RT @brandonjpayano: “@thefader: .@LionBabe are blessed with a @REALDJPREMIER remix of “Wonder Woman.” http://t.co/vO9pbVaPBz http://t.co/hI…
@BruceTaylor89 Thxz ! We had fun Rockin wit YALL in London! A
@DJ_KO @Royceda59 Thx !!! Glad you enjoyed the show.
THANKZ to @LionBabe for having me remix their new joint "Wonder Woman"@thefader http://t.co/ZdLV8T4BKb http://t.co/0AfnCr9mbh
@LionBabe @thefader: .@LionBabe are blessed with a @REALDJPREMIER remix of “Wonder Woman.” http://t.co/ZdLV8T4BKb http://t.co/0AfnCr9mbh
RT @thefader: .@LionBabe are blessed with a @REALDJPREMIER remix of “Wonder Woman.” http://t.co/EFHpMeMvU2 http://t.co/s8shePIZ7K
RT @DJ_KO: #PRhyme @Royceda59 @REALDJPREMIER Islington Assembly Hall/ Monday 20th April http://t.co/bf1tPl41W2
RT @4play38: @REALDJPREMIER you and @Royceda59 just smashed it what a night p rhyme #LONDONSMASEDIT
RT @iam_robj: Second time seeing @Royceda59 in London.. Two of the best concerts ever.. With the legendary @REALDJPREMIER = straight🔥 #lege…
RT @BruceTaylor89: @Royceda59 & @REALDJPREMIER killed it tonight! Come back to London sooon. Wicked show! Royce u sounded great live .
RT @Smithy9613: @Royceda59 @REALDJPREMIER what a show, you guys killed it!!!! 👊 http://t.co/sf2fXCvWg5
RT @804StreetMedia: SM: Listen to @REALDJPREMIER's remix of @LionBabe’s "Wonder Woman" http://t.co/YJMmXxr1eW http://t.co/VQIkbPGS7A
RT @ConnoisseursOHH: @REALDJPREMIER #killinit on the #turntables at the #PRhyme #concert #spinningclassicsnonstop… https://t.co/y5YWvnmQc4
RT @HOFisbetter: #nowplaying "@LionBabe - Wonder Woman (@REALDJPREMIER Remix)" ---> http://t.co/TPpp2j9tbj http://t.co/rdTiohSbmB
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND 420 TO THA HOMIE killermikegto !!! THANX 4 REPPIN ON OUR PRhyme LP...MUCH LOVE !!!… https://t.co/dixdASaBCE
RT @DexartFreestyle: Stop retweeting please :( . this is making me wanna teleport all the way from Egypt to Manchester , This is so sad man…
@dougie_rfc @Royceda59 @Kidvishis THXZ Bruh !!! Much Love
RT @dougie_rfc: What a fuckin show @Royceda59 @REALDJPREMIER @Kidvishis !!!
RT @shazam_bangles: The beat for this remix is raw, @REALDJPREMIER! With B.Y.S. AND Dwyck on the b side #GangStarr #RIPGuru #WorksofMart h…
@DCRIMEmusic71 Dope !!! NOTE FYI: @GuruGangStarr is a bogus account...it ain't legit....