Illmatic20 on HiphopGods http://t.co/aGn7J1KHI2
New Krs is siiiiiiiiiick http://t.co/UimkidwFGQ
RT @rynice40: @MrChuckD smiling after a loss shaking hands, hugging..watch an nfl game its ridiculous..im surprised they hit each other @D…
Y'all must know I'm rooting for the future CharlotteHornets in the playoffs. #BigAl also all you non ChicagoJORDAN fans need to support that
@magic_uno @Artise1 Dream Teamers, different time , different team, different league
@SK_RuF I remember a clip seeing MJ drive to the hoop through punches kicks & chops.Dude never need a special rule after the Sensei Pistons
@RVZ3_3_3 people get older ...
All the chummy sht is ok, but not mandetory. If you're gonna come together in public DO it for a worthwhile cause that MEANS something imho
@AndyKushner34 says? ...
To a lesser degree same thing in performance. Friends AFTER the show.The audience is to get served. Especially in competition. Give $ worth
@Artise1 Boston threw a middle finger at everybody, and fans got sensitive when the Pistons and Isiah did it. I clearly recall...
RT @Artise1: @MrChuckD Boston did the same thing, but it was o.k. for The Celtics.
RT @bacoleman87: @chibbs_1 @MrChuckD I remember watching Lloyd play at Nassau Colesium against Uniondale HS back in '86-dude was the truth!
@StarkyLuv73 yes ScottiePippen was driven into being a hall of famer
@antbwan23 loved it, hated when athletes got all chummy flipping teams on paying fans.They can do that on their personal time in my opinion
There was a time when us NBA fan actually felt sorry for MJ after those whupp-outs. The DetroitPistons forced Jordan into being an NBA demon
Again I've said this before .....Pistons leaving on their OWN terms on that Bulls series... ....dug the fk out of it.
RT @chibbs_1: Brought my my guy to the Brooklyn nets,Llyold Daniels! http://t.co/SxqyJvkBUk
RT @nyknicks: Kurtis Blow with Mason, Starks and LJ on the 30th anniversary of his hit song, "Basketball." http://t.co/qdyyeybtvm http://t.…
@TheRealLJ2 Then the KNICKS got you,great times being a fan because y'all really really put 150% on the floor.Those UNLV memories too, dang
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