Appreciate those who appreciate you
“@suterlove: "I don't need no iron, I'm already creased. I don't need no money, I got mouthpiece." @E40 starting my day!” That's the spirit
RT @LakerRen: IDFWU x @BigSean x @E40 🙌 thank you! I needed this right now! 😌
“@itsDJDROCK: Yo @BigSean & Uncle @E40 got one!! #IDFWU” Yee!
“@Yanizzzle: "@E40: The things I say & the flows I display ain't for everybody Especially the game goofy"” I speak the truth
RT @iamrealdeji: @TheCityKid_415 @E40 I heard sprinkle me as a kid here in Nigeria,but knew nothing then I grew up,heard it again like wow,…
RT @LIL_GREGGI: "If they bit u once, they'll bite u again, gotta have tough skin, beware of the hand that hides the snake, could b your bes…
RT @M_Lowry92: This new @BigSean and @E40 slaps bruh‼️🔥🔥🔥 #IDontFuckWithYou
“@jamai_who: @djever playing that new @bigsean feat @e40 IDFWU TURN UP” yeeee!
They got that @esselections wine at Safeway Mane! #mangoscato #moscato #functionredblend #bossesdrinkwine http://t.co/quyW7ke0mg
RT @DailyLoud: Big Sean Feat. E-40 - "I Dont Fuck With You" https://t.co/s5gQZSHAs5 BANGER🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
RT @brad_moffatt: @BigSean got my fav song atm tho ‼️💯👌 s/o @E40 @DJmustard
RT @RJizzle707: My 2 favorite music artist of all times. Was on #Versace way before today. @e40 and #tupac #2pac the… http://t.co/A2F66T9fu6
RT @LarooThh: CHECK OUT MY NEW SINGLE!! Laroo ft. TeeFlii, E-40 - Let Me See You [Prod. AntonioBeats] http://t.co/mcSEj5rNMB
RT @LarooThh: LET ME SEE YOU!!!! http://t.co/mcSEj5rNMB #HEAT
RT @fakeshoredrive: this new @BigSean & @E40 is now eternally in my head.
RT @PrinceofTheYike: Big Sean - I Don't Fuck With You Ft. E-40: http://t.co/13v698dI1W @E40
RT @iloveallmyfans: BAY AREA! Flexin' On Em - Young Shorty Doowop @souljaboy @Airfizzo @e40 #LHHH http://t.co/kIbFX4JHFz
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