RT @mcoy_anthony: @AltPress @Sum41 @THEKINGDMC IS that brownsound on the right side?
@thekiddcreole @Thaoriginalgata @MrChuckD @rakimgodmc @thefurious_5 @Rahiem_Furious5 @anthonySTthomas @DJTerminatorX SALUTES ALL!!!!
@nightMairC @LizMair Peace Love n Canada is kool!!!! Thanx
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@PhilipsSound Sounding real good!!!! Thank you! Gibson! how we live son!
@victorysquat The Who! Thats who! Good one!!!
@victorysquat wow Thats dope! i always loved the title The Uncanny Xmen!!!!
RT @victorysquat: @THEKINGDMC My fav to read was Uncanny X-Men and Alpha Flight, loved Avengers. And Spidey. First guy I drew and was proud…
@stephgraeber ok gotcha!
@stephgraeber Not yet but round Oct! Gonna bring my live band and do show there too!
@stephgraeber Yep! Thats part of the trip!
@stephgraeber Coming to germany soon too!!!
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@GKILLStreetTeam @Stone1049 No doubt lets do!!!
@victorysquat Fav band is tie btw Zep n Stones
@victorysquat Fav of all is hard but i would say Capt America was fav to read n draw Hulk is my fav superhero but i love Deathlok!
RT @mouthmatics: Life goals: beatbox while a Hip-Hop legend raps over it. ✅ @THEKINGDMC… https://t.co/TVUcANu1fA
@mouthmatics Gotcha!!! will do!!!
RT @ComicsVerse: We had the privilege of speaking with the legendary @THEKINGDMC at #SENYC last month. http://t.co/BvEGcLitvB
@Sum41 @fusetv Thank you @Sum41 for the opportunity to ROCK! with yall! Thank u @fusetv and its a top moment in my mic rockin existence!!!