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HHG: I read on Jeru The Damaja's site the other day that people always ask him if he's still rapping. A true fan of hip hop would know, but do you get that a lot as well, and is it a bit frustrating?

Krazy Drayz: (laughs) Yeah I know what he means. I get, "Wow Das EFX is still making music?" That's because we didn't keep making music on a constant basis and feed our fan base. That's why I'm going so hard with my solo album ShowTime because our fans are like whats going on?

HHG: Well, congratulations on ShowTime, long time fans of Das EFX will not be disappointed. How was it putting together this album, did you feel any pressure to deliver on the solo tip?

Krazy Drayz: Thanks, it's been a long time coming. It took me awhile to get the right tracks and make music close to our brand which is "real hip hop" like it or not. I didn't feel any presure at all, it was actually fun not having to ask anyone {Skoob} if he likes this beat or not or what you think about this idea for a song. I felt free.

HHG: You've got Fredro Starr from Onyx on the album and Smif N Wessun...these collaborations just make sense and sound great. Who did you have in your corner producing the tracks?

Krazy Drayz: On the Fredro joint "Turn Da Heat Up" was done by a young cat named Ear 2 Da Beat and the Smif N Wessun joint "Rude Boy" was done by a close friend, Charlie Marratta.

HHG: April 7th of this year marked the 20 year anniversary of Das EFX debut album, Dead Serious. Looking back on that landmark album, what do you remember about putting it all together?

Krazy Drayz: Yeah time flies. Looking back on those days it was me, Skoob and Solid Scheme sitting around in Brooklyn brainstorming,
thinking of ways to make great music. We used to listen to N.W.A all day...we loved the way they put their music a movie. We had no idea that Dead Serious would blow up like it did though.

HHG: I also have to ask, since the 20th anniversary of Ice Cube's The Predator just passed on November 17, how did Cube get in touch with you and Skoob for the hook on Check Yo Self? What was it like getting in the studio with him, and I'm assuming DJ Muggs, since he produced the original version, before Ice Cube & DJ Pooh remixed it with The Message sample.

Krazy Drayz: It was wild when Cube called our manager Parrish Smith from EPMD and requested us for that joint. Cube was a big supporter of Das. He used our producers Solid Scheme a lot. However, we didn't know at the time that Check Yo Self was a diss track towards Dre and whoever Cube had beef with at that time. It put us in a funny spot with Dre and his camp which we were cool with as well. I do remember talking to Snoop after and telling him how I felt...I had no beef with Dre. Peace Dre, let's work...I need to be on Aftermath!!

HHG: Who do you listen to now for inspiration when you're writing? Are there certain emcees from either past or present that continue to inspire you when you're putting together tracks?

Krazy Drayz: I really like Black Rob. He is underrated and dangerous!!

HHG: Das EFX continues to tour all over the globe...Europe, South America, Asia, Australia...all over the place. You get love everywhere, but do you find in your travels that the level of appreciation for what you do is higher overseas than in the States?

Krazy Drayz: Overseas is a different animal man. They go super duper hard for hip hop. They will travel 5, 10 hours for a hip hop show. I can't tell you how many times a fan has told me after a show he has to jet to catch the last train or bus back to his crib hours away. In the States the fans seem a little jaded and scattered. Maybe they are busy with life and hip hop has gotten younger so they are not really into it. I would love to do more shows in the states with 500 to 1000 people at the show. Unfortunately, it's not like that here.

HHG: Thanks for taking the time sir! To end off, ShowTime is available on iTunes now, with a physical cd release coming soon...and will there be another Das EFX album in the future?

Krazy Drayz: I hope we can do a new Das album soon but Skoob and I are on different pages musically...that's my man but we are taking too long to get it done...therefore, it's SHOWTIME!!

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- Photo of Krazy Drayz by Stijn Coppens

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