@M1deadprez @DjehutiAli @lordjamar salute to you Gentlemen Bros
@theillien was there last week .....nah
@ceddysboxing india & THAILAND Venezuela and Korea
.@ButtonMonkey it ain't the workers fault either.They are saddled with wack administration & having a now super major city having 1 airport
Dumbest airport in Universe ATLanta tied w Istanbul regarding lines maybe because GA too stupid to have another major airport north of city
RT @TalibKweli: George Zimmerman is online posting pics of Trayvon Martin's dead body right now. Let that sink in America. #blacklivesmatter
RT @athenalong: OMG OMG OMG, NOOOOO DOUBT https://t.co/W1UXVweVgV
RT @JAHIasPE2_0: Me & my big brother KRS-One featured on insPirEd 10/25/15 @DjLORDofficial @dividedsouls @djpain1 @MPCinema @MrChuckD http:…
RT @budjohnny: @MrChuckD is there a 12" instrumental for harder than you think - somewhere? I can't find it & our #protestofbeauty wants to…
@donkeyslayer21 salute....
@donkeyslayer21 Go Jays.. Eh?
RT @PEPRradio: Check out the latest @_AndYouDontStop by @MrChuckD et al. #PEPR segm in the mix w. @Modenine @Amy_True http://t.co/xPuh0h6vwF
RT @sheltayl: @MrChuckD. Watch PE Live @ Metropolis on Showtime. Still learning something new after 30 years. Just googled Noam Chulmsky! K…
RT @Floetry3: prophetic. still relevant. https://t.co/IrrEKwIzHF
@VHollyCarter Johnny Bench?
RT @bijancbayne: .@BenBlayton @jadande @MrChuckD Oakland is last mixed use, you can see the baseball infield during Raider games. Pre-'80 t…
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