"Blackwatch how u living? Zoom!flowin the Nile. teach the many mortals the chimes of a SunDial .. To… https://t.co/dlI7SQazYA
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Maat Hotep.. It's a shame that some cultures accept Tricknology and note their ancestors to be… https://t.co/GWddFKIGr9
"Seer Cipher" on Yo MTV raps. 90's big up to Fab Five Freddy. We Usta roll thick to them locations… https://t.co/McJxWNuN7D
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Peace! Recording this weekend .. I got to see the fight on break ...this face is for the Mayweather… https://t.co/6RWf9wSrkW
@Shedeviltaz77 : ) and I didn't judge u by ur wig goddess. To each their own. All is blessed .100
@Shedeviltaz77 peace to the goddess. Gv thx for the love and support ! #freedomordeath #strengthandHonor HTP
Peace .. Good morning! Shout out to "Big Boy". Radio legend.. New host of 92.3 Cali. In pic with my… https://t.co/YQyjQ3NPtA
Peace and blessings. Big up to my sons .. Rollin wit me thru my old LA grounds in Watts. We stopped… https://t.co/2cpHdC0L3j
Self defense is not self destruction.. Don't destroy Our streets !! Strategize and defend them. Our… https://t.co/caiAqy9YOn
@Shedeviltaz77 : )
@Shedeviltaz77 blessings goddess.. I will heed the wiz degrees.. I'm on it #freedomordeath #vanglorious 1
Maat HTP ! I'm honored to live out the Creators plan.. Pro life! Strength and honor! Xclan has… https://t.co/LyYaWi5UbT
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