"Waitin for the time to stroke , waitin for these hogs to misjudge I gv Em time to choke ..On a… https://t.co/TCExigicGN
#hiphopgods XClan and Hit Squad be the world premiere! 25 years ago . I did my first big concert in… https://t.co/sGp12FCPRG
God grillZ '91 Xclan 25th Anniversary . BlackWatch forever. #Fire&Earth #gavinkato Utica Av Bklyn.… https://t.co/jdpZZYioxc
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RT @JustBlaze: @GrownUpRap @BroJXClan @ParadiseGray all time favorite. Salute.
Maat Hotep ..Blessings . A reminder to parents. Be involved as much as u can in the leadership… https://t.co/glq3HTMvEJ
Vanglorious! Going thru photos for the documentary.. I was sayin they shoulda left that cross colors… https://t.co/sDhcg5ESbG
Maat Hotep - everyday I pet the kitty and speak the wisdom..In this pic is symbolic principle… https://t.co/N7cuayhk5W
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HTP.. Respect due to Master Malachi York.. From Sudan to Brooklyn to Georgia . You always showed… https://t.co/bhMZSAnxHF
Peace to the god Shakim Blackwatch/Zulu Nation Ohio chapter . This pic is a great flashback. When I… https://t.co/ZZodtSl3g3
I was rhyming to this instrumental this morn. "Friends" . Big up whodini . Original/hip hop R&B… https://t.co/deYDhT1hwb
Big up to Long Beach Gold.. My son Mosiah Won his first tournament championship ...👏👍👊. Proud of… https://t.co/Gw2Cn4cD2z
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"93 million I blaze these reptilians.transform poison frequencies to straight buildin. Tru school… https://t.co/Tsw1ZQrtPt
Peace to the gods! I tell my brothers all the time . Them chemical boosts and blue pills😱. Will… https://t.co/9FmoRAFSud
Hotep! Shout out to Snoop Dogg and the original Death Row artists/producers.. Dr Dre made cats on the… https://t.co/coaPs0Wgh0
Maat Hotep ! The Creator is merciful! When the mortals preached rain on our event .. We responded… https://t.co/JmkyB5y4Iz
Peace to the gods. Culture fest success! .. So much culture , symbols , craftwork , healing products,… https://t.co/1SY4NMMGBJ