RT @Robbbyandretti: Vibez ⚡️ @E40 http://t.co/ZeqUGSei37
RT @CheechOutlaw: @E40's Sluricane got me like "you know me, the life of the party, sluricane anthem." 🙌 http://t.co/cTRxHyZKmw
RT @LBPLAYBOY: Somebody tell #E40 that #ThisMyOne #Sluricane strong enough to start an engine mane.. #TheClick #REDCUP http://t.co/kvVaG3yH…
RT @BigSeanNews1: UPDATE/PHOTO: Big Sean (& E40) performed at #FallonTonight airing 12/23. http://t.co/QazyKQ0Ue3
RT @NinaMosley510: Finally! @E40 :-) :-) :-) http://t.co/PHQ6dAH0a3
My Bay Area Folks berner415 #cookies @e40sluricane #sluricane http://t.co/Q2MJoH1mLz
RT @MingleMixx: @E40 on my radio in Tampa. #salute
RT @Norrough: "Use A Rubber, Or You Gone Need A Baby Sitter" -@E40
“@juliaramirez527: @E40 #18% merry christmas!!! Finally made it to San Diego!!! YEEEEEEEYYY!! http://t.co/VVpmPUgjpT” yea Dat!
RT @MzCeo626: To all my people in the struggle going through it listen to @e40 his music is therapeutic #sharponallforcorners #threejobs #…
RT @thedirtysweater: @E40 is the shit and always will be.
RT @Tv__Promoter: "Always finish wat u started never be a mark...be bout it or shut the phuck up, put ya tongue in park" - @E40
RT @NPRHipHop: 2014 @NPRHipHop Holiday Gift Guide #4 @E40 "Sluricane Hurricane" http://t.co/lode797tUI #nprgifts http://t.co/fdvrfsKqLg
RT @anyaviolet: This gift list is on point and we should all be sipping @E40's slurricane hurricane @NPRHipHop @cedricshine http://t.co/Tyw…
RT @Maine559: "Put the good lord first nd never lose ur faith. Bless ur food always say ur grace" - @E40 💯#SharpOnAll4Corners http://t.…
RT @DeyEnv: I got that sluricane on deck! @E40 http://t.co/TUIPjoPQ93
RT @DJBKnockin: Gym flow SLAPPIN @E40 Water #SharpOnAll4Corners #grind got me feeling like I'm from the #707
RT @DanielleDetroit: Whenever #IDFWU comes on, it STILL got me feelin some typa way. @E40 @BigSean
RT @TheTroostHurts: @E40 stays wit them heaters mayne. Another one like them other ones. Stay mobbin Unc! "Guarantee it's gone slap"
“@iFIX707boy: If we was the last ones on earth you'll probably push me off a cliff! @E40 dam it bra that was real!”dats how haters get down