Agallah The Don Bishop releases new mixtape

Legendary emcee Agallah The Don Bishop has just released the Propain Campain Mixtape, featuring special guest appearances from Kool Keith, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, Big Twins of Infamous Mobb, Dame Grease and others.

To download the Propain Campain Mixtape for free, please visit and check out the official tracklisting below.

1. Andretti - Agallah, Pop Off
2. Fear The Lord - Young Hope, Agallah
3. Propain Movement - PopOff, Agallah, Young Hope
4. Power To The People - Brian James, Agallah
5. God In My Heart - Spliff Hemingway ft. Agallah, Brian James & DJ Limegreen
6. Life Don't Belong To You - Brian James, Agallah
7. God Bless'em All - PopOff, Agallah, Brian James
8. Hunned Dolla Spliffs - Ike Eyes ft. MAVADO
9. Freakshow - Agallah, PexMusic
10. Judgement Day - Brian James, Agallah
11. So G'd Up - Pop Off, Agallah, Brian James, Grimm
12. Propain Life - Agallah, Brian James
13. Own Lane - Agallah, Brian James, Killer Ben, PopOff
14. Superior Handle - Agallah, Brian James
15. Rock In A Hard Place - Agallah, PexMusic
16. Flighted - Spliff Hemingway, Agallah, Duke Westlake
17. Beef We Can Handle It - Killer Ben, Brian James, Hemp Hop, Agallah, PopOff
18. Snapback - Dame Grease, Agallah, Brian James, ISaid
19. Tally Up - PopOff, Agallah
20. Cocaine Rules - Agallah, PopOff
21. No Illusion - Agallah, Brian James
22. Out The Ghetto - Agallah, Brian James, PopOff
23. Davinci Halls - Agallah, Pop off
24. Money Like A Arab - Agallah ft. Big Twins
25. Bank On This- Agallah ft. PexMusic
26. Areozone - Agallah, PexMusic
27. Prophets Paradise - Agallah ft. Killah Priest
28. New York (Remix) Kool Keith ft. Agallah, Nym
29. I'm A Problem - Agallah
30. Fuck Wit Me Agallah ft. Young Hope, Murdahbaby, Yemen Cheese
31. That New Whiff - Agallah
32. BONUS TRACK - Cokelines - Ras Kass & Agallah

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