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Lets go @49ers !
Niners Mane!
E-40 Readies Sluricane Hurricane Premixed Cocktail http://t.co/yehxULKYyv via @ballerstatus
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β€œ@MrBubbaPage67: @E40 just heard #choices on XM.. and it's dope af. Love the beat! Going to have to get that new album” right on
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Arizona!!! http://t.co/gkABRH7ifD
Earl Stevens selections flying off the shelves in Arizona!!! #Mangoscato #FunctionRedBlend #Moscato… http://t.co/D2dcZ04UFD
RT @JjEeSsSs_: Everybody get choices I choose to get money, I'm stuck to this bread @E40
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β€œ@teemoney415: E-40 (@e40) Introduces Sluricane Cocktail | NBC Bay Area http://t.co/v20xd9xJpv via @nbcbayarea” πŸ‘πŸ’―
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RT @SloanRodarte: @G_Eazy @E40 @jayantmusic and @BobbyBrackins killed it tonight!! πŸ™Œ
β€œ@AyB_da_BluntMAN: @E40 this Mangoscato is delicious! πŸ‘Œβ€ πŸ’―
RT @DaBlizzardK_ROC: REAL SHIT HUSTLAS RELATE I FUCS WIT @E40 as u should E-40 - Choices (Yup) [New 2014] (BestInTheWestRap) http://t.co/Bw…