Check out America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa awesome doc series! The real deal! Premiers Oct!!! #bythenumbers Str8 DOPE!
@LatinoUSA @DMCMakesComics Latino USA all day everyday!
@melissarcarr No prob thank you!
@TobyKeithMusic @sbc @coltford @925XTU @razzontheradio Real outlaws we make the laws! Dont just think we break the laws! Much respect!!!!
RT @dinaregine: so much fun today at the @felix4change fundraiser I DJ-ed @CuttingRoomNYC w/ @THEKINGDMC http://t.co/b8JfFSTJio
RT @DJDinaregine: w/ @felix4change founders @JaffeSheila & @THEKINGDMC @#DanceThisWay @CuttingRoomNYC http://t.co/noEmejC2h4
RT @TobyKeithMusic: So this happened. Backstage @sbc with @coltford @thekingdmc @925XTU’s @razzontheradio #ShutUpHoldOn! #DMC #RUNDMC http:…
RT @kiralyviktor: #backstage about to perform! #letsgo #runningoutoftime #RUN-DMC @THEKINGDMC #királyság http://t.co/mpNo7s0OpU
RT @leashoftheeast: Umm so that moment you're watching @coltford open for @TobyKeithMusic and @THEKINGDMC comes out...my queens showed for …
RT @mpchampionmusic: #BriteLightsBigCities w/ @THEKINGDMC http://t.co/yCat6CIwH3
@BrookeBCNN @felix4change @JaffeSheila Thank you Brooke for reppin for the kids! We're really honored to have you in the house!!!!
RT @arthur_bernard: @BrookeBCNN @felix4change @THEKINGDMC @JaffeSheila Do a good job, this is the warm up for "Dancing with the Stars". Ha…
RT @MirandaWritesMc: @THEKINGDMC Peace King! Just released my mixtape, & I had to spit over Sucka Mcs! You are such an inspiration! http://…
@RickBudo Ok will check it asap!!!! Thank u!!!!
RT @BrookeBCNN: Dance this way!!! Led by @THEKINGDMC to benefit kids at @felix4change. http://t.co/62klzWw3fS
@BillyMcNicol Nice! Keep rockin on! Killem!
I got to shoot da gift with @ThatKevinSmith! I crown him King Kev! Kool ass mutha!@#$%
@1nonlyjstout @MrEdLover Ed Lover There could never be another!!! He is Hip Hop!!!!
RT @DrGhett0Batman: 😱 #KevinSmith (@thatkevinsmith) & #DMC (@THEKINGDMC) meet? My love for #Comics, #Movies & #HipHop in… http://t.co/nDlAc…
@LisaMateoTV @felix4change @PIX11News Thank you Lisa! PIX is it!!!! HUH!