When you need a friend, you never have to look, your friends find you! Thanks @JrRap77 See you in #Brazil
People trip when I respond to posts. 22 years in the game because of a loyal fanbase, responding is the least that I can do to say thanks
Way before #Rap I was a #sneakersaddict, I've paid my dues, repped the culture and earned the perks. https://t.co/4tC9VYuowB
I was just thinking to myself what Id change in my life if I went back in time. Nothing! Mistakes are just as important as accomplishments
today was a very necessary day enjoy every moment god has his hands on us
If chasing your dream has that 1 in a million shot, then be that 1 who really tried, not 999,999 who just went thru the motions! #believe
RT @AK69_official: With @fatjoe in #Japan. Never imagined such a great live of that legend...the best night ever! BIG S/O to FAT JOE #ts ht…
The beautiful fans in #Tokyo have such a profound respect for #hiphop So many fans had every album I ever recorded. http://t.co/mhyIfxRyWl
@TheRealAnaBaby tnx ma
RT @MarketAmerica: @fatjoe talks @MarketAmerica, @shopcom and music with @CarolinaSTYLEM http://t.co/uaauuEe6DF
@ComplexMag 🙌🏼🙌🏼 yall too much lol
Good one https://t.co/ZHtr4dy7tD
yw https://t.co/kkL03hmU5E
RT @JrRap77: Me and my son, with the homie @fatjoe, at the @StretchandBob concert in Central Park. Thanks for the love bro! http://t.co/PYL…
@neworleanscutie let me see
🙌🏼 https://t.co/cGRXxdQAzi
@DKendrx seems they doing that on they own lol
@macuellar5 🙌🏼
I said it not too long ago, the more classic the kicks, the more fragile they are
RT @FREDTHEGODSON: "U wanna go where everybody know ur name like cheers" -@fatjoe voice! #godisgreat #starbucks #tbm… https://t.co/x9UGu7vx…