9th Wonder & Buckshot release The Solution


In 2005, Buckshot from Black Moon and producer 9th Wonder joined forces on their debut joint album, Chemistry. The album was incredibly well received with appearances from Phonte, Sean Price, Starang Wondah, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Joe Scudda and Rapper Big Pooh.

Their second installment, The Formula, released in 2008, went over just as well with fans, with guest spots from Talib Kweli, Keisha Shontelle and others.

Now, in 2012, Buckshot and 9th Wonder put it down once again on their brand new album, The Solution. In a press release Buckshot said: "9th Wonder & I have always had good chemistry together. This will be our third collaborative album together and it's fittingly entitled The Solution. The Solution is "you" because you are the solution to all your problems and to your success or failure...it lies within yourself."

Please support the album here http://duckdown.com/itunes/ and check out the official tracklist below.

1) The Big Bang
2) What I Gotta Say
3) Stop Rapping
4) Crazy
5) The Feeling
6) SAM
7) Pat Em Down
8) Keep It Going
9) The Change Up
10) Shorty Left (featuring Rapsody)
11) You (featuring DyMe-A-DuZin)
12) The Solution

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