RT @HPrizm: If you were raised in 90's, but were never exposed to "knowledge of self"- start now @PublicEnemyFTP @BroJXClan are more releva…
RT @Brodzilla360: West coast icon dj sir jinx http://t.co/lPF2SzXdEw
@VIDKIDTIM peace to the god!
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Shout out to Ice Cube and master Andre Leroy Davis .. Classic art! .. I'm a late bloomer when it comes… http://t.co/1Q96Jqb2uH
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1990 Chubb rock jumps up on the scene. .. With the brother of the red , black , green .. Haha rmx… http://t.co/Saj4P8VBiN
@HopeLyra sweet serenade with the pancake syrup .. Lol j/k. Good vocals.. And loop post. I'll check the full link ..success. Htp
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RT @808Shirts: "Dark Sun Riders" - @BroJXClan . In my Top 25 albums. http://t.co/rQyFUPgE9e
RT @shanghai_dan: @BroJXClan his spoken words then are better 99%of rappers now. RIP #withakey
Lighting a candle for my Brother PXO ! Lookin to the East! Maat-Hotep! Peace to the founder of the… http://t.co/6XUesfgxCY
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@nicholaslongoni peace. I was running the playlist ystrday . It will be a bonus on MagNegro project or part of XClan rmx project . Gv thx.1
Preppin heads for the new projects from Culture United. Shout out to the Sabir Bey show and all of… http://t.co/bP8V3eGF8u
International Ballin ! .. Training BBall in LBC with my sons and some exchange students from China.… http://t.co/vXh25NQc3r
RT @NailujKnowledge: "What's my mindstate if my state ain't black, one Moses, Malcolm & Huey are back?" - @brojxclan
@NailujKnowledge ThutMoses Malcolm & Huey are back.... Peace god !
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Shout out to the god Just Blaze.. Rockin the old school Blackwatch shirt . Original justice gear!… http://t.co/jyYcydYYUN