dropolo bangin http://t.co/00x3vrzu0N
Happy G'day pimptypemjg djkrillz @thedoggcatcher @pushmanagement #premro http://t.co/Xo0IgEqyBp
Happy G'day pimptypemjg S/O all Virgo's mane we at Platinum in bham mane http://t.co/7f5YRfFc8f
Finna pull up where u at http://t.co/Q3VibErC4S
We will NOT be in mobile Sunday, that show is a hoax, we WILL be in bham fa sho http://t.co/pPe6ojaI6X
Just posted a photo http://t.co/Di4bAEEUd9
pimptypemjg #premro http://t.co/vNdLtSINnF
Happy Birthday #premro2 My little BIG man Love U buddy #premro http://t.co/HFFfB3OEZf
Happy Birthday in_largeamounts (he changed his IG) love U buddy http://t.co/8fGvSZ15lv
@memphisjoegotti put in work mane!! wolfythabeast #premro http://t.co/tzzKdNebfH
My boy wolfythabeast from Dubai we got a nice one!! http://t.co/YyzenxhvBN
#premro http://t.co/OczWjog0j5
Salute Columbus Ohio #premro pimptypemjg djkrillz @pushmanagement http://t.co/lVjNjJeBHX
Happy Birthday @oli3_ love u buddy #premro http://t.co/3SmoCltj5a
Just posted a photo http://t.co/Ihdf5Gcbt2
We in the building http://t.co/7n2yZcyIc6
After party still goin down mane http://t.co/SoP6vW9lSS
Bham after the show come chill witcha boys http://t.co/RDTVzZETZS
S/O my new friends @winkyscur and @chrissy_jai http://t.co/KjCHMCq7go
@tracye_bigdeal thanx for luv mama http://t.co/Ba2KGp981V