Everybody got choices
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RT @luism_32: It was a good weekend @E40 http://t.co/J95JD6SeB9
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O.G. http://t.co/MRD9aseyVu
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Arizona http://t.co/4u3vQgiqok
“@ms_lovemoney: Had go get me bottle my first time @E40 http://t.co/Pk7CuCzBnq” that's the spirit! 🍷
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E-40 - Choices (Yup) (2 New Albums Out now) http://t.co/ftNAeMQaGU
E-40 "MONEY SACK" Feat. LIL BOOSIE NEW ALBUMS OUT NOW!!: http://t.co/YS0omqazh0
E-40 "That's Right" (feat. Ty Dolla $ign): http://t.co/JXhoB2ptsM
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“@jackray34: Had to go restock my bar @BevMo @E40 @E40Sluricane http://t.co/nshx17pAkQ” 🍹
Safeway @ESSelections http://t.co/UCwzDv7inp
“@diamondgiselle_: Shot out to the 707 #BayAreaaaaaaaa @E40”💯