.@bbeats69 @LibrarywithTim IMO i feel that MCS today are more talented than ever,however as they get more skilled,a bad idea is hard to save
DMC: The HipHopGods Interview - Part Five - http://t.co/6MaIrNrgIS: http://t.co/b8ohj93Ng2
.@BrianWilsonLive WOW! I interviewed Mr Wilson for his Xmas Album for AirAmerica in NYC a great warm conversation from the legend. #honored
.@bbeats69 @LibrarywithTim OVER 50% of most songs IMO START with a bad or well worn idea.It puts Unnecessary pressure on lyrics & the music.
.@bbeats69 @LibrarywithTim OVER 50% of most songs IMO START with a bad or well worn idea.It puts massive weight on lyrics&music.#MoreIDEAS
Feels Like The World, Easy Mo Bee http://t.co/1KSkuSCzp1
RT @hiphopgods: BACK TO THE FUTURE. Brand new @MikeyDStruction single on @_AndYouDontStop with @MrChuckD & the crew http://t.co/Sa4YfYevbX …
RT @aj_macready: @MrChuckD is on this ep of #NewsRadio. Cool.
RT @AdelphiUMedia: Blog delves into WBAU history and connection to alumnus @MrChuckD http://t.co/JLSaqnBBKY
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Video is cool but Radio is the only media logical to multitask and still work efficiently to Im listening to WABC77 now but the year is 1970
@SPITdigitalRec @SLAMjamzRecords Easy Mo Bee: And You Don't Stop! Instrumental Album Licensing and Radio https://t.co/hKCNrjPgcZ
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Chuck D

Chuck D, The Hard Rhymer. Legendary thinker, activist, rapper and Administrator. Better known by his stage name, Chuck D, is an American rapper, author, and producer. He helped create politically and socially conscious rap music in the late 1980s as the leader of the rap group Public Enemy.