RT @Beefymaine: Can't wait for this new @E40 joint next month 🙏🏽
@rjmrla @ @therealnef put some magic together the other day in the studio #west https://t.co/dLETZ2GIwu
Les go @49ers
Niners mane!
E-40 working Magic with Park Ave. Jubu / Otis / EB https://t.co/Sa5oed0SOv
RT @therealohpeso1: DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF U DON'T LIKE ME... As said by @E40 #choices
RT @Phatprimo: @E40 & @blegit72 need to come out with joint project. That would be one worth buyn. Been waitin for tht to drop for some yrs…
RT @TheJokerKing_: It's my b'day. Got the room, the woman and now the best bottle. Thanks @E40 it taste hella good. http://t.co/uYGRMZDIFB
Cheers🍹 https://t.co/AF80miKWB6
RT @LAYLAW_OG_NWA_: TY @drdre @icecube @E40 @TooShort @SnoopDogg @xzibit @Kokaneofficial @FINALLEVEL @RasKass @djquik @YoYoWhitaker @BReal …
RT @CANNON_RMA: @E40 is the best game spitter in the game right now
Right on https://t.co/n5BZUKLuck
RT @D_Dot3: The Big Homie @E40 3 Generations and counting #SicWidIt #TheGameSpitta #HeGonBeSeasoned #40Water #ThatNiGGa http://t.co/3HzwDb6…
Nef The Pharoah blazing  the Cali Fire Playlist on Spotify 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/yryQUedDdt
RT @oe_9006: E40 drop 2 3 albums at once all slap
RT @HipHopDX: "The Documentary 2.5" by @thegame to feature @LilTunechi, @Nas, @E40, @BustaRhymes + more: http://t.co/i2IAvt7Jom http://t.c…
💯 https://t.co/OZpMhSh3gg
RT @UmairA916: Spotted @E40 out here in the UK http://t.co/5sxOsv1iFR
Happy birthday Bwoi! 🍹 https://t.co/fq3NtVLV81
Poverty and prosperity E.P. Nov. 27th 2015 Something to hold you off until Sharp on all 4 corners is… https://t.co/XaI4hBR1PS

Legendary rapper, entrepreneur, and investor from Vallejo, California, member of the rap group The Click, the founder of Sick Wid It Records.