Maat Hotep! Blessed mornin.. Linkin up with my daughter today.. I know she thinks I'm a work maniac… https://t.co/MRCE5oUHuL
Culture fest! Gettin bigger by the day. Feb 28th 2015 mark ur calendar Los Angeles . Show all these… https://t.co/zoNudR2g5q
Peace. After taking a road trip with my seeds.. I really hv to say . Radio is so wack!. Audio Porn… https://t.co/58lfnFMDiM
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Respect due to dj Mona Lisa , El da Sensei #Artifacts @adrianyounge active hip hop wisdom and talent… http://t.co/Xsnft0OKCz
@kjlhfrontpage @RadioFreeKJLH peace goddess I owe u a station visit. I hope all is well. BCk in LA for Culture Fest. At Simply Wholesome.HTP
Originators! brojxclan. With the great Sir jinx . Who will be performing with XClan at the 2015… http://t.co/bxbSwDO8vY
"I'm sent in the image of the most high , freedom will unify . Freedom we do or die . The truth . The… http://t.co/pVbYaIRt5B
RT @AssataKochiyama: 3 dopest lyricists in my opinion are @BroJXClan @professorali & @ImmortalTech cuz I define lyricism as having somethin…
"Rap is not the mission it's my gift and tool , hip hop is the mission only rules are DUES , RBG super… http://t.co/lakrWaHcPz
RT @Pharaonicorp: #HIPHOPGREATNESS + #ANCESTRALGREATNESS = @brojxclan via @igrepost_app, ️blessed love.. Adinkra symbolics from @pha… http…
️blessed love.. Adinkra symbolics from @pharaonicorp "god is king" meaning to me Self is Supreme. ..… http://t.co/Tmz3qbclzs
RT @BlameEbro: Abracadabra Allah baby, professor All hail Funkin' Lesson @BroJXClan #XClan #GreatOpeningLyrics http://t.co/KxnhUFatO1
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I am inspired by a post Queen Mother put up on her page on Kanye ..He is an egomaniac ..but he is… http://t.co/VtAiKTPYXH
Culture fest! Gettin bigger by the day. Feb 28th 2015 mark ur calendar Los Angeles . Show all these… http://t.co/VOCTeElhjp
"Clash of the clans" Bro.j/XClan & Method Man ./wu tang clan sounds like a bomb Tour run to me! Add… http://t.co/cVIPpl7CXZ
@AGALLAHTHEDON peace to the god.. We r doing it in the bay . Canada wasn't ready. To host the fools I was bringing. We gon do it in the bay
Maat Hotep.. Big up to the Hip hop gods..YZ , Architect Paradise/Xclan, Wise Int /PRT ! XClan will be… http://t.co/2p78VgjsB5