Its telling, that a tiny flea can make an 800 lb gorilla's ass itch. That's why I avoid fleas, ya never know who's ass they crawling on.
You can't be a Lion when you're just a Hyena. Eventually the Gazelles will notice you ain't no leader & starting throwing Elephant shit @U
Detroit we coming tomorrow. Fat Joe will be in the building! https://t.co/V8V5txMUKL
There are people starving all over the world, and I ate enough last night for all of them. I'm disgusted with myself! #foodcoma #gymlife
@LadiHaze coming end of January
I wonder which has more success stories, the bfs/gfs who stood by thier mate's side or those who said it's your MUSIC or ME! #TY4Believing
knjcks tonight and another one
For the past 23 years on the Sunday b4 #Thanksgiving, I always see how I can make some less fortunate families day special. #givingback
I take screenshots & save all these Twitter gangstas. Should we ever cross paths, I can make a positive ID before the bitch slap cometh!
Detroit Saturday November 28, we gonna turn up! https://t.co/Q4Oc6SurvO
I guess that pervert Jared Fogle will soon learn $5.00 footlongs are free in prison.
Don't quote me what it says in the Bible or Qur'an. I wanna know what it's says in your heart. This way I'll know who you really are!
I don't mind taking in properly screened refugees, but let's 1st house and feed our homeless vets so they can guard our schools and malls!
Time to rip the bandaid off, grow some balls & handle that business. Too much is at stake. What you fail to do today gets harder tomorrow
Happy that my people were acknowledged on #LatinExplosion, I would have thought the #Fatjoe contribution to our culture was worth a nod.
I aint one to pile on, but karma exists in all forms. Trash Talk, not touching gloves, & hitting after the bell, just ain't fly as a pro.
#Lille France you know I was in the building with you, but out of respect 4 the victims of #ParisAttacks I just couldn't perform CU 1/2016
In #Paris getting it done with the team. Great meeting thanks to @OzTouch #legend. The new single is a movie! https://t.co/anY8YzPI9b
I just cant do one of these Twitter wars. My war consists of buying an airplane tix, walking thru your projects, & knocking on your door
I'm so glad I was 1st to share & it went viral. Single Dad left Homeless when A Stranger Walks Up And Says THIS,... https://t.co/L4a6zHW9hR