Peace . In pic with Killa Priest/WU Tang and legend producer Sir Jinx After dope gig the stonehouse in… http://t.co/IYYniR3Qbf
Peace and blessings . We r having a Black history month Jam in Ca. All ages Event . On the grounds Of… http://t.co/QCoSWN0hIq
Htp.! Big up to tech 9 and krizz .i was flipping thru pics and saw these gods and remembered good… http://t.co/RonvMdp2rQ
And they ask why I rhyme about knowledge of self .. Some take it light but there is s serious… http://t.co/vhiX4MZw98
@OCCONFUSION @Kokaneofficial @JONFXMUSIC peace god . I'm finishing album up now.. We can build Whn done. Bless . 1
The higher level is the only comfort zone we should know. Get there and set cruise... Losing altitude… http://t.co/5q9Y68vqwW
Maat Hotep -peace to my young lords. Growing strong and wise.. I am so proud of my son Mosiah (left)… http://t.co/uAV9AaiA8v
RT @ZionGadIsrael: @BroJXClan @TheRaceteam Always remembering the Foundation :RIP Prof.X & Suga Shaft.
Peace and blessings.. For all the born wishes.. My celebration was heightened with good news from my… http://t.co/yx1zHIp4B6
RT @Pharaonicorp: Photo: #HIPHOPGREATNESS By @brojxclan “Lookin to the East. Preparing for training this morning.. Work has... http://t.co/…
"My roots be uncommon ancestral poppy , colonizing ..in two weeks Ur styles forgotten , You better get… http://t.co/zBwOylVpOo
Lookin to the East. Preparing for training this morning.. Work has been overriding regiment ...respect… http://t.co/17a8aAGBHO
Peace To the hip hop gods. . Bro J/X CLan. Jalil/whodini , DMC, Dougie Fresh. Big Up to my founding… http://t.co/PZcT2AAp7M
This pic with my master teacher/my father Samuel "Butch Hunter". It has been 25years since I hv lost… http://t.co/Ouoqd3pPSr
In the lab bangin out joints .. W/Blackwatch vets . Shout out to makebamooncycle and the Wanglord… http://t.co/kllse2FYgP
The key of life ! Even master Bruce knows whT time it is ! #electromagnetic. life force is the core of… http://t.co/cHbemiYzoT
Bklyn flashback. . Legends B Ball tournament .. In pic w Stevie D. /force Mds , LA… http://t.co/FUCbFVyVxq
RT @allremixes: All hail Funkin' Lesson. #xclan #funkinlesson #vanglorious #12inch #vinyl http://t.co/ddmFljA1rF
Shout out to Dr Ben Jochannan. . One of the major influences for me in the genesis of XClan… http://t.co/xH7VHvIrCz
So glad to have the physical warmth of Ra back in the west. #calibrrr ...Divine blessings =knowledge… http://t.co/IjcUr5Os09