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@zackwag Thats silly. In 1987 the point was to play RAP on the radio as much as R&B .....all of it.
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R.I.P- Pioneering Hip Hop Producer Larry Smith
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@TheJetOnTNT had me dyin, but true, you come into Dallas as a player NOW you better go to bed at 10 , no hanging out. And hope to be close
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec I dig your fire thx. Understand I'm gonna defend these artists more than my past where I was more silent.
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec I hear you, I am gonna still support something fresh from a myriad of artists, and try to present left field
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec I said catfish because HipHop is the catfish of the musical ocean. But it can be cleaned for eating
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec Like catfish eat whats edible to you,lay the bones on the side of the plate. These bones aint toxic either.
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec listen to @rapstationradio it will prepare you to be the best hiphop fanatic, we have the best PROS period
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec Also I dont nec agree, ppl seem to say every song is a drop from FTP & there won't be another one like it.
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec some songs will be fun, while not venturing into Anaconda Alley. That will be the difference.
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec There it is.Im gonna curate ideas that are fresh across a spectrum of music & sounds.Im from the BEST of DJS
@fakeconsultant @SPITdigitalRec you overlooked these.Just come at me when IM sponsored by pols favorite liquor corps http://t.co/2Yrn6VmUqV
Chuck D

Chuck D, The Hard Rhymer. Legendary thinker, activist, rapper and Administrator. Better known by his stage name, Chuck D, is an American rapper, author, and producer. He helped create politically and socially conscious rap music in the late 1980s as the leader of the rap group Public Enemy.