!!! FLAV
The Bay Area iz on fire right now,!!!! If you from the bay and you hear me,, Holla bak to me right now,,!! FLAVOR FLAV
Congradulationz Golden St. Worriers!!!!
Lebron James did fantastic for his first time bak in cleavland with his own self built team he's still the best player to me go steph Curry
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Flavor Flav -- Goes Nuts On Flight (Video) http://t.co/VeRlNXcl4N
Grandma Meets Flavor Flav!! http://t.co/bX8MTX11dv
Showtime!!! http://t.co/b6g4Dkh6LI
To All of my followers I want Yall to follow my little brother Nico Ali Walsh he's only 14 Muhammad Ali's grandson upcomming champion FLAV
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This is a message to my President Barack Obama true champion that you are...come out swinging and knock IsIs OUT !! Make it happen Pes,,,
@Insomniac_Club thanx famz,,, Flav
@Insomniac_Club thank you for chekin in wit me Dave,,, peace ✌️to you and your family Gee,,, Godbless,!🙏 Flav,!!
@Insomniac_Club is dumb,,, The government is not dumb but careless,,, We need to tighten up,,,!!!
Flavor Flav

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