Wise Intelligent debuts brand new video


Intelligent Muzik proudly presents the next single from Wise Intelligent's new and highly anticipated 4rd solo album, "Wise Intelligent Iz...EL NEGRO GUERRERO" (The Black Warrior).

This is third period in Wise's "Back to School" box set. The brand new album from the legendary emcee is scheduled to be released early 2013.

"I Said It" is Wise Intelligent doing the one thing that too many artists today are afraid to do: tell the TRUTH. New Jersey's own Masada has provided an extremely sinister and powerful sonic platform for Wise to lyrically destroy any and all opposition. "I Said It" is a giant middle finger to all those who tell us that in order to "get on" and "stay relevant" you must compromise your principles and your message.

This visually striking and controversial video was directed by Jimmy Giambrone. It's a proven fact that whenever Wise and Jimmy collaborate on a project something very special happens, and it's guaranteed to leave the viewers amazed, speechless and satisfied.

Please visit http://hiphopgods.rapstation.com/m/225/i.said.it.html to check out the new video, and the single will be available on iTunes soon, so keep an eye out.

Also, check out Wise Intelligent on The HipHopGods Classic Tourfest Revue, currently making its way across the country, with Public Enemy, X-Clan, Monie Love, Schoolly D, Dinco D from Leaders Of The New School, Son Of Bazerk & No Self Control, Awesome Dre, Davy DMX and DJ Johnny Juice. Please visit http://hiphopgods.rapstation.com/tour for more information.

Be sure to follow Wise Intelligent on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/wiseintelligent

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