@GoodzDaFanClub u already kno I fuck with goods
@anna_gharibian always it's so important Ty
@Bunnysworld685 bacon
Catch a new episode of @OffTheBat from the @MLBFanCave w/ @chrisdcomedy, @realsway, @melanieiglesias & me tonight at 11p on @MTV2!
Another Great Meeting 2day In #NYC #Queens "We Won't Stop" teamfatjoe #MarketAmerica #TeamFatJoe http://t.co/AYkcPboPkB
Yes Sir We Working 2day With @cc_sabathia #OffTheBat mtv2 @mlbfancave @melanieiglesias realsway and… http://t.co/6IHryKndQH
The #OffTheBat Cast They Made Bobble Heads of Us @melanieiglesias realsway chrisdcomedy and Myself… http://t.co/WbJ4NQaMfO
off the bat goes down today, cc in the building,sways gonna hate this one
RT @sofreshsogreen: Miss this? : VIDEO: Fat Joe Talks To The Kids About Health And Fitness http://t.co/g3yBHsv7It
#NYC Harlem #TeamJordan http://t.co/P6CNoVdJwE
IN PR With My Brother @yosoytempo http://t.co/h0YTlwBpYe
#FlashBackFriday #Classic http://t.co/x6LOhwAlEQ
RT @VicLloyd: It's a beautiful day to get money.
#MiamiBash W/ Maffio & the biggest Cuban group Gente De Zona. http://t.co/EqyFJ60f7M
We Just Killed It At Miami Bash @maffio #TeamFatJoe http://t.co/REwTWHJy7H
Miami Bash with My Brother @maffio http://t.co/I0abQnq3D2
RT @MeetON: Behind the scenes! @JLo's #ILuhYaPapi video shoot at @LorenRidinger & @JRRidinger's house in Miami: http://t.co/tyj4tXXUzy
RT @DrewWhosUrDaddy: @FatJoe Feat. @RickyRozay, @FrenchMontana & @Tiara_Thomas - ‘Another Day’”🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
just another day,just another billion,get on that invisible train to success.next stop residual income