RT @ChipFu: Native tongue pic.. Lots more missing !! http://t.co/STTytCPuvL
RT @scallions1990: @DINCOD Major project starting today.... I'm editing the 2012 Chuck D Hip Hop Gods Revue tour for Cd, Vinyl and download…
Shinobi Ninja http://t.co/yEVSmqEBot
Dj Spider Baby: http://t.co/3b0gmKvX4t via @YouTube
Dj Spider Baby: http://t.co/LNo2s8UyaL via @YouTube
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http://t.co/uO3v8U5X7P Long Island best team in NY rite now
@sexygirl11773 hey whats good
Dinco D and El Es Dee live Zulu anniversary 2014: http://t.co/f3SSaOdQ2S
Shinobi Ninja - MeUWe Feat. Dinco D (Leaders Of T…: http://t.co/ki2E9kX3Fy
DINCO &The BIGG EAST "Cant Stop" Music Video: http://t.co/87Xa82Gonr
Dinco - Radiation music video directed by Rodolfo…: http://t.co/AYZm5QcrIi
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Shinobi Ninja - MeUWe Feat. Dinco D (Leaders Of The New School): http://t.co/XKxNOXZojV via @YouTube
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