Peace! Where the MATH is really non cipher ...you will find death and perversion .. "Privelage" is… https://t.co/bGhO7Jn9jQ
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Maat hotep..My beautiful grandson 💂🏾 love u boy.. That melanin is setting in so nice! 👍🏾God is good… https://t.co/IDvvPZA1cB
Maat HTP! 8 -22 build thru Culture to Understand Self 12= (3) loving the self is more than… https://t.co/sbJuc2jw23
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Peace to the gods! Who remembers Sista Souljah! .. When she was ridin hard to wake fools up ( and… https://t.co/ig4Z5o4hJt
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Peace to the gods. "The Deacons of Defense" hip hop Activists Architect Paradise/XClan @paradisegray… https://t.co/ywBQfOAmSD
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This pic is a follow up to my last post to show the effect of Hip Hop culture in the community .… https://t.co/DBq0w0jO5d
1Hood salute! Thank u for adding more evidence to the FACT that we can do our own events with our… https://t.co/9YEgCxS5aX
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