Day 14 of πŸ’― days can't believe it my dam self!! #supportbigpremro https://t.co/IIDZeSgDEs
Day thirteen of πŸ’― days I really wanna thank yall for all the great words of inspiration and advice… https://t.co/dm3LNgFFqW
Day 12 of πŸ’― days determination #supportbigpremro https://t.co/hvlKrtNgmN
Day ELEVEN of πŸ’― days thank GOD for such a beautiful day #supportbigpremro https://t.co/bW9wzZ9RJF
#dablife in the club #premro https://t.co/ENRvwwKKvX
@iampnyce we on high!!! https://t.co/owlG36z3Mv
Day πŸ”Ÿ of πŸ’― days mane!!! #supportbigpremro mane!!!! https://t.co/Wd32pXhlhv
Just posted a photo https://t.co/Jk5U5GtWmG
Since day one πŸ’― #orangemound 🍊#memphis pimptypemjg #premro https://t.co/q2M10yEbwZ
Day 9⃣ of πŸ’― days hard one tonite I was really tired but I did it!! #supportbigpremro https://t.co/7nChPv5C7E
Day 8⃣ of πŸ’―days not a game #supportbigpremro https://t.co/GSJqdlg5WO
@gangstabooqom @projectpathcp #premro https://t.co/TY83aBqhgH
@therealjuicyj got this bitch on high!! https://t.co/dWmVHac7Sz
@projectpathcp rocking this bitch!! https://t.co/hoSXbzRKUf
Day 7⃣ of πŸ’― days mane!! #supportbigpremro mane!! https://t.co/XBKE4RpQi5
At w$rk @djscream @bhavbhz finna head to the gym https://t.co/j5p056fPRX
East STL meet me at the club it's goin down https://t.co/NW4XvWYC4S
Day 6⃣ of πŸ’― days on the road still at it!! It hurt but it feel good!! Thanx to everybody for all the… https://t.co/RbJgpvSPpA
Me & thecrackercat jus burned one https://t.co/P6zczZmUnv
Day 5⃣ of πŸ’― days it's not a game https://t.co/qdrk3Igi1J