You know I gotta give a birthday shoutout to my man Pastor @Donnieradio !! #Blessed https://t.co/GsvgeIRgQp
Let's put Coach Joe Kennedy back on the field it's a shame to discriminate a man for praying with his team
No boots on the ground to fight Isis is suicidal to America we should went after them as soon as they cut the head off of the first American
Biaggio Ali Walsh had 3 touchdowns at bishop Gorman highschool 85yrd run 1rst 35yrd run 2nd 81yrd run. 3rd Proud a Yoo biaggio do yo thing
U.S. Sending ground troop out now? It's about time shoulda done it along time ago better late than never, I called it last year Flavor-Flav
RT @rashedaali: So proud of you @BiaggioAli1234 and the Bishop Gorman Gaels Strive for greatness @BishopGormanFB #football #LasVegas https:…
RT @rashedaali: Getting ready to Rumble in November... So proud of you @NicoAliX74 #boxing https://t.co/Jp3q2uHiQm
#Flavor Flav and the NY Mets At the Jimmy Kimmel show in Brooklyn NY 10-23-15 https://t.co/xh1qAMtjH5
#Go New York Mets bring the series home to the #7 line these dem boyz https://t.co/s8dKgLWRTc
RT @GregJ013: @FlavorFlav and @RealProfGriff with the jokez #PublicEnemy IG:The.Greg.J https://t.co/94UjPlUIaj
Flavor Flav with Kendrick Lamar at Life is beautiful festival Las Vegas Amazing show by Kendrick Lamar,, Killed it http://t.co/EQuHkyVwCM
Chilling in MILWAUKEE!! http://t.co/2rTpvLjkf2
Front row: Flavor Flav-Rasheda Ali Walsh-Bob Walsh- Nico Ali Walsh Back row:Biaggo Ali Walsh- Ray Cheteeny- Eric E40 http://t.co/euSa3WLuSl
Hanging out after the Gorman game with Biaggo Ali Walsh.. He scored 2 touchdowns.A beast on the field Fastest 40yd http://t.co/BzDRvCBLPO
RT @NicoAliX74: http://t.co/FVZ4Pxx4de
RT @Missinfo: File under: GREAT MOMENTS IN RAP TWITTER. Thank u Flav. https://t.co/fu6AnjO0vN
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RT @walkernick20: @FlavorFlav good looking. We know you not afraid to fight the powers that be. #salute
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