EVITAN album by Dres & Jarobi is available now


Dres of Black Sheep fame and Jarobi, A Tribe Called Quest's best kept secret have morphed from young, talented recording stars into a hip hop phenomenon. Now more than ever, the eyes of the world are on them, and with EVITAN: SPEED OF LIFE, which is available online now, they come out swinging.

SPEED OF LIFE is one of the most anticipated albums in recent years, and the members of EVITAN put themselves out there like never before. Fourteen (14) songs plus one bonus track were co-written by Dres and Jarobi. The artists also welcomed guest appearances by performers such as Brand Nubian's Sadat X, Mobb Deep's Havoc, Craig G, Rah Digga, Homeboy Sandman and Bootsy Collins whose familiar voices are sweet music to the listener's ear. The clever collaboration unites members of the legendary "Native Tongues" who left an indelible imprint on music that has been continued on by artists such as Talib Kweli, Common and The Roots.

On this CD, each artist shines, soaring to even higher heights lyrically and innovatively. What initially began as a solo EP for Jarobi, took on a new meaning when he was joined in the studio by his long time friend, Dres for a collaboration. After Q-Tip heard the dynamic duo's work, he suggested the friends team up to form a group. Jarobi, who was long affiliated as a member of Tribe, never really got his chance to be heard and it was the perfect opportunity for the listeners to get a true taste of his skills.

"Everything felt more personal this time, more heartfelt," stated Dres.

Inspired by cut-throat politics, the state of economy and new age circumstances, SPEED OF LIFE adds a sweeping, gritty vibe to EVITAN's street anthems. That ambition is matched with encouraging songs like "Keep Keepin On" as well as other tracks such as "3 Kings" featuring the legendary Sadat X.

Known for gifted lyricism and conscious, uplifting music, these native sons, are recognized worldwide for timeless hits such as "The Choice Is Yours" (Black Sheep) that still have crowds jumping two decades later. Their on-stage reputations have helped them sell millions of concert tickets, and with new outspoken songs like "Speed of Life," it's clear that this power duo plays by nobody's rules.

Emerging from a cluttered music landscape, EVITAN does somersaults over new albums, reminding listeners that there is more to life than popping bottles and wearing ice. "We wanted to make music that was new, different, not the same old story..." says Jarobi.

There are other infectious tunes with a nod to the old-school, such as "Hot Damn", smoothly schooling the masses of what they're in store for during the ride. "The stakes are definitely higher now, because we're wiser, smarter, fathers and we aim to constantly inspire. But we were in control from the very beginning, and free to take it to a whole other level." says Dres.

Details are forthcoming on a worldwide EVITAN concert tour kicking off late 2012 with other artists joining in such as fellow native tongue Chi Ali who has recently reemerged on the music scene. The tour will prove to be a refreshing, impressive addition to venues everywhere. The choice is STILL yours.

Download EVITAN's Speed Of Life album here http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/speed-of-life/id563967886 and help spread the word. Real deal hip hop is alive and well.

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