Maat HTP. 25 years ago I was an eager foot soldier gathering keys at Ollegbas feet. Scrolling the… https://t.co/3kAnRpJoAX
"It don't take a big 4 year college. to learn what it takes to put paper in ur wallet.. Common sense… https://t.co/CzK60vV0C2
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HTP.. In the immortal words of Eddie Murphy "Now that's a fire!" 🔥😀. Finally can I get out of the… https://t.co/GobxECaOWG
@scottslagle thanks for clarity .. I thought it was sis. It's still foul play. Peace God 1
HTP .. I am so pissed off .. Watching the video of Sis Bland being hogtied for a goddamn traffic… https://t.co/lWW1trueWf
@MrChuckD @Lordfury777 @lordjamar @wiseintelligent the gods should take it back then and stop playin ✌🏿️💂🏾👑
Maat HTP .Good morning from the Hunter boyz . Blessings from the Zu. Before cartoon , video game or… https://t.co/KOKVEUOSM6
"OG-7 collectin my propers , mutant hot boy come and build with the Abba.. Grassroots builder James… https://t.co/8wa9WW4MZM
Hmm.. So I'm watchin Bruce Jenner on the awards.. 15min speech with no music interruption. It went… https://t.co/hhvZbTIi2h
Mood!. #policeBrutality #genderWar #purgeOnBlackLives #poverty #MalNutrition #displacement… https://t.co/cSz4PIYMYI
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Maat HTP. The Elder asked me if I am scared of success in my music field . I replied No.. I am… https://t.co/T8BgheJu67
@MrChuckD much success brother! 💯
RT @MrChuckD: I ain't gotta lie. You gotta ROCk the house just NOT just be in the building this is 2 days ago http://t.co/IY3OxLrjND
Peace and blessings.. Divine building /destroys negativity and leads to balance/equality (7+8=15) = 6… https://t.co/fjEmGIOFU7
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HTP ! Peace to the gods! MagNegro brojxclan and SupaNova Slom "excellence over Ignorance ". #RBG… https://t.co/Ogjrw8srY9