RT @shellbee0715: Where are the brilliant fearless people like this is today's society? http://t.co/NTjdICJ0gu
1972 Stevie Wonder opens for The Rolling Stones ... The finale had em all jam together .. Sht. ...
@Virt_McGirt im stunned at @drapersayswhat work and detail.Floored.... wtf? https://t.co/AogAnMbyY4
@drapersayswhat im floored. https://t.co/AogAnMbyY4 absolutely stunned at the D-etail ...salute DM me
RT @Whosthatladyinc: COMEDIAN SINBAD TOUR DATES! 9/16/14 New York! Get Your Tickets http://t.co/v8DqJzZJrJ @nhiphopculture @sinbadbad @Mode…
When does the MEDIA give CREDIT for whn HIPHOP says & does THE RIGHT THING? http://t.co/BsOx2WaSq3 Have THEY gotten total community support?
RT @JAHIasPE2_0: Visuals for PE 2.0 in effect for September. @HWICfilm #Cleveland #PEopleGetReady @MrChuckD
RT @SHEmovement: 50+ Years in the game and #STILL #STRONG!! Check out Ms. Mavis Staples' vid w/ @MrChuckD!!! Only on SHE - @SHE_Radio http…
MLB pitchers are spoiled?Japanese HS baseball game goes 50 innings; starters throw 700 pitches each @ HardballTalk http://t.co/g88LfoqaQh
REV JESSE JACKSON eulogy for JACKIE ROBINSON OCTOBER 27 1972 http://t.co/23RCjwbuYT
@HowSwiftThyAro @blocsonic salute & thx
@HowSwiftThyAro @blocsonic Thats for him to answer. Humans are a mix of hypocrisy in being. We best to attempt to balance ourselves
@HowSwiftThyAro @blocsonic Maybe greed I see, but do you drive a car? They don't give away cars for free. Dylan has rode in them as well
@spiritualiron I digs BobMarley, BobDylan and BobWomack y dig?
@spiritualiron The Earth, I stray from USA dominated philosophy.I break bread w my family.I get warm in Africa Brazil and Koori in OZ & you?
@HowSwiftThyAro @blocsonic Dylan's first record and whole career has been on Columbia .. & those records were not for free
@spiritualiron SEE I come from a table where MEN spoke,I listened didnt necessarily agree, but then I had to figure how to measure & MAN up
@spiritualiron Gotta treat em like your uncle at the dinner table. Take it in what you can use, process.Head out do your thing & outmeasure
@spiritualiron @TheRevAl @RevJesseJackson Saying what needs to be said.
Chuck D

Chuck D, The Hard Rhymer. Legendary thinker, activist, rapper and Administrator. Better known by his stage name, Chuck D, is an American rapper, author, and producer. He helped create politically and socially conscious rap music in the late 1980s as the leader of the rap group Public Enemy.