@KidRock doin it again , dude is really superstar talent & noooo joke
RT @icrowdfundbuzz: An artist born with Sickle Cell Disease Lost his voice and now speaks through his paintings. @MrChuckD is helping- http…
RT @boilerradio: “@davebangert: Wait, what? @MrChuckD is on this #PurdueTalks panel Tuesday? http://t.co/0pd6FhpFeQ”//a month and a half la…
@ZeusUbani Buttons thats all, buttons on twitter.
As predicted in FOABP & Nations, USA would eventually cointelpro HipHop in redefinition and replace knowing HISTORY of THE culture itself.
@steveucnlive Strong Island
@steveucnlive He was on the on deck circle with a young Bagwell
PE biggest crowd, 1992 Accra Ghana 75,000 for the President of Ghana & NOI with Issac Hayes ...yes Africans do count PEople. #fact
DodgerStadium and AnaheimStadium U2 92. ((((BOOM))))
Public Enemy Broke in the Georgia Dome in 92, first concert there with U2 #fact
PublicEnemy played a concert in The Astrodome for the Nation Of Islam in the 90s
RT @handbanana80: @MrChuckD heard you at work on 99.5 in queens playing some jlive #goodradio
@xay_zoleil I'm a part of a team that's like comparing LeBron James to the 80s Detroit Pistons. In Rap I brag on my guys . It ain't close
@kimbafuzz sht beats iz relative
RAPinst radio on http://t.co/nirZuq2WdY and scroll until the APP upgrade http://t.co/Ms6xPk4d7i
Favorite RAPINST on http://t.co/5Z1jcSliiG http://t.co/V40JphPKZe
RT @palewire: @MrChuckD ha! Its this one. https://t.co/cipLUw0WmL Who could honestly rate that over Purple Rain?
RT @kategammell23: Playing tonight @MrChuckD @FlavorFlav @SPITdigitalRec http://t.co/4V2zn2TWRU @RCSStore #PublicEnemy @PublicEnemyFTP http…
@Mantra_mc hahahahah I dig all my Ppls in Paris real cats real city
RT @Oclark38: @MrChuckD I can't believe Rolling Stone released a top 100 Hip Hop songs ever and not include one song from Bone Thugs N Harm…
Chuck D

Chuck D, The Hard Rhymer. Legendary thinker, activist, rapper and Administrator. Better known by his stage name, Chuck D, is an American rapper, author, and producer. He helped create politically and socially conscious rap music in the late 1980s as the leader of the rap group Public Enemy.