RT @Market_UK: See @fatjoe next Tuesday Nov 4th 7pm in London for a UBP at the Chesterfield Hotel #firstcome #firsterve Arrive early http:/…
london finally lets make it happen get your tickets 02 you already know
RT @Bandsondeckboyz: Fat Joe (@FatJoe) Ft. Jennifer Lopez (@JLo) - Stressin (Official Music Video) http://t.co/KIMG5B6IZW #UKM
RT @EmmaGWM: @fatjoe will be presenting our unfranchise business presentation on the evening of the 4th… http://t.co/YxsdFsKSCT
RT @MarleyCoffee: @fatjoe in the UK 7.00PM Tuesday 4th November in Mayfair. UnFranchise® Business Presentation @Romarley @MarketAmerica Lim…
RT @AllAboutNJ: iTunes 🔥 #hiphop Smash!👉 Download it Now! “ Don’t Do it ” @Fatjoe @FrencHMonTanA @IamRicoLove w/ @RealDjKayslay http://t.co…
RT @jrridinger: Does it look like we're #Stressin? #TeamFatJoe @FatJoe @JLo @MarketAmerica @Motives http://t.co/cI7BAO2fkI
“@fatjoefanUK: @fatjoe we still good for this? Need that info asap gotta make arrangements”got u
RT @ConquerEnt: Stressin' from @fatjoe feat. @JLo is available for #download at http://t.co/NcXtnhcuvq! Pick it up today! http://t.co/IO4OK…
“@LeiSachelle: See you on Tuesday! 🇬🇧 you're finally gonna meet the infamous UK team Superstars! @fatjoe”can't wait
.@MTV Yall had me GOOD on #HoodFab damn lol Goodtimes in da boogie down! Check it out http://t.co/d0Ra5TFc9D
OK UK I'm back, can't hold me back! Catch me 11/03 @ Indigo The O2 so make sure u get ur tix ASAP. !!!! http://t.co/zq0MBFzXGE
OK UK I'm back, can't hold me back! Catch me 11/03 @ Indigo The O2 supporting fam Mase spread the word http://t.co/MrDvVF7aH3
@FrencHMonTanA Hit up my brother @fatJoe from the cocaine white yacht of the Henry Hudson #dowelooklikewestressin ... http://t.co/V6TUhWbsi5
RT @jumpman23PR: @J23app did u see what @fatjoe is wearing? XI ALL RED!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 http://t.co/3BG1TWQBJV
check out my new video stressing featuring @jlo on http://t.co/OXbzeevs2W
RT @UlyssesTerrero: Just finished working out to the new @fatjoe ft. @jlo joint "Stressin" #teamfatjoe #gymlife http://t.co/qcEJk4JWdi
RT @UlyssesTerrero: If you haven't seen the new @FatJoe - Stressin ft. @JLo Music Video: http://t.co/q2Gc2qQMLg via @YouTube what are you w…
happy bday my lil cousin @madisonaveryx3 enjoy your day