@kgeriak22 Forbidden Planet bway, waiting for the date! Real soon though
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@2guyspromotions 5 Deadly venoms!!!
RT @kgeriak22: @RapHDTV @THEKINGDMC @PauleyP Love it 👍 never knew @PauleyP had such a good singing voice. 🙌
@HornsUpRocks @_GenerationKill @rob_dukes @OfficialRunDMC Something real special real good and real dope! Dukes n GenKill are AMAZING!
@HornsUpRocks @_GenerationKill @OfficialRunDMC HornsUp!!!!!
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@KhalilGMuhammad @SchomburgCenter Forget da Greek god I am a geek god I get to speak hard cause i hit da beats hard! Schomburg Superb!!!
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@SchomburgCenter Schomburg Is Superb!!!!
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