@DComposeur @dividedsouls Politics is GOVT. Art is cultural. GOVS create money to govern almost everything , so dance around the reality
@DComposeur I worked 13 jobs from 17-26 black in the Ny 80s. Went to school alongside of that , so what are we saying here?
@DComposeur @dividedsouls We don't have to get into the Holocaust Olympics because talking about the millions of slaughtered blacks is truth
@DComposeur @dividedsouls Right I said.That is your privilege, and you are thus privileged in that. I didnt have that, had to get to work ..
@DComposeur I come from a situation of you better get off your ass & work for your family & surrounding people.I am NOT privy to think NOT
@DComposeur @dividedsouls concerned , damn spell check.
@DComposeur @dividedsouls Ireland is better off than Gambia as far as the west is conceded. The earth needs balance.Again I aint selling sht
@DComposeur @dividedsouls Im not even talking that. Im talking 41 years of self. That is a whole different zone. You can do almost anything
@DComposeur @dividedsouls I rest my case. Your opinion is individualized. I hear you, but the reality of privilege is different entirely.
@DComposeur @dividedsouls You sir will never understand until you do. The option of NOT working is truly an individual thing.I don't know it
@DComposeur @dividedsouls So there we have it. 41 no kids. A privilege you have had for so long to feed no one other than yourself ,I dig it
@DComposeur @dividedsouls Kids Yes or no?
@DComposeur @dividedsouls No kids dude?
@DComposeur @dividedsouls Didnt I say I don't sell sht? You walk by a restaurant ,..you smell the food. You don't go in. Did they sell YOU?
@DComposeur @dividedsouls You choose not to work, you MUST have zero kids? Yes or no?
@DComposeur @dividedsouls I think I'm worth MORE than money bro. You should thin that way too....
@DComposeur @dividedsouls HAHAAHAH based on ?
@DComposeur @dividedsouls Do the math.COUNT the groups.Then count the grievances if so.Like said NObody asked YOU for a dime. That IS FACT
@DComposeur @dividedsouls BobMarley said LIFE is Love & Wealth. You must know we've supported over 100 people and families as a 28 yr group
@DComposeur @dividedsouls Im waiting....
Chuck D

Chuck D, The Hard Rhymer. Legendary thinker, activist, rapper and Administrator. Better known by his stage name, Chuck D, is an American rapper, author, and producer. He helped create politically and socially conscious rap music in the late 1980s as the leader of the rap group Public Enemy.