@MattRedmanPDX @AdrianYounge @abdashsoul @MacMiller Oh I chopped it alright....
@MattRedmanPDX @AdrianYounge I did use "Chicago Wind" for "Dat Sound Good" (f. @abdashsoul & @MacMiller)
THANKZ @OnlyHipHopFacts and EVERYONE FOR THE Q & A ! THAT WAS FUN...DEC. 9th @PRhyme_Official @Royceda59 @AdrianYounge #courtesy
@saianne_101 people thinking that they know me personally just because they know my music..that's the part I share w/the world, nothing more
@thankME_later @OnlyHipHopFacts @Royceda59 I ask the same question...strange
@LilNello me and @TWISTAgmg go waaaaaay back to 1990....hell yeah I would work with him
@IrfanXII @OnlyHipHopFacts He asked me and I immediately said yea.....
@YungMalk @OnlyHipHopFacts officially 18
@YungMalk @OnlyHipHopFacts just for fun with my crew
@augustunt @OnlyHipHopFacts @Royceda59 it would have been nice by we turned the album in a long time ago
@Jayybo_ @Royceda59 @OnlyHipHopFacts Dru Hill
@LukeKTT @Royceda59 @OnlyHipHopFacts Yes we are workin on that now
@KinqJordan 20
@Tonytheill3st @OnlyHipHopFacts @Royceda59 To Mars since my sign "Aries" is ruled by it...See what kinda party is happenin
@nkosietall @OnlyHipHopFacts @Royceda59 Glad they linked again....I wish @thegame was a part of the reunion....Game has bars...
@ThomasTweets92 @OnlyHipHopFacts @Royceda59 "HEAT"
@dfin_d @OnlyHipHopFacts @Royceda59 Hope so...my artist @Khaleelconnect is out there so I gotta get him up and running...
@FreddyWidmer @OnlyHipHopFacts @Royceda59 Lyrical Rocket
@rhoadust @OnlyHipHopFacts @Royceda59 @mikeshinoda Mike is a great writer and Linkin' Park is that deal...I fucks with them
@MaskOfNorro @OnlyHipHopFacts No I didn't...